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Hangzhou is a paradise for tourists. Dotted with different types of tourist attractions and diverse levels of landscapes, Hangzhou always could satisfy the different needs of travelers. The classification of scenic areas makes Hangzhou colorful. The top tourist attraction is the West Lake Scenic Area, which is the calling card of Hangzhou and the site of World Cultural Heritage. Other themed tourist attractions deserve traveling include the comprehensive site - Two Rivers and One Lake (Fuchun River, Xinan River and Thousand Islands Lake), the national natural reserves - Tianmu Mountain Natural Reserve and Qingliang Peak Natural Reserve, five national forest parks – Qiandao Lake, Daqi Mountain, Wuchao Mountain, Fuchun River Forest Park and Qingshan Lake Forest Park, one national tourist resort – Zhijiang National Tourist Resort, China’s first national wetland – Xixi National Wetland Park. Additionally, there are 14 key tourist sites under the national protection and 5 state-level museums. Regarding the history and culture, Hangzhou used to be the capital of South Song Empire, the history of South Song Dynasty glorifies Hangzhou too much, and the culture of Hangzhou is highlighted with the elite culture. Therefore, there are lots of tourist sites themed with the history and culture like the museums, ancient streets, cultural relics, memorial temples and ancient stores. By the way, Hangzhou after 1949 becomes the leisure resort and relaxation center of China, and then the main industry of Hangzhou is tourism and sanitaria. Annually, there are millions of tourists visiting to Hangzhou. Today, Hangzhou tries to upgrade itself to be an international tourist destination through increasing the tourist sites and improving the travel quality.

Hangzhou Scene

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Hangzhou Attractions                                                               (List of Hangzhou Cultural Heritage Sites)

Hangzhou West Lake

Mentioning West Lake of Hangzhou, nearly all of Chinese people know it is a beautiful and elegant destination for traveling

Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is Chinese famous Buddhist monastery of Buddhism welcomed and believed by lots of Buddhism believers

Medicine Museum

Huqingyutang National Traditional Medicine Hall known as China’s only national-class themed Traditional Medicine Museum

Hefang Ancient Street

Hefang Street also known as Qinghe Fang Historic Street is the most famous cultural and historic street in Hangzhou. It is an epitome...

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Chinesische Kung Fu

Liuhe Pagoda is absolutely not inferior to either of them. In some way, Liuhe Pagoda erects its own unsurpassable enchantment

Hangzhou Tea Plantation

Hangzhou tea plantations are the must-see tourist attractions. Tea plantations are the natural and rural site of Hangzhou

Xixi Wetland Park

Xixi National Wetland Park is a unique tourist destination for its rural landscape and the theme of reclusive culture in China

Hangzhou Leifeng Pagoda

Leifeng Pagoda as an important cultural and historic attraction in the West Lake Scenic Area is quite well-knownand attraction site

Baopu Taoist Temple

The representative scenic spot of Geling Hill is Baopu Taoist Temple, which was said to be the place of Ge Hongto cultivate himself

Romance of Song Dynasty

Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town is a quite famous themed park near to West Lake.It is also the most popular tourist destination

Impression West Lake

Impression West Lake is one of Chinese top performances featured of the local culture and unique charm of West Lake.

Night of West Lake

Night of West Lake is a famous night indoor show, aside from the Romance of Song Dynasty. It is as famous as Impression West Lake

City God Pavilion

Hangzhou City God Pavilion is the fourth most famous tower of Jiangnan region. On the right side, it is the Memorial Temple of Zhou Xin

Wushan Scenic Area

Wushan Square is made up of the main part, green-land part, sinkage part and public part. Wushan Scenic Area is situated...

Hangzhou Museum

Hangzhou Museum was established in 2012. Based on Hangzhou History Museum, it is located at the foot of Wushan or Wu Hill

South Song Thoroughfare

South Song Imperial Thoroughfare is the evidence of South Song Dynasty history. During this period, Hangzhou was the capital.

Hangzhou Confucius Temple

Hangzhou Confucius Temple located on Laodong Road, the northwest of Wushan Square, Shangcheng District, Downtown Hangzhou.

Zhejiang Museum

Zhejiang Museum or Zhejiang Provincial Museum is a typical site of culture and humanity in East China.Visiting to Hangzhou

Yellow Dragon Cave

Yellow Dragon Cave is the center of classic view of Yellow Dragon Cave Dressed in Green, which ranks as one of ten new classic views...

Zhejiang West Lake Gallery

Zhejiang West Lake Gallery is a must-see attraction in West Lake Scenic Area. Located near to Zhejiang Provincial Museum

Hangzhou Jingshan Temple

Jiangshan Temple was at its summit time and the top temple among five most famous Buddhist temples in Jiangnan region.

Hangzhou Solitary Hill

As the most famous area for cultural sites and humanistic surroundings, Solitary Hill is the ideal destination to study and live all the time.

Zhejiang Hangzhou Library

Zhejiang, especially Hangzhou traditionally is the center of Chinese public education, and the citizens of Hangzhou

Hangzhou Jingci Temple

Jingci Temple was initially built by Qian Chu, the last king of Wuyue Kingdom, in 954, and its first leader was Master Yongming.

Jiangnan Culture Museum

Chiangnan Watery Region Culture Museum of China is the first themed museum with the regional culture in East China

Tangqi Ancient Town

Tangqi Ancient Town borders on Deqing county of Huzhou. Roughly 20 kilometers away from downtown Hangzhou and 13 kilometers...

Three Temples of Tianzhu Hill

Tianzhu Hill nearby Hangzhou West Lake scenic area is famous for three old temples, which are called Tianzhu three temples

Hangzhou Geling Hill

Geling Hill in South Song Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Gaozong was developed to be one of the Imperial Gardens.

Hangzhou Baoshi Hill

Baoshi Hill located on the northern side of the West Lake is the famous scenic area. Baoshi Hill is 78 meters high and belongs to tuff and...

Hangzhou Zhongshan Park

Hangzhou Zhongshan Park also called Sun Yat-sen Park used to be the temporary palace of Qing Dynasty in West Lake Scenic Area.

Hangzhou Guozhuang Garden

Guozhuang Garden is the most famous classical garden in Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area and the famous tourist attraction.

China Grand Canal Museum

China Grand Canal Museum located in the Gongchenqiao Historic Zone is the only themed museum with culture&history of the Grand Canal

Hangzhou Gongchenqiao

Hangzhou Gongchenqiao Historic Zone is a key tourist destination for its museum clusters, time-honored stores and snack shops

Chinese Umbrella Museum

Chinese Umbrella Museum is a themed museum located in Gongchenqiao Historic Zone and the only museum to show the umbrella culture

Knife Scissors Sword Museum

Knife, Scissors and Sword Museums in Gongchengqiao Historic Zone Hangzhou are themed with the show of their history and culture

Ten Classic Views of West Lake

Ten Classic Views of West Lake are the most highlights of West Lake and the historically famous for their beauty, culture and history

Yuewang Temple

The memorial temple was first constructed in south Song Dynasty in memory of Yue Fei, a hero fighting against the Jin troops

Hangzhou Broken Bridge

Hangzhou Broken Bridge is located in West Lake Scenic Area and widely famous for its culture and love story of lady white snake

18 Classic Views of West Lake

18 Classic Views of West Lake was ranked and popular in Qing Dynasty, and they are really the most classic sites for traveling

China National Tea Museum

The museum sits among the tea plantations. Inside the museum, the flower corridors, artificial hills, ponds and water-side pavilions

China National Silk Museum

China Silk Museum divided into five parts aims at displaying the great achievement of China’s silk industry and its splendid silk culture.

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Built in 1965, Hangzhou Botanical Garden coordinates with the scenery of the West Lake Scenic Area in its layout and planning.

Thousand Island Lake

Qiandao Lake, located in west of Hangzhou, is one of the first-class national scenic spots and is the largest national forest park.

Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is a great project created by ancient working people and is considered as a living heritage of world.

Hangzhou Qiantang River Tide

The soaring tide of the Qiantang River is such a marvelous spectacle that only the Amazon River's surging tide rivals it in the world!

Linan Daming Mountain

Daming Mountain has an honorary name of the most gorgeous and beautiful mountain in the western part of Zhejiang Province.

Fuyang Longmen Ancient Town

Longmen ancient town was noted for courtyard clusters. There were over 60 old buildings, but now only two ancestral temples remain

Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park

Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park, 7 km from downtown Hangzhou, is China's largest polar ocean park, covering a total area of 330 mu.

Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area

Tianmu Mountain is a famous mountain with a long history of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. It is a wonder of the world.

Xiaoshan Xiang Lake

Xianghu Lake, a less known lake in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, has the oldest canoe in the world that has a history of over 8,000 years.

Hangzhou Running Tiger Spring

Hupao Spring located in the side yard of the Huichan Temple is at the foot of the White Crane Peak of Daci Hill, 5 kilometers from downtown Hangzhou

Eight Diagrams Farmland

Eight Diagrams Farmland at the south foot of Yuhuang Mountain in the southeast of the scenic area of the West Lake

West Zhejiang Grand Canyon

West Zhejiang Great Canyon (Zhexi Daxiagu) extends from Huangshan and the water from the canyon is source for Qiantang River.

Hangzhou Prince Bay Park

Prince Bay Park, based on traditional landscape garden, adopts the resilient and elegant artistic handling of western garden building

Hangzhou Fanghe Pavilion

Fanghe Pavilion located in the west lake scenic area is a historic and cultural site built in Ming Dynasty in memory of Lin Bu.

Yu Yue Former Residence

The former residence of Yu Yue is a traditional garden style building, and today it is a memorial hall to exhibit the history of Yu Yue

West Lake Xiaoyingzhou

Xiao Yingzhou is the best site to view the classic night sight of Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon, and the whole layout is also unique and great.

Hangzhou Baochu Pagoda

Baochu Pagoda is located on top of Baoshi Hill of northern side of Ge Ling, which is also situated on the northern side of West Lake.

Xiling Society of Seal Arts

Hangzhou society of seal arts is a famous historic and cultural center for sealology art and study, and the only national seal society in China.

China Seal Museum

China seal museum located on the side of west lake scenic area is a national themed museum of seal history and sealology study

Hangzhou Paradise Park

Hangzhou Paradise Park is the themed recreation area of World Leisure Expo Garden. It is the sea of happiness, the world of amusement.

Hangzhou Zoo

Hangzhou Zoo was founded in 1968 and newly built in October, 1975. It covers an area of 20 hectares,with Pagoda of Six Harmonies

Hangzhou Xiangji Temple

Xiangji Temple of Hangzhou is a time-honored temple located on the side of Grand Canal, and rebuilt recently in a large scale

Nine Streams & Eighteen Gullies

It is roughly a twenty minute walk from Lingyin Temple. This is actually a pretty series of paths about twenty minutes west of the pagoda.

West Lake Museum

West Lake Museum located on the south side of West Lake, includes display centre, tourist service centre, study centre and literature centre

Former Residence of Hu Xueyan

Former Residence of Hu Xueyan was built in the 11th year (1872) of the reign of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty at enormous expense.

Official Kiln Museum

South Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum is an archaized museum, consisting two parts - the exhibition hall and the ancient sites.

Chaoshan Scenic Area

Chaoshan Scenic Area, 40km from Hangzhou urban area, is famous for plum and ranked as one of the 3 best spots for viewing plum blossom

Shili Langdang

Shili Landdang is the highest ridge in West Lake area, which rolls several kilometers. The mountains have great natural scenery in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Grand Theater

Hangzhou Grand Theater is a new landmark in Hangzhou with opera hall, music hall and multifunctional hall and open-air theater.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest cross-ocean bridge globally and the second longest bridge next to Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Hangzhou Flower Nursery

Hangzhou Flower Nursery was founded in 1956 with a total area of 28 hectares. It’s a decent place to look at flowers and plants.

Hangzhou Wildlife World

Hangzhou Wildlife World is a popular tourist destination and a wonderful recreational park located on Hangfu Highway.

Hangzhou Theater

Hangzhou Theater is a famous leisure performance center in downtown Hangzhou. Located on Wulin square, it is near to Hangzhou Tower

Qianwang Mausoleum

Qianwang Mausoleum located in Taimiao Mountain Linan, is a the tomb of Qian Liao. It is the only well preserved imperial tomb

Yunqi Zhujing

Due to its reputation around West Lake, Yunqi Zhujing topped the list of ten new scenic spots in Hangzhou through a selection in 1985.

Wansong Academy

Wansong Academy located near to Wu Hill scenic area is the classic site to view the traditional private school of China and the important site...

Liangzhu Culture Museum

Liangzhu Culture Museum is a display of archaeological findings from the Liangzhu culture, also known as the Jade culture.

Fuchun River

Fuchun River has two sections, upper reaches from Tonglu to Meicheng Town and lower reaches from the Wenjia Weir to Tonglu.

Xinan River

Xinan River shows off its great beauty by linking Huangshan Mountain area at its headstream and Qiandao Lake at its lower reach

Qingliang Peak Natural Reserve

Qingliang Peak Natural Reserve, with beautiful scenery and abundant resources of wild plants and animals, is a state-level natural reserve.

Zhijiang National Tourist Resort

Hangzhou Zhijiang National Tourist and Holiday Resort is one of the 12 national resorts set up upon the approval of State Council.

Daqi Mountain

National Forest Park of Daqi Mountain faces the seat of Tonglu County across the Fuchun River, five kilometers south of the river bank.

Wuchao Mountain

Wuchao Mountain is a famous tourist attraction of Hangzhou and a large scale forest park under the national protection in China.

Qingshan Lake Scenic Area

Qingshan Lake located in Qingshan Town Linan Hangzhou, boasts the NO.1 view of Linan, and listed as a national forest park.

Yaolin Xianjing

Yaolin Xianjing or Yaolin Fairyland located in Tonglu County Hangzhou, is the national key scenic area for its carst landform...

Yanziling Fishing Platform

Yanziling Fishing Platform located at the foot of Fuchun Mountain in Tonglu County is the highlighted scenic site of Fuchun River.

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University boasting one of China's top and the oldest universities is directly administrated by Ministry of Education.

Hangzhou Normal University

Hangzhou Normal University, growing out of Hangzhou Normal College established in 1978 with the approval of the State Council

China Academy of Art

China Academy of Art is the only counterpart of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, which is largely supported by central government

                                                                                                                (List of Hangzhou Main Tourist Attractions)


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