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7 Days Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Wuzhen Tours

 7 Days Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Wuzhen Tours

Tour Code: MC-ECT-03
Departure: Daily

Highlights: Renowned to be a classical Jiangnan tour, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuzhen water town tours with a duration of seven days can typically satisfy your interest in the elite culture of traditional China and the fantastic change of modern China. Shanghai displays the great metropolitan views. Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuzhen exhibits a traditional east China.

Attractions: West Lake, Humble Administrators Garden, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Hangzhou Lingyin Temple, Suzhou Museum, Oriental Pearl Tower...

classic east china tour
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Shanghai Yuyuan Garden
Shanghai Yuyuan Garden
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Bund View
The Bund of Shanghai
Shanghai Jinmao Tower
World Financial Center
Shanghai Nanjing Road
Shanghai Nanjing Road
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Shanghai Urban Planning
Exhibition Center
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum
People Square
The Night View of
Shanghai People's Square

Day 1 - Arrive in Shanghai (-/-/-)
Accommodation - Holiday Inn Express Zhabei Shanghai

Place & Transport: Arrive in Shanghai, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Shanghai)

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted and transferred to your hotel in downtown area.On the way, your local tour guide will introduce Shanghai and give some useful travel tips to you. Guide will help you check in the hotel. The rest day is free to you, and taking a free stroll around the hotel is a good option for traveling.

Day 2 - Travel in Shanghai (B/L/D)
Accommodation - Holiday Inn Express Zhabei Shanghai

Place & Transport: Shanghai
Today's Activities: Yuyuan Garden, City God Temple, The Bund, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower (including a dinner in revolving restaurant)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Dinner in the Revolving Restaurant of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Yuyuan Garden – Yuyuan Garden is one of the quintessential representatives of Jiangnan Garden. Originally, Yuyuan garden was built in 1559 by Pan Yunduan(潘允端), a local governor of Sichuan province in Ming Dynasty, to serve his father who was Pan En (潘恩), a famous minister during the reign of Emperor Jiajing in Ming Dynasty. Yu(豫) in Chinese language is an auspicious character, and means comfort, satisfaction and pleasure, and it also the abbreviation of Henan province. To be the name of the garden was to show the filial love of making parents and the elder happy and pleasant.

City God Temple – Shanghai City God Temple is famous for its time-honored history and magnificent building complex at home and abroad. Shanghai City God Temple is located in the busiest and landmark-style tourist area of Chenghuang Miao. Initially, it is an important Taoist temple firstly built during the reign of Emperor Chengzu, specifically during his dominating period (1403-1424). Up to today, it has more than 600 years of history. As an important Taoist temple of Shanghai, Shanghai City God Temple suffered a serious destruction during the period of Cultural Revolution. And the god statues were ruined, and the halls were used for others. In 1994, as the gradual opening of religion freedom, Shanghai City God Temple was reopened and acted as the Taoist temple under the operation of Zhengyi Branch of Taoism.

The Bund – The bund crowned to be the Old Shanghai Exotic building Clusters is the most famous tourist attraction of Shanghai, and someone considers it as the landmark of Shanghai and the witness of Shanghai history. It is an epitome of Shanghai in the past 150 years, and the show of the capitalism of old Shanghai. The Bund located at the connecting point of Huangpu River and Suzhou River is opposite to Pudong Lujiazui Financial District. It approximately is 1,800 meters from North Section of Suzhou Road to Jinling East Road, and the whole landform is like the shape of crescent. Visiting to Shanghai, the bund and its exotic building clusters are the must-see destinations.

Shanghai World Financial Center – Shanghai World Finance Center, also translated to be Shanghai Global Financial Hub, located in Lujiazui Zone, Pudong New Area, is a world-class skyscraper in China. It was built completely on August 29, 2008, currently the second tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world, and also the world’s tallest building with the flat roof.

Shanghai Jinmao Tower – Shanghai Jinmao Tower also called Jin Mao Building(金茂大厦, literally translated to be the Tower of Gold Prosperity) located in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone on the riverside of Huangpu River, Pudong New Area. It is in the neighborhood of Shanghai World Finance Center and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower. The total height of this skyscraper is 420.5 meters, and belongs in the list of highest building landmarks in Shanghai. Currently it ranks one of top five highest buildings in China, and top ten skyscrapers in the world.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower – Shanghai Oriental Pearl Television Tower known as Oriental Pearl Tower is a famous landmark located in Lujiazui Economic Zone, Pudong New Area. It is located on Century Avenue No.1, Pudong New Zone, close to Huangpu River and opposite to the Bund, and the headquarters of Shanghai International News Center. The total height of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Television Tower is 467.9 meters, ranks the third tallest building in Asia and the fifth tallest building in the world, only next to Japanese Tokyo Skytree Television Tower with a height of 634 meters, Guangzhou New Television Tower with a height of 600 meters, Canadian CN Tower with a height of 553.3 meters and Russian Ostankino Television Tower with a height of 540.1 meters. It is one of the landmarks of Shanghai as well.

Day 3 - Shanghai / Suzhou (B/L/-)
Accommodation - Suzhou Riverside Hotel

Place & Transport: Shanghai and Suzhou
Today's Activities: Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, People’s Square, Nanjing Road
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

Shanghai Museum - Shanghai museum is a large and comprehensive museum exhibiting Chinese ancient arts and culture, as famous as Beijing Imperial Palace, Shenyang Imperial Palace, Shaanxi History Museum and Nanjing Museum. Shanghai Museum is also the youngest but has the fastest development, thanks to the strongest financial support from Shanghai Municipal Government. A great many collections are directly bought overseas or from other museums in the world.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center – Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, opposite to Shanghai Museum, is a special exhibition building to show the urban planning of Shanghai and the achievements of city construction. It is located on No. 100, Renmin Avenue, and also a landmark of Shanghai on the Renmin Square (People’s Square). Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is an important display window of Shanghai city development. The whole center themed with City, Human, Environment and Development exhibits the great achievements of Shanghai in the aspect of city establishment.

People’s Square - People’s Square located in the heart of the city is a garden-type open space which, prior to 1949, was part of the horse-racing course of Shanghai. It is surrounded by buildings and facilities for administration, cultural activities, transportation and commerce. On the north side of the square, visitors can find the People’s Mansion, on the south, the Shanghai Museum and in the center of the square is a smart musical fountain.

Nanjing Road – Honored to be one of the world’s most famous and busiest business streets, and the oldest business street since Shanghai was opened to be a business port, Nanjing Road traditionally is crowned as The First Business Street of China. With an overall length of 5.5 kilometers, Shanghai Nanjing Road starts from the Bund of Shanghai on the east and extends to the west part of Yanan Road. Roughly, it is comprised of the East Nanjing Road and West Nanjing Road, two of top ten business centers of Shanghai.

Humble Administrators Garden
Humble Administrator’s Garden
Suzhou Hanshan Temple
Suzhou Hanshan Temple
Suzhou Museum
Suzhou Museum

Day 4 - Travel in Suzhou (B/L/-)
Accommodation - Suzhou Riverside Hotel

Place & Transport: Suzhou
Today's Activities: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Hanshan Temple, Suzhou Museum, Shantang Ancient Street (Kunqu Opera show will be arranged on request)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

Humble Administrator’s Garden – Humble Administrator’s Garden, in mandarin Chinese pronounced to be Zhuozheng Yuan(拙政园), which was built in the reign of Zhengde in Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) and traditionally expresses a kind of idea of ancient people. Up to today, it has a history of more than 500 years. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is the representative of east China’s (Jiangnan) Classical Gardens. This classical garden located on Dongbei Street 178, is the largest one among the diverse gardens of Suzhou, and also one of four top famous gardens in China(the others are Suzhou Lingering Garden, Beijing Summer Palace and Chengde Summer Resort). Humble Administrator’s Garden is under the state-level protection, and boasts the motherhood of Chinese gardens. In 1997, it was listed as the UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

Hanshan Temple - Suzhou Hanshan Temple(寒山寺), literally translated to be Suzhou Cold Mountain Temple, is located in Fengqiao Town, five kilometers away from Xichangmen of Downtown Suzhou. Hanshan Temple is a classic tourist attractions and heritage site of China. The influence and significance of Hanshan Temple in Chinese culture history is unsurpassed by any other Buddhist temple in China. In some way, it is a symbol of Chinese classic poem, even the traditional literature of China.

Suzhou Museum – It is a typical regional art museum highlighted with the exhibition of history and culture of Suzhou, which used to be the center of Jiangnan, or east China. Officially opened in 1960 and newly-built in Oct. 2006, Suzhou Museum is situated on Dongbei Street. The designer is Bei Lvming(贝律铭), also widely known I.M. Pei,an internationally famous master architect. The museum is artistically separated into three sectors, respectively the east part, west part and the middle part. Just for its special historic significance, the architecture itself of Suzhou Museum is a key site under the state-level protection.

Shantang Ancient Street - Shantang Scenic Area ranks one of ten top tourist destinations with the best night views in Suzhou. Surely, it is the most famous historic and cultural street in Suzhou. This street was said to be constructed by Bai Juyi(白居易, 772--846), a great poet in Tang Dynasty, when he acted as the governor of Suzhou. Up to today, it has a history over 1000 years. Located in the northern area, Shantang Kunqu Opera House is interconnected to Yu Han Tang(玉涵堂, Hall of Jade Inclusion). The highlight of night trip to Shantang Ancient Street is to enjoy a classic Kunqu Opera Show.

Suzhou Tiger Hill
Suzhou Tiger Hill
hefang ancient street
Hangzhou Hefang Street
Shanghai Museum
Impression West Lake
hangzhou west lake
hangzhou west lake
Hangzhou West Lake
hefang ancient street
Meijiawu Tea Plantation
lingyin temple
Hangzhou Lingyin Temple
lingyin temple
The poetic landscape in
Wuzhen Ancient Water Town

Day 5 - Suzhou / Hangzhou (B/L/D)
Accommodation - Haiwaihai International Hotel

Place & Transport: Suzhou and Hangzhou
Today's Activities: Suzhou Tiger Hill, Hefang Ancient Street, Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, Impression West Lake Show
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch and Dinner

Suzhou Tiger Hill - Tiger Hill to Suzhou is a landmark of history and culture, for it witnesses the past of Suzhou. The age of Tiger Hill is the same as the history of Suzhou. Coming to Suzhou, Tiger Hill is the must-see site, though many people may say that the must-see destinations of Suzhou are the classical gardens, which are the real representative of Suzhou and also have been written into the List of World Heritage Sites in China. This is the widely-accepted but partially unadvisable idea, because Tiger Hill witnesses the construction, destruction and reconstruction of Suzhou Classical Gardens in the past thousands of years. Tiger Hill shares the same origin with Suzhou rather than classical gardens.

Hefang Ancient Street – Hefang Ancient Street is the best destination to view a traditional classical lifestyle of east China people via enjoying its unique atmosphere of life and the perfect local cuisine and snacks. It is connected with Wu Hill, a landmark of West Lake Scenic Area and Hangzhou Museum. Just need walking several minutes, people can touch the fashionable city life on Yan’an Road. Where the tradition meets modernity, and both coexists harmoniously. Hefang Street is the intersection of two different Hangzhou.

Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum - Huqingyutang National Traditional Medicine Hall also known as China’s only national-class professional and themed Traditional Medicine Museum acts as the multi-oriented roles. The visitors travel here can specially learn about the essence of Chinese traditional medicine and see the ancient architectural complex of Huqingyutang. It at present is cultural and historic site under the national level protection. The whole exhibition area is over 4,000 square meters and comprised of the displaying hall, the traditional medicine workshop show, health care examination, business hall and herb-themed serving room.

Impression West Lake Show – In east China, Impression West Lake Show is extensively recommended by tour guides and tourists overseas who have seen this great dreamlike outdoor show. The most prominent highlights of Impression West Lake Show is the natural combination of the picturesque landscape of West Lake and the abundant cultural legacy from traditional elite culture. The romantic and heavenly atmosphere created with the fantastic music gives the audiences a great impression that they live in a paradise of myth. The designer of the show is Zhang Yimou, who is also the director of the performance of 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Day 6 - Travel in Hangzhou (B/L/-)
Accommodation - Haiwaihai International Hotel

Place & Transport: Hangzhou
Today's Activities: West Lake Scenic Area, Lingyin Temple and Peak Flying from Afar, Meijiawu Tea Plantation, Six Harmonies Pagoda
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

West Lake Scenic Area - West Lake of Hangzhou, as the calling card of Hangzhou, is a beautiful and elegant destination for traveling and leisure due to its uniqueness and enchantment formed over the past thousands of years. In 2011, Hangzhou West Lake officially inscribed on the list of World Cultural Heritage and becomes the 41st World Heritage Site in China. Therefore, travel professionals may always say it will not be the real China tour if the itinerary excludes West Lake Scenic Area of Hangzhou. In a word, Hangzhou West Lake to a most degree is the representative or visualized reflection of Chinese spirituality and interiority of Chinese culture.

Lingyin Temple and Peak Flying from Afar - Lingyin Temple(灵隐寺) is the oldest, the most famous and influential Buddhist monastery in Southeastern China. Also named Yunlin Temple, Lingyin Temple is Chinese famous Buddhist monastery of Buddhism welcomed and believed by innumerous Buddhist believers. In their mind, Lingyin Temple is their shrine and the place to talk spiritually to Bodhisattva and Buddha. Lingyin Temple located at the northwest riverfront of the West Lake in Hangzhou, and generally, it is considered to be a part of the West Lake Scenic Area, which is the extremely famous and popular tourist attraction in China, even in the Far-East Area. Exactly, Lingyin Temple is situated in the Lingyin Mountain between Fei Lai Feng (飞来峰,Peak Flying From Afar) and Bei Gao Feng(北高峰,Peak of North Highness). Lingyin Temple in China is considered to be one of the wealthiest monasteries, and the top one in Jiangnan region.

Meijiawu Tea Plantation –Meijiawu located in the heart of West Lake Scenic Area is the best and popular leisure center in east China. It is surrounded by green hills which are planted tea. Same as Longjing and Shifeng, Meijiawu produces high quality Longjing tea. Longjing tea which is produced here is known as green, fragrance, good looking and good taste. Tea selling is also the main income of local resident. March to May is busy season in Meijiawu, many tea pickers are hired to help cultivate tea. In Meijiawu, except for seeing and experiencing the tea culture and taking photos, drinking a small cup of Longjing is a must do as well. Meijiawu cultural village offers local food with reasonable price; it is also a good place for family gathering and party.

Six Harmonies Pagoda – Six Harmonies Pagoda is a famous scenic spot of Hangzhou and has been listed into Thirty Scenes of West Lake in 2007. Innumerous poets, artists and scholars left their approbations and amazements over here. There is a famous comment about the pagodas of Hangzhou like this: Baochu Pagoda is a beauty; Leifeng Pagoda is an old monk; Six Harmonies Pagoda is a general. Through the window of Six Harmonies Pagoda, visitors can directly see the vast Qiantang River and the huge Qiantang River Bridge. The height of Six Harmonies Pagoda is nearly 60 meters, and exteriorly seen, it is comprised of 13 floors, and actually seven. In pagoda, except for the inscriptions of Buddhist Sutra named Forty-Two Chapters Sutra, there are also hundreds of brick-carvings, and the themes are various and life-like. Such as the megranate, lotus, flying phoenix, peacocks, parrots, leaping lions and kylins(a kind imaginary holy creature in Chinese fairy tales) and many flying fairies. They are all valuable in Chinese Ancient Architectural History.

Day 7 - Wuzhen / Shanghai (B/-/-)
Accommodation - /

Place & Transport: Wuzhen Water Town and Departure from Shanghai
Today's Activities: Wuzhen Water Town, Departure
Meals: Breakfast

Wuzhen Water Town - Chinese people always describe or illustrate an ideal imagery when mention their utopia, that it would be a waterside family of Jiangnan, and four generations live together harmoniously and happily in this milk-and-honey land. In fact, there is a true utopia of Chinese people, which is Wuzhen. Wuzhen(乌镇) water town located in Tongxiang, Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province, is the top one among Chinese water towns, and also the most famous and classic one at home and abroad. Wuzhen is a typical water town in east China with more than 6,000 years of history. Today, enjoying Chinese water town culture, Wuzhen is always firstly recommended.

 Hotels and Prices
1 passenger 2 passengers 3-6 passengers 7-10 passengers
1385 USD/pax 906 USD/pax 792 USD/pax 635 USD/pax
REMARKS: The prices listed above include the hotel costs, the recommended hotel prices listed below
Shanghai Holiday Inn Express Zhabei 3 stars 49 USD
Suzhou Suzhou Riverside Hotel 3 stars 49 USD
Hangzhou Haiwaihai International Hotel 3 stars 51 USD

 What Is Included and Excluded
Price Inclusions

Hotel accommodation (or similar class, double occupancy)
Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary
Meals as specified in the itinerary (B= breakfast, L= Chinese lunch, D= Chinese dinner)
Experienced English speaking guide in each city
Air-conditioned private car or van for transfers and sightseeing
Inter-city transportations
Service Charges & Government Taxes
Travel Agency Liability Insurance
Price Exclusions

International transportation
Chinese visa
Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge (please verify your flight documentation), beverages, laundry services, etc.
Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide

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