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Chinese Knives, Scissors and Swords Museum


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The basic information for visit:

The opening time: 9:00-16:30 from Tuesday to Sunday.
The address: Xiaohe Road 336, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
Postal Code: 310000
Telephone: (86) 0571-88197508
Fax: 0571-88190577

It is a truth that we do not have a themed museum with the ancient weapons, which were considered as the most important part of the warriors except their great Kung Fu. Most of warriors or the masters were good at using the swords and the knives.

KNIFE [Dao, 刀] - The warriors who use the knives as below: The legendary warrior Xu Liang (徐良), with a nickname of white-eyebrow warrior carried his famous Grand-Circle Knife conquered lots of his enemies and opponents in Jianghu(Rivers and Lakes literally meaning the exclusive world that warriors stayed and lived) when he helped Lord Bao administrated the country and promoted the anti-corruption job. In the modern times, Wang Zhengyi, a famous patriotic warrior with a nickname of Da Dao Wang Wu (大刀王五, the Grand-Knife Wang Wu), used his knife to protect the country and support the national reform in the later period of Qing Dynasty.

In culture of Wulin, Knife is the commonest arm-weapon and also one of the oldest tool that people use to protect themselves. After all, not all of the people are so powerful and energetic as Wu Song, Lu Zhishen and Li Kui, all of who were the masculine warriors and killed the tigers without arms. In the primitive period, the humankind was too weak to fight against the invasions of the brutal wild animals and the serve limit of the nature. However, the god opens a door for them. They invented the knife, which became their most important assistant to get the food and productions of the tools. In some way, the civilization of the humankind comes from the blade of the knife. It also brings the humankind into the era of civilization, and plays a key role in war, murder, fight and competition. It is the symbol of the cold weapons.

As one of the four oldest civilization countries in the world, China is the representative of the countries that widely used the knives in the past. And another world appears, and that is Jianghu or Wulin mentioned above. In the late period, especially the transition period from the cold weapons to the guns, it is also the main tools in the boxer turmoil and the anti-Japanese war. The famous song entitled Grand Knife Cuts the Heads of the Japanese Invaders just shows Chinese brave soldiers fought against Japanese monsters with knives.

SCISSORS [Jian, 剪] - The scissors is a special tool of daily life. It used to be widely and professionally used by the tailors to make the clothes. Hangzhou is the famous center of producing the scissors, Zhang Xiao Quan is a quite famous and century-old brand.

hangzhou knives,scissors and swords museum
The main gate of Chinese Knives, Scissors and Swords Museum in Hangzhou

SWORD [Jian, 剑] - The sword is a famous and popular weapon that the ancient elegant warriors or the well-educated warriors use to keep the social justice and equality. Actually, the sword anciently could be divided into two kinds. One is for the scholars or the Confucians for self-protection or keeping the books. During their grand tours, they may suffer lots of dangers or threat from the nature or humankind. The sword was their favorite self-protected weapon. Exercising the sword is one of the five basic learnings in Confucianism. Confucius was a master of sword. Dongfang Shuo and Sima Xiangru were also the masters of sword, and many famous characters in ancient history of China did well in playing the swords.

Apart from self-protection and bodybuilding, there is another function – to keep them from the evil. The sacred swords had another important role in suppressing the evil. So the scholars preferred carrying the swords when outing, and furthermore, many big families also bought the swords to keep the family from the evil.

On the other hand, the masters of the martial arts were almost the masters of the swords. Emei School is historically famous for their sword martial arts. Wudang Taoist Kung Fu School is known widely as a power to use the sword. There are also many different schools in Jianghu using the swords to challenge others and became the leaders of the Wulin. Gradually, some of the educated warriors got their life philosophy from the swords, and we call it Jian Dao, the philosophy of swords, which is an important part of the culture of swords in China.

The cold weapon has a history as long as the ancient China, and the knives and swords are the representatives. They are the embodiment of ancient warrior history and culture, also the essence of Chinese martial art culture. The Museum of Knife, Scissors and Sword is the best exhibition site to review the glories of that time. If you prefer the culture of warriors, it will be your must-see site during your traveling in Hangzhou.

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