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About Mild China

 The Introduction of Mildchina as a Tour Operator

MILDCHINA.COM, is supported by China Yuandong International Travel Service Co., Ltd, a leading full service tour operator headquartered in Shanghai and Hangzhou. As an influential tourism brand designed and managed by a team of considerably experienced tour guides in east China, Mildchina is born to provide east China tours, English-speaking and French-speaking guide service, car & guide service, airport & port transfer service and customization service. East China tours centers on city tours of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Huangshan, and it can be specifically divided into city private tours, city group tours, and tour packages of east China.

We share the same understanding: To travel is to experience, to meet the local, to know the culture, and to enjoy the trip. Based on this understanding and the great history and glorious culture of east China, we aim to provide our clients a unique tour experience in China through our guide's professional presentation. We are going to share with you the history, culture and customs of the city. Mildchina will be always your top choice for designing your tours in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and surrounding cities and towns.

 The Real Pictures and Contacts of Mildchina

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      Contact Us

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   Travel Consultant: Raphael Lee

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 --- Address: Suite 1603, Mingxin Plaza, 158 Sanxin
     Road, Hangzhou, P.R. China
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 The Origin of Mildchina as a Tourism Brand

Literally, Mild China is easily understood by English speakers, but why is it used to be a tourism brand of Jiangnan tour or East China tours? It should be answered in accordance with the regional tradition and cultural distinction of Jiangnan, which centers on Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

Jiangnan was initially opened and developed by Tai Bo(泰伯), Zhong Yong(仲雍), the younger brother of Tai Bo, and their descendants since the remote period of Shang and Zhou States. For the development of the state of Zhou and the will of father, Tai Bo and Zhong Yong followed his father, Gugong Danfu(古公亶父), to pass down the throne to his youngest brother, Ji Li(季历), because his father foresaw that the son of Ji Li, who was Ji Chang(姬昌, the most respectable and gentleman-like king of Zhou and was highly respected and honored by Confucius), would be a great soul who could save and develop Zhou to be a power. Both of them secretly moved to Jiangnan region, today's east China region and a wild area at the time. This was their first time to step aside for the state.

After Gugong Danfu passed away, according to the will of Gugong Danfu and the rules of the state, the throne must be passed down to the eldest son, and Ji Li strictly obeyed father's order and declared this policy as Tai Bo and Zhong Yong returned for mourning, but Tai Bo refused to accept and even moved his whole family and relatives to today's Meili town, Wuxi city so as to make Zhou develop rapidly. And then, Ji Li became the King of Zhou.

Since settled down in Jiangnan, they took Jiangnan development as their mission and worked hard for it. And this region became prosperous and powerful, and Tai Bo and Zhong Yong were selected as the leader of the local people, and then a state named Ju Wu(句吴) was founded, and people supported Tai Bo as the king, However, Tai Bo thirdly refused, and just want to be called Bo(伯, generally the eldest son was qualified to be called Bo in a family), which just a title show his honored identity and superior rank in his family.

taibo image
Profile of Tai Bo themed with
his move to Jiangnan

The historic story of Tai Bo’s three times to step aside for states(泰伯三让天下) also becomes a great heritage of Jiangnan, and Confucius praised Tai Bo in The Analects of Confucius like this:“He was a man; it may be said, of the highest moral greatness. He three times refused the government of the Empire; although the world, not knowing this, does not speak much of him” (translated by Mr. Gu Hongming, and the original is: 泰伯其可谓至德也已矣, 三以天下让, 民无得而称焉), and the next generations also strictly kept this tradition that they used to put the power to the honorable and brilliant successors. In history, exactly in Spring and Autumn Annals, the famous instance was that Ji Zha(季札), the prince of Wu State, four times refused to be the king, and he was also the first man introduced the rites and music culture of Confucianism to Jiangnan region. The importance of rite and power of culture was understood and accepted by Jiangnan people gradually. He was a great soul with the gene of Tai Bo. Since then Jiangnan has a tradition of mildness, which is based on the great traditional education and always the core of local people's soul, and mildness also becomes the essence of its prominent elite culture across China.

The story vividly shows the origin of culture and tradition of Jiangnan, as well as the basic characteristic of local people - mildness, which also ranks the first place as one of five self-cultivated principles(温良恭俭让, translated literally as mildness, kindness, courtesy, restraint and magnanimity) in Confucianism to be a real Junzi(君子)or gentleman. It also can be specifically explained as courtesy, modesty, brilliance, filial piety, loyalty, honesty, selflessness, elegance and perseverance. They are polite, graceful, well-cultivated and gentlemanlike, and surely deserve this word. The spirituality of people shapes the highlights of this region. In this way, east China or Jiangnan is a mild area of China, and Mild China is absolutely represented by East China, so naturally Mild China in general is equal to East China, and then, we are sure that Mildchina is born an east China tour operator.

 The Extra Information about Mildchina

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Sharing a widely-accepted understanding, offering unique east China tours and satisfying each client is our permanent mission
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We are waiting for your request always, please never hesitate to contact us if you have an idea to take a east China tour
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