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Hangzhou Xiangji Temple(Grand Canal Cruise Ticket Booking)


The Grand Canal with a history over 1300 years old starts in Beijing and ends in Hangzhou. Despite the clogged-up middle portion, which has blocked parts of the canal, the Jiangsu-Zhejiang portion remains open for transportation, making a hot tourist route. Many scenic spots and historic sites have become a new and strong lure.

Ticket Booking Service of Mild China

As a leading travel agency of Shanghai & Hangzhou and the largest online tour operator of East China, Mild China provides the service of ticket booking to save your time of buying tickets. Meanwhile, we promise the total cost we charge is the lowest, but service quality is unsurpassed in China. Welcome to this page, and please contact us through the details or leave us your requirements via the message form as below:

Price 80 CNY/per person (including Xiangji Temple)
60 CNY/per person (excluding Xiangji Temple)
100 CNY/per person (cruise tour at night)
Telephone 0086 - 571 - 86020779
Mobile Phone 0086 - 15867110893

The fees should be paid in advance, since the ticket booking or reservation needs deposit. It is not permitted to pay the whole fees after the end of the whole sightseeing. (HOW TO PAY?)


Here are more than ten tourist attractions stretched as follows:

The Park of Fuyicang Park (富义仓遗址公园) – There was a local folk ballad in the Northern Song Dynasty, which says, “Rice comes from the northern gate; firewood from the southern gate, vegetable from the eastern gate, and water from the western gate”. The area between the Gongchen Bridge and the Desheng Dam served as the center for collecting and distributing goods via the canal at that time. North of Hangzhou lies the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain, a rich rice-producing area or granary. Historically, the canal at the northern city was a well known rice market. Fuyicang or Fuyi Granary is the last granary by the canal. Dating from the mid-1800s, this granary consisted of 50-60 rooms, each 20 squares meters storing 40-50 thousand hectoliters of grain. In it there were mills or workshops for hulling grains and husking rice. Outside it was a busy trading market. Fuyicang has now ranked among the municipal monuments while on the tentative list of provincial monuments. The granary occupies 6,050 square meters, of which the area of 3, 153 square meters is under special protection, the area of 240 square meters is historically the restored one, and that of 300 square meters is the original site under protection. The newly built Fuyicang has an additional green area of 13,000 square meters.

Gao Family’s Private Garden (高家花园)- It is a Qing-style private garden built by Gao Yicheng, one of the relatives of Li Hongzhang, a famous prime minister of late Qing Dyansty. The garden was designed by a Japanese designer in the imitation of West Lake. It has bridges, pavilions, towers, corridors and etc., The present area covers 5.67 hectares with a floor space of 1,100 square meters. The new garden features the various styles of building or garden, such as Huizhou-style houses, Hangzhou-style gardens, Suzhou-style gardens and Shanghai-style gardens.

Xiangji Temple (香积寺)- Xiangji Temple built in 960, the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty, is located on the north side of the Jiangzhang Bridge. Only one of the original two pagodas erected nearby in the mid-Qing Dynasty is available. The rebuilt temple occupies more than 10,000 square meters with a floor space of 5,000 square meters.

The Grand View of Xiangji Temple Building Group along The Grand Canal, Hangzhou

Qingsha Town (青莎古镇)- Qingsha Town is a small market town formed naturally near the Grand Canal in the Qing Dynasty. With the total area of 53,360 square meters with a floor space of 13,000 square meters, the reconstructed town includes a community which functions in trade and commerce, featured by an area of the 700,000 square meters buildings district.

The Historical Culture Street West of The Gongchen Bridge (拱宸桥西历史文化街区) – This Historical Culture Street located west of the Gongchen Bridge covers 7.83 hectares. It reflects the local community culture in living, production, and modern industry. It also features the integration of commerce, leisure, entertainment, and other showcase services. Many local attractions include such time-honored brands as Xiehexiang (a southern-style grocery), Liumaoduo (a bakery for sesame seed cakes), Renyi (a pharmacy for herbal medicine), Tongfu (a sauce and pickle shop), and A’san Cooper’s Shop.

The Canal Plaza (运河广场) – Situated east of Lishui Road and west of Jinhua Road and north of the Gongshu District government, the Canal Plaza covers more than 53, 000 square meters, including a floor space of 48, 100 square meters. Besides the canal museum, the plaza consists mainly of a supermarket, canal-side teahouse, and a multi-story parking garage. East of the plaza is the Gongchen Bridge, a famous 98-meter-3-arch stone bridge at the southern Hangzhou portion of the Canal. First built in 1631, the bridge whose name indicates showing respect to the Emperor ranks among the provincial monuments.

The View of The Grand Canal Plaza, where many themed attractions with the Canal culture located

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The Walking Street on Taizhou Road (台州路步行街)- The walking street on Taizhou Road is actually a shopping street from Shangtang Road in the east to Jinhua Road in the west. It measures 360 meters with an area of 31, 000 square meters. The street is divided into the east and the west sections linked up by an overhead square at the middle. It is decorated with such elements as public green space, a platform bridge, an overhead corridor, off or branch streets, overline structures, and other artistic furnishings. It is a nice place for sightseeing, entertainment as well as shopping. The four-star Canal Hotel is within walking distance.

The Dreamlike Night View of Private Houses along the Canalside Straight Street

Private Houses along the Canal-side Straight Street (小河直街) – The straight street, instead of a crooked or winding one, runs along the branch of the Grand Canal in a straight way. Four to five meters wide and a hundred meters long, it ranks one of the municipal monuments. The street can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty. The present whole street retains the style dating from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the period of the Republic of China. Moreover, the waterside building elevation is much older than the Ming Dynasty. It is the only existing section of the old city, which can reflect the historical look of the Canal in Hangzhou.

The Leisure Walking Street on Dadou Road (大兜路闲步行街) – This leisure walking street at Dadou Road lies east of Lishui Road, south of Xiangjisi Road, north of Daguan Road, and close to the Canal on the west. The street covers an area of 44, 689 square meters with a floor space of 30,000 square meters. The walking street features traditional private houses, special tour programs, arts and crafts and local style refreshments.

The Cityscape Belt on the Eastern Canal Bank (运河东岸城市景观带) – The landscape belt on the eastern Canal bank refers to the area from Shixiang Road to Daguan Road, or the Shixiang-Daguan Belt. Buildings along this belt are mainly in blue, gray and white. Their architectural style harmonizes with those of high-rise buildings, multi-story buildings, medium high-rise buildings and of traditional buildings. The bank revetment is done to function traditionally, ecologically, naturally, and practically. It also goes well with the background of landscape architecture, waterside green space and canal-side public facilities for leisure.

This Historical Preservation Belt on the Western Canal Bank (运河西岸历史保护带) – The historical preservation belt on the west Canal bank covers the area between Dengyun Road and Qingfang Road, or the Dengyun-Qingfang belt. This historical preservation belt features buildings dating from the late Qing Dynasty and the early period of the Republic of China. These buildings go in style with parks and gardens, green spaces, roads, revetment, docks, private houses and public buildings along the canal bank. This preservation belt is characterized by folk customs, traditional culture, modern tour program, trade and commerce and leisure.

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