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Yu Yue Former Residence(Yu Lou)


Yu Quyuan Memorial Hall
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Yu Quyuan Memorial Hall was the former residence of Yu Yue. It is located on the southern side of the Solitary Hill and the southern side of Xiling Bridge, West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou. The neighboring site is Liu Yi Quan(六一泉, which was an old well that Su Dongpo gave it this name to memorize Ouyang Xiu, the teacher of Su Dongpo in Northern Song Dynasty). Publicly known as Yu Lou or Yu Tower, this is a display hall of Yu Yue’s achievements. Mr. Yu(俞樾, 1982-1907) was the master of Pu Xue(朴学, a fundamental and original study of the Confucianism classics) in late Qing Dynasty. It is opened in February, 1999 in memory of Yu Yue, and well famous as the No.1 Tower of the West Lake.,

The Memorial Hall 

This is a two-storey Chinese tower, and each floor is comprised of three rooms. It is the old residence of Yu Yue, a great master of studying the ancient civilization of China, and publicly called Yu Lou, or The Yu Tower, whose address is Gushan Road 32, and this ancient garden-style building complex is piled up with the rocks, well-designed pools, classical corridors and pavilions and luxuriant and well-spaced flowers and trees. This house belongs to this literary family with a tasteful and quite environment. Someone highly comment in a couplet as below:

千古一诗人,文章有交神有道 –
A poet for thousands of years, the article is known and the core follows the principle.
五湖三亩宅,青山为屋水为邻 –
A small house of five lakes, the green mountain is house and the water is the neighborhood.

Historically, the former site of Yu Lou Tower is Gu Jing Jing She, which Yu Yue administrated for more than 30 years. In the book entitled Xi Hu Xin Zhi, or The New Record of West Lake (西湖新志), there is also some related depiction, and it was described as the land of Yu Yue’s teaching and studying, and then it was named Yu Lou by his students. A big inscription board hung above the gate shows its history. During the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, this tower was destroyed. In 1879, Xu Huanong(徐花农), one of Yu Yue’s students, raised money to rebuild the tower, and also collected the antique stones, flowers and bamboos in the buildings, as well as the ancient books and plums and cranes. Afterwards, Mr. Xu’s friend Peng Yulin(彭玉麟, 1817-1890, known as The Marshal of Snow, who was a great soul of painting, calligraphy, literature, military, especially his love story made people remember him always) helped him extend the buildings. Therefore, there is a say of Xu’s Construction and Peng’s Extension. To express his acknowledgement, Yu Yue wrote a couplet:

合名臣名士,为我筑楼,不待五百年后,此楼成矣 –
The famous officials and scholars together to build the tower for me, not for five hundred years, this tower will be honored.
傍山北山南,循地选胜,适在六一泉侧,其胜如何 –
Nearby the south and north of the hill, and the house follows the highlights and close to Liuyi Spring Well, how great this place is!

In 1907, Yu Yue passed away, and his family member seldom came to the side of West Lake, and the wood structure of the tower was gradually ruined. The artificial hills and laying stones were slide, and this tower became a dangerous building at the time.

In 1920, the relatives of Yu Yue, represented by his grandson named Xu Yinzhi, begun to rebuild the tower with the generous donation of Peng Yulin, a bosom friend of Yu Yue, and the old buildings and the artificial hills were dismantled, a new black-brick tower was built in accordance with its original look. The total square is 350 square meters. The extended part of the architecture is the corridors and the pavilions, Xishuang Pavilion and Banpo Pavilion. Three characters – Xiao Qu Yuan, were engraved on the bluestone archway.

After the Anti-Japanese War (1937.7.7-1945.8.15), Yu Tower was rented to be a restaurant, and later became the tutors’ dorms of West Lake State Art School, which was the former identity of today’s China Academy of Art, and Pan Tianshou(潘天寿, 1897-1971, who used to be the president of this academy and a great artist in modern China. He was the student of Buddhist and Art Master Li Shutong and the friend of Wu Changshuo, but unfortunately died of the persecution during the Cultural Revolution) used to live here. Yu Yunmin, the son of Yu Pingbo and the great-great-grandson of Yu Yue, donated a large group of manuscripts and scrolls, works, stele inscriptions, paintings and calligraphies, as well as the relevant celebrities’ works such as Xu Naipu and Tan Zhonglin’s works.

The Address - Gushan Road 32, Hangzhou
Public Bus – K7, K27, K81 and K850

yu lou yu quyuan memorial hall
Yu Lou, the former site of Gu Jing Jing She Yu Lou, also known as Yu Quyuan Memorial Hall
yu yue photo peng yulin
The Photo of Yu Yue The Photo of Peng Yulin

Who was Yu Yue & What was Gu Jing Jing She?  

This was the most famous ancient academy around West Lake in late Qing Dynasty, and Yu Yue was the president of this educational institution. More details available in the page of Ruan Yuan & Gu Jing Jing She >>>>>

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