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Temple of King Qians Introduction


As the main site of (钱祠表忠, King Qian's Temple of Loyalty Memorial), Temple of King Qians(钱王祠) is located on the south of the Yongjin Pond and nearby the scene of Liulang Wenying(柳浪闻莺, Orioles Singing in the Willows) in memory of King Qians'contribution to history of China. It was originally constructed in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) to memorize King Qian Liu, the founder of Wuyue (907-978) during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. This is a restored memorial erecting the statues of five kings of three generations in Wuyue Kingdom. The total area of the rebuilt memorial temple is 11,300 square meters with a total architectural area of 4,600 square meters. As a huge building complex nearby the Nanshan Road and West Lake Museum, it is a must-see destination to learn more about the history of Hangzhou and West Lake.

It was previously known as Temple of Loyalty. In the temple, the most sublime architecture is the main hall — Five Kings Hall (五王殿). It's the core part of Temple to King Qians. In Five King Hall are enshrined the five kings of Wuyue Kingdom. In the middle is King Qian Liu (钱鏐). On its two sides are King Qian Yuanguan (钱元瓘), King Qian Zuo (钱佐), King Qian Zong (钱倧), and King Qian Chu (錢俶). The five kings ruled Hangzhou for 86 years, bringing prosperity to Hangzhou and were admired widely.

The painting of Qian Liu   The statue of Qian Liu

Qian Liu (钱鏐, 852-932)

Qian Liu, whose courtesy name was Jumei and nickname Poliu, formally King Wusu of Wuyue with the temple name of Taizu, was founder and first king of the Kingdom of Wuyue (907-978) during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, ruling over roughly modern Zhejiang on the east coast of China. Qian Liu was born in Linan County in 852, during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang. His father was named Qian Kuan, and his mother, who was from the same clan as his paternal grandmother, was Qian Kuan's wife Lady Shuiqiu. He had four younger brothers — Qian Qi, Qian Biao, Qian Duo and Qian Hua — all of whom were described in the Spring and Autumn Annals of the Ten Kingdoms as "brothers of the same father," implying, but not definitely stating, that they were not born of Lady Shuiqiu. In his childhood neighborhood, there was a huge tree. When he played with the other children in the neighborhood near the tree, he would sit on a large rock and order the other children to march in formations; the other children feared him and followed his orders. After he grew up, he did not have a legitimate job, so he became a salt privateer. He befriended several sons of the county secretary Zhong Qi and often drank and gambled with them. Zhong, however, disliked Qian and initially forbade his sons from associating with Qian until, on one occasion, a traveling fortuneteller informed both Qian and Zhong that Qian would one day be extremely honored. Only after that did Zhong allow his sons to associate with Qian. Zhong's sons often gave Qian money. During this time, Qian was described to be good at archery and using spears, and he had a basic understanding of mystical texts.

Qian Yuanguan (钱元瓘, 887-941)

He was the son of Qian Liu and was a brilliant and brave man in history. He used to lead troops to defeating many warlords and made a great contribution to Wuyue Kingdom. In 932, Qian Liu passed away, Qian Yuanguan succeeded to the throne. In 941, the palace caught fires, and the buildings and treasures were all burnt down, Where Qian Yuanguan escaped to was the site fire got. He was scared to be mad, and subsequently died of this. And he was buried in today’s Xiaoshan District.
Qian Zuo (钱佐, 928-947)

Qian Zuo succeeded to the throne at the age of 14 when his father Qian Yuanguan died in 941. He was the sixth son of Qian Yuanguan and did a great contribution to the establishment of administration system of Wuyue Kingdom. In the aspect of economic development and regional security, he took many effective measures to refining them.
Qian Zong (钱倧, d.947)

He was the young brother of Qian Zuo and the seventh son of King Qian Yuanguan. Qian Zong succeeded to the throne after Qian Zuo died in 947. But his reign was too short, less than a year, and he was deposed by Hu Jingsi, a powerful marshal. After dethroned, he led a relaxed life, drinking, singing, dancing, creating poems and doing anything he liked. He was buried in Qinwang Mountain, today’s Keqiao District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang province.
Qian Chu (钱俶, 929-988)

Originally named Hongchu, Qianchu(钱俶, 929—988) was born in Linan, today's Hangzhou and his courtesy name was Hu Zi or Wende. Qian Chu was the last King of Wuyue Kingdom. His father was Qian Yuanguan(钱元瓘)and elder brother was Qian Zong(钱倧).Get a detail of his profile>>>

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