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Zhoushan Putuo Buddhist Mountain Travel Guide


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As famous as Wutai Buddhist Mountain of Shanxi province, Emei Buddhist Mountain of Sichuan province and Jiuhua Buddhist Mountain in Anhui province, Putuo Buddhist Mountain is one of four top Buddhist Mountains in China. Widely known to be the site of worshipping Kwanyin or Guanyin, the most famous and welcome bodhisattva (in ancient Sanskrit, it is Avalokitesvara) in folk China for her mercy for the earthly humankind, and the selfless help to the poor people.

In Chinese Buddhism, Guanyin is the symbol of Buddha, and represents the best impression of Buddha; therefore in both Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism, the man or woman compared to Guanyin is the perfect and sincerely respected figure among the people. For instance, the spiritual leader of Tibet known as Dalai Lama is widely considered as the earthly Guanyin. The sites in memory of Guanyin can be available in Tibetan area and mainland China. And Putuo Mountain is the most famous one in China.

Famous as the Buddhist paradise between the sea and the sky, and the sacred site of South Sea, Putuo Mountain is one of 1390 isles in Zhoushan. The total area is approximately 13 square kilometers. It is one of first batch of tourist attractions under the national protection, and in 2007, it was approved to be the top-level scenic area in China, the five-A scenic area.

Putuo Buddhist is said to be the most mysterious site of worshipping Guanyin, and also the holy Buddhist land. The religious rites can be traced back to Qin Dynasty. Up to Tang Dynasty, as the boom of oceanic Silk Road transportation, this site for worshipping Guanyin gradually formed, and instantly became a center of Chinese Buddhism, and its influence spread to the Southeast Asian region, Japan and Korea. Up to late Qing Dynasty, there were three biggest temples, 88 monasteries, 128 humble houses for Buddhists, and thousands of monks living in mountains. All the temples and houses worship Guanyin Bodhisattva. Annually, on February 19, June 19 and September 19, which are said respectively to be the days of her birth, becoming a monk and becoming the bodhisattva , the whole mountain is the crowded with believers and pilgrims.

temple of putuo mountain
The Grand Statue of Guanyin and the Temple in Putuo Buddhist Mountain of Zhoushan

The oldest temple was built in 858. The most famous temples on Putuo Mountain are Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple, all of which were regarded as the three top temples. There are also three treasures in Putuo Mountain, which include Duobao Pagoda, Yangliu Guanyin Stele and Nine Dragon Sunk Panel. Three most famous rocks in Putuo mountain are Pantuo Rock, Rock Caved with a Chinese Character Xin(Heart), and Rock of two tortoises listening to the Buddhist course. And three caves of Putuo Mountain are Zhaoyang Cave, Chaoyin Cave and Fanyin Cave.

After a long history, there are twelve classic scenic spots: Lianyang Wudu(莲洋午渡), Duangu Shengji(短姑圣迹), Meiwan Chunxiao(梅湾春晓), Pantuo Xizhao(磐陀夕照), Lianchi Yeyue(莲池夜月), Fahua Lingdong(法华灵洞), Gudong Chaosheng(古洞潮声), Zhaoyang Yongri(朝阳涌日), Qianbu Jinsha(千步金沙), Guangxi Xueji(光熙雪霁), Chashan Suowu(茶山夙雾) and Tianmen Qingfan(天门清梵). They are all featured of the natural beauty and the culture of Buddhism in China.

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