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6 Days Beijing Xian Tours by Train

 China Metropolitan Trips - 6 Days Beijing Xian Tours by Train

Tour Code: MC-CICT-02
Departure: Daily

Highlights: Beijing Xian tours are a highlighted ancient national capitals trip in China featuring the ancient imperial glories of China in the aspects of history and culture. The value of this trip is an ancient history experience of China ...

Attractions: Beijing Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Beijing Summer Palace, Beijing Tiananmen Square, Bird's Nest, Ming Tomb, Kung Fu Show, Terracotta Warriors, Tang Dynasty Show, City Wall, Shaanxi History Museum, Small Wild Goose Pagoda

beijing xian tours
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great wall tours
Badaling Great Wall
summer palace
Tiananmen Square Night View
forbidden city tours
Beijing Forbidden City
Beijing Summer Palace
Beijing Summer Palace
The Palace Building
The Palace Building
The Legend of Kung Fu Show
The Legend of Kung Fu Show
The Bird Nest
The View of The Bird's Nest
The Thirteen Ming Tombs
The Thirteen Ming Tombs
Siheyuan Gate in Hutong
Siheyuan Gate in Hutong
The Soft Sleeper in Train
The Soft Sleeper in Train

Day 1 – Arrival in Beijing (-/-/-)
Accommodation - Days Inn Forbidden City Hotel (3 Stars)

Our guide, holding a logo of company and a board with your name, will wait for you at the exit of the Capital International Airport till meet you. After your flight arrives in airport, please claim your personal luggage, and then go to the exit directly, and you can easily find your guide. Then you will be transferred to your hotel. On the way to your hotel, our guide will give some basic introduction on Beijing, and some travel tips, which are quite useful and important. If you feel there is more time left, you could have a promenade to where you are relatively familiar, or take a rest in hotel to get rid of the negative effect of jetlag. Moreover, before leaving, our guide will have a discussion with on the next day’s meeting time and some details on trip.

Day 2 – Travel in Beijing (B/L/-)
Accommodation - Days Inn Forbidden City Hotel (3 Stars)

After taking breakfast in hotel, you will start your today’s trip with Tiananmen Square in the morning. Tiananmen Square is the heart of Beijing, even China, also a traditional architectural landmark in downtown Beijing. Tiananmen Square is one of the largest city center squares in the world with Beijing National Museum, People’s Great Hall and other major architectures around. It is truly the heart of Beijing, and the great sites of many historic events. Thousands of people come to the Square every day. It is the must-see site in Beijing City. People all over China dream of having the chance to one day visit the capital city and its famous square.

And then you will walk for about 5 minutes to enter the Forbidden City. Forbidden City boasting the world’s largest imperial palace complex used to be the living residence and center for administrating the national affairs of 24 Emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties from 1368 to 1911. Today’s it is the important site of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Since the commencement of construction, Forbidden City was eye-catching all the time. Traditionally Forbidden city was the exclusively zone that only the emperors and their empresses, concubines, family members as well as some favored high officials could enter. In public mind, Forbidden City is the center of China even the world. It is riddled with mystery and legend aside from the solemnity and authority.

Beijing food is also quite famous in the world. The culture of cuisine in Beijing is a highlighted part you had better experience. Today’s lunch will be arranged in a perfect local restaurant, and you can freely choose your favorite dishes from the menu they offer with the help of our guide.

Taking a break after lunch, we will visit Temple of Heaven in the afternoon. Temple of Heaven located in southeast side of Beijing is a special building complex that the Emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties sacrificed to heaven and gods and prayed for the coming year’s harvests. Temple of Heaven was built originally in 1420. In 1998, it was approved to be a World Cultural Heritage site. Today, it is the largest historic and cultural site for national sacrifice to the heaven in the world.

In the late afternoon, a great show named the Legend of Kung Fu will be arranged specially. The Legend of Kung Fu follows the story of a young boy found wandering outside an ancient temple. Like every boy in China, he dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master. On the road to enlightenment the young monk encounters many difficulties and temptations. The show has English subtitles shown above the stage to keep you informed of the story line. The actors do not speak; the show is all Kung Fu, dance and acrobatics. It is the fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional arts which make this performance unique and spectacular. The best Kung Fu practitioners from all over China have been found for this production and it shows on the stage. Their average age is just 17 years old. Additionally, the costumes, set design and special effects are up to international standards, created by some of the best stage directors and designers in China.

Day 3 – Travel in Beijing (B/-/-)
Accommodation - Days Inn Forbidden City Hotel (3 Stars)

Today, your trip starts with Badaling Great Wall. Great Wall boasting the 9th humankind’s miracle in the world and a site of World Cultural Heritage, used to be the military defense project to protect our homeland in ancient eras. Badaling section is the highlight of Great Wall in Beijing. Established in Ming Dynasty, Badaling Great Wall is the best preserved and rebuilt part, and also the earliest part opened to the tourists. The relevant service facilities and infrastructure are the best as well. There is also a themed museum named China Great Wall Museum exhibiting the history, function and culture of Great Wall in China.

Lunch will be taken by yourself. There are very few satisfying restaurants nearby the Badaling Great Wall. Lunch will be left on your side. You can take a great breakfast in the morning, and then take some cookies or snacks, or have a simple lunch in surrounding restaurant.

After the Great Wall trip, a brief visit will be arranged to Jade Factory, which is a themed factory producing jade wares. Jade culture is a unique part of Chinese culture and expresses a tradition of China that jade is a sign of personal identity and social rank. Jade wares are time-honored and widely preferred by Chinese people, and wearing a jade-ware is a quite auspicious thing in China to avoid the misfortune and bad luck. Over there, you can touch Chinese Jade Culture.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Solemn Sacred Way and Ming Tombs.

Traditionally, there is a Sacred Way, also known as the Divine Avenue in the front of Imperial Mausoleum Area. It is an imperially exclusive way tending to the heaven and paradise. The Emperor in China is considered to be the Son of Heaven. He come to ruling the country from the heaven via this sacred way, and also returned to Heaven by this way when he completed his mission. The sacred way of Ming Tombs is the most famous in China, and the surroundings, architectural complex and the Fengshui design are all high valued.

The Ming Tomb also known as Thirteen Tombs of Ming Dynasty is a large mausoleum area written into the World Cultural Heritage Site. It has 31 miles away from downtown Beijing. There are 13 Emperors of Ming Dynasty were buried here, and it is also the largest cultural and historic zone themed with Chinese imperial mausoleum culture and history. The most famous part is the tomb of Zhu Di, the founder of Capital Beijing.

After that, we will have a travel to The Bird’s Nest on the way back to downtown Beijing. It was worldwide known as the National Stadium for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Mainly jointly designed by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron and Chinese architect Li Xinggang, today, it has been a great landmark of Beijing and the sports center of China to hold some internationally important sport events.

Day 4 – Travel in Beijing & Train Transfer to Xian (B/L/-)
Accommodation - Overnight Soft Sleeper Train

Today’s tour starts with Summer Palace. This is the largest and best-preserved classical imperial garden in the world, and in 1998 written into the list of World Cultural Heritage Sites. It is also famous as one of China’s four most classical gardens (the others are Chengde Summer Resort, Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden and Suzhou Lingering Garden). Summer Palace located in Haiding District. Learnt from Hangzhou West Lake and based on the natural sites like Kunming Lake and Wanshou Hill, this great garden complex shows the glory of imperial China. It mostly features the architectural styles of Jiangnan Classical Gardens, and today boasts China’s Imperial Gardens Museum.

And then, go to a Pearl Store to see how a pearl comes out. The freshwater pearls of China are quite famous in the world. This is a site to see how the pearls are produced in some latest techniques and some traditional ways. Over here, travelers also can learn to identify the fake pearls. Travelers will see how the seeds will be planted in the live mussel and learn how to spot the fake pearls. This is also a perfect opportunity to take some genuine pearls with a guarantee. Certainly, this is a freewill shopping without any external pressure.

And then, take a tour to Jingshan Park. This is the nearest park to Forbidden City. Historically famous as the site of Emperor Chongzhen hanging himself when Beijing was occupied by Qing troops, the top of the Jingshan Park is widely known to have a panoramic view on the Forbidden City.

Finally, we have a tour in Hutong. Hutong is a type of narrow streets or alleys, most commonly seen in Beijing. It is the traditional alleys formed by lines of Siheyuan, the traditional courtyard residences in Beijing. Since the mid-20th century, a number of Beijing hutongs were demolished for new roads and buildings. In 1990s, with many cultural scholars and local people’s protection, some hutongs have been designated as protected areas. Today, you can have a touch of the courtyard houses and the lifestyle of local people.

Today’s lunch will be arranged in a way that the customers can order their favorite dishes from the menu.

The Tips for this night’s train transfer.

  • Tonight’s dinner will be on your side since you will take an overnight soft sleeper train to Xian.
  • For dining solutions, you may ask your guide take you to a super market or a cake store to buy some food for dinner and the breakfast for the next day. The train has food sold to passengers but with a high price and low quality & taste. If you failed to prepare food in advance, then you can buy something from the conductors when they pass your carriage with their small dining car.
  • The trains in China are different from those in western countries. The soft sleeper carriages are divided by two lower and two upper berths with doors, but with very limited space. You may ask your guide to take you to the railway station a little bit earlier and ask the red hat for help with your luggage and then you can get on the train earlier. Only in this way, you can get on the train without any hurry and can place your luggage at a convenient place. Some dangerous articles are forbidden to take into the train.
  • More tips, you can directly ask your guide before go to station.

  • Day 5 – Travel in Xian (B/L/D)
    Accommodation - City Hotel (3 Stars)

    xian city wall
    The Old City Wall of Xian
    terracotta warriors and horses museum
    The Terracotta Warriors
    shaanxi history museum
    Shaanxi History Museum
    dumpling dinner
    The Dumpling Dinner
    tang dynasty show
    Tang Dynasty Show

    After your arrival and a short break at the hotel, you will visit the world-famous Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum and a Pottery& Terracotta Making Workshop.

    Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, located lies 35 kilometers east of Xian and a site of World Cultural Heritage approved in 1987, is the most important archeological excavations of the 20th century, at the base of Lishan Mountain. Life size figures of terracotta warriors and horses arranged in battle formations are the star features at the museum. The museum covers an area of 16,300 square meters, divided into three sections: No. 1 Pit, No. 2 Pit, and No. 3 Pit in that order. Altogether over 7000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, and even weapons have been unearthed from these pits. Most of them have been restored to their previous magnificence.

    Pottery & Terracotta Making Workshop near to Warriors and Horses Museum is professional workshop making terracotta and pottery artifacts. For themed souvenirs with terracotta warriors and horses, this is your first choice.

    And then a lunch will be arranged at the best restaurant to help you recover your vigor.

    In the afternoon, we will visit a Buddhist site – Small Wild Goose Pagoda and the famous ancient City Wall.

    Small Wild Goose Pagoda as famous as the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian is a hot tourist site of China for its culture and history, especially the architectural highlights. The pagoda was built between 707 and 709. It has a height of 45 m till the Shaanxi earthquake in 1556. The earthquake shook the pagoda and damaged it so that it now stands at a height of 43 m.

    Ancient City Wall is not only the most complete architecture well preserved of ancient Chinese burghs but also the largest in size and integral ancient military fort of the world. Taking a bicycle trip on the city wall is a great enjoyment.

    At night, we will enjoy a special Dumpling Dinner when watching the fantastic Music and Dancing Show of Tang Dynasty. It is the most classic part of Xian trip to review the glory of Han and Tang Empires and the splendid taste of Chinese food in graceful performance.

    Day 6 – Travel in Xian & Departure (B/L/-)
    Accommodation – /

    This is the last day of your six days Beijing Xian Trip, and our guide will help you check out from the hotel before starting today’s travel.

    Shaanxi Provincial History Museum is your first site to visit. This is a nationwide famous museum for history and culture in China as famous as Beijing Imperial Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum and Nanjing Museum. A large number of precious and valuable collections are reserved and displayed in museum. There are mostly are the national treasure. The whole visit will take approximately 1.5 hours. It is the best way to learn the past of Xian.

    Your lunch will be arranged in a local family of Xian. You can taste the real locally cooked food, and you also can learn something from folk family chefs. The hostess may share with you some ways of cooking a real Chinese dish, if you are interested in. What’s more, through this interaction, you can know more about Chinese people’s thinking and lifestyle.

    After lunch, you will be transferred to Xianyang International Airport for your next destination. You have to get to the airport 2 hours ahead of time before departure, if it is a domestic flight. For the international flight, you have to get to the airport 2.5-3 hours ahead of time before departure.

     Hotels and Prices
    Passenger Number 2-5 passengers 6-9 passengers 10 passengers & above
    High Season
    (Apr.1 - Oct.31)
    798 USD/pax 618 USD/pax 568 USD/pax
    Low Season
    (Nov.1 - Mar. 31)
    768 USD/pax 588 USD/pax 528 USD/pax

     What Is Included and Excluded
    Price Inclusions

    Hotel accommodation (or similar class, double occupancy)
    Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary
    Meals as specified in the itinerary (B= breakfast, L= Chinese lunch, D= Chinese dinner)
    Experienced English speaking guide in each city
    Air-conditioned private car or van for transfers and sightseeing
    Domestic flights (economy class), airport tax and fuel charge
    Service Charges & Government Taxes
    Travel Agency Liability Insurance
    Price Exclusions

    International transportation
    Chinese visa
    Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge (please verify your flight documentation), beverages, laundry services, etc.
    Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide

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