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Hangzhou Normal University (Hangzhou University) Introduction


In China, East China is widely considered as an important educational base of China as Jingjintang Economic Zone (京津唐经济区) exemplified by Beijing and Tianjin. There are a large number of top universities located over here, generally in the central cities (mainly the provincial capitals) like Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Tongji University & East China Normal University of Shanghai, Nanjing University, Southeast University, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Nanjing Normal University in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui University and Hefei University of Technology of Hefei, the capital of Anhui province, and Zhejiang University and China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.

This is the main gate of Hangzhou Normal University Xiasha Campus

In comparison, the number of famous universities in Hangzhou is the smallest, except Zhejiang University, there is no an equivalent one to those in other cities especially Nanjing and Shanghai. This is a big bottleneck to raise the city reputation, though Hangzhou has a better economic development than other cities. Hangzhou traditionally is the center of China's academic research in the realms of philosophy, natural science, literature, art and other aspects of humanities, a large number of ancient and modern souls came from Hangzhou. This glorious history and academic tradition have been lost today; many people of Hangzhou deem this as a shame. And for reviving the tradition of Hangzhou in education, the local authorities have made a lot of efforts in all aspects concerned. Frankly speaking, Hangzhou has many universities and colleges, but the famous universities are fewer than those in other cities. This is maybe the crux of this problem, particularly after the new Zhejiang University’s establishment, lots of old regional famous universities disappeared like the Old Hangzhou University, Old Zhejiang Medical University and Zhejiang Agricultural University, and this problem becomes more serious.

How to relive this educational crisis, the most effective way is to raise and support some of potential universities to be famous provincially and nationally, and Hangzhou Normal University is one of them. Since its first leap in 2007 when changed officially to be the Normal University from a college, Hangzhou Normal University has a great achievement in all aspects. A large group of domestically and internationally famous experts, professors and researchers walk into this new comprehensive university. The natural science and humanities have an unprecedented progress. Furthermore, as the new campus of Cangqian puts in use, a larger leap will take place – to be a new Hangzhou University, a nationally famous comprehensive university made up for the loss of the Old Hangzhou University.

Tradition &History

Hangzhou University (Hangzhou Normal University) has been unknown for decades of years, since its official establishment in 1908 named Zhejiang Guanli Liangji Shifan Xuetang (浙江官立两级师范学堂, Zhejiang State-owned Secondary Normal Academy ), and in 1913 officially changed to be Zhejiang No.1 Normal School. It was originally located at the old site of Zhejiang Gongyuan (浙江贡院, The Imperial Examination Hall of Zhejiang). In 1978, it was officially named Hangzhou Teacher’s College after 10 years’ Cultural Revolution and the restarting of the National College Entrance Examination. By 2007, many local higher education institutes like Hangzhou Education College and Hangzhou Medical College were annexed into the college. In 2007, it was approved by the State Council and changed officially to be Hangzhou Normal University.

In 2010, an educational proposal was jointly submitted to Provincial and National People's Congress Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference by Sun Zhonghuan (孙忠焕, the municipal president of Hangzhou CPPCC), Zhao Guangyu (赵光育, the deputy president of Hangzhou CPPCC), Yu Jialing (郁嘉玲, the deputy president of Hangzhou CPPCC), Zhu Zude (朱祖德, the deputy president of Hangzhou CPPCC) and Chen Xiaoping (陈小平, the deputy mayor of Hangzhou) . This proposal made a large influence and controversies. They together suggested changing Hangzhou Normal University to be Hangzhou University, because this university had been qualified to the old University of Hangzhou. However, many authorities, officials or dignitaries rejected obviously this proposal, and they mostly thought it is not the time. This is just an excuse, because they mostly graduated from Old Hangzhou University. They blocked this progress for this proposal may undermine their vested interest. This is a fruitless proposal. Anyway, it restarts the next leap of Hangzhou Normal University for a higher development.

At beginning, Hangzhou Normal University is famous for humanities and art education. During the Republic of China, with the leadership of the Ministry of Education, this university was nationally famous as one of 6 higher teacher education institutes throughout China (the other five were Wuchang Higher Normal School,Beijing Higher Normal School, Canton Higher Normal School, Chengdu Higher Normal School and Nanjing Higher Normal School), and as famous as Beijing Normal University at the times. Also, it was also a center of Chinese New Culture Movement in history.

Shen Junru (沈钧儒, the leading and famous jurisprudential scholar and political activist at the time) was the first leader in 1909. The most famous president was Jing Hengyi (经亨颐, 877-1938, modern China’s famous educationist and master of painting and calligraphy), and the current president by 2013 is Ye Gaoxiang (叶高翔, the former deputy president of Zhejiang University and famous physics professor). The most professors, teachers and masters worked here including Li Shutong (李叔同, the greatest Buddhist master of modern China and artistic master), Feng Zikai (丰子恺, the famous painting master and educator), Lu Xun (鲁迅, a world famous writer), Pan Tianshou (潘天寿,a famous traditional Chinese painting painter), Xia Mianzun (夏丏尊,a famous scholar), Ma Shulun (马叔伦,a famous scholar), Ye Shengtao (叶圣陶,a famous writer and professor), Chen Wangdao (陈望道,a famous professor) and Zhu Ziqing (朱自清,a famous writer). The famous alumnus is Ma Yun (马云, Jack Ma, the president of Alibaba Group). ( Hangzhou Normal University Anthem jointly created by Li Shutong and Xia Mianzun shows the great tradition in history )

For its great achievement in literature and art, many famous journals were published in history like New Trend of Zhejiang, White Sun and so on. Some academic and literary societies were also established, and the famous ones are Hupan Shishe (湖畔诗社, The White Horse Lakeside Poetry Society), Mingyuan Academic Society (明远学社, Society of Brightening Insight) and Yueshi Society.

Campuses & Highlights

Currently, Hangzhou Normal University has five campuses respectively Cangqian New Campus, Xiasha Campus, Downtown Campus, Xianghu Lake Campus, Yuhuang Mountain Campus and Gudangwang Campus. The highlights of the education are the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and medical sciences. The most famous majors are Art and Classic Chinese Literature.

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