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Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum


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Established in 1990 and opened in 2002, Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum is the only national themed museum with porcelains or ceramics. It is based on the original site of Southern Song Dynasty’s Guan Kiln, with a great tradition of porcelain history and culture.

Located on the west hillside of tortoise hill and the Zhakou, Fuxing Road, Hangzhou, it is close to Eight Diagrams Farming Field, Fenghuang Hill and Jade Emperor Hill. Viewed in the map, The Guan Kiln Museum is located in the southeast side of the West Lake. Specifically located on No.60 Nanfu Road, nearly at the intersection of Nanfu Road and Fenghuangshan Road, The museum is near to Hangzhou Cuisine Museum of China and Jiangyangfang Ecological Park. Taking bus 42, 271 and Y3 to the stop of Shijiashan, and it is also an ideal way to have a nice bicycle tour from the Nanshan Road, going by the National Silk Museum of China, and Jade Emperor Hill Tube, South Kwan-yin Cave, and Eight Diagrams Farming Field.

Just for its charming beauty and time-honored history, West Lake is also traditionally considered as the most important showcase of Chinese elite culture, specifically speaking, the exclusive culture of scholars or official bureaucrats, who was the backbones of the development of ancient China. West Lake historically was the center of scholars since Sui Dynasty, and also became the resort of Emperors, and lots of officials or famous figures preferred living in Hangzhou. They generally selected West Lake as their spiritual partner. Since then, West Lake was humanized and endowed with many beautiful titles and stories, and also becomes a classical cultural imagery in literature and art.

Address No.60 Nanfu Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
Opening Time 8:30 - 16:30 (except Monday)
Admission Fee Free of charge

Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum is China’s only porcelain museum focusing on the history and culture of porcelain in Southern Song Dynasty. It has several themed exhibition halls to display the quintessence of the ancient porcelains, the craftsmanship to make porcelains, the old kiln sites and the exhibition of the glorious history and culture of Southern Song Dynasty, except the teahouses. There are also some temporary themed exhibitions, apart from the regular displays.

Among them, the exhibition of the glorious history and culture of Southern Song Dynasty deserves your long time stay. This is the only exhibition nationwide about the history and culture of Southern Song Dynasty. To historian, cultural learners and the students, this is the best place to learn much about the glories of China at the time.

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