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Hangzhou Xianghu Lake Introduction


Hangzhou is famous for West Lake in the international communities, but it is not only famous for this lake but Xianghu Lake, a more tranquil and wilder lake resort on southern Qiantang River. Xianghu Lake(湘湖), boasting the twin of West Lake, is located in the west side of Xiaoshan District and an important birthplace of Yue Culture and regional civilization. The cultural relic of lake-crossing bridge unearthed several years ago is an important cultural site under the national protection. The world’s earliest canoe was excavated here, which pushes the history of China back to 8,000 years ago. The historic site of King Yue Town on the top of Chengshan Mountain has a history over 2500 years, and used to be the important military fort that Yue State stationed its troops to defend itself from the attack of Wu troops. Additionally, there were lots of celebrities born around Xianghu Lake like He Zhizhang, and many famous writers and poets left their articles highly speaking of the beauty of Xianghu Lake like the writings of Li Bai, Lu You, Wen Tianxiang and Liu Bowen (More history details of Xianghu Lake).

The whole resort area is professionally operated as the five-A standard, which is the highest requirement of government to the scenic areas, or the highest standard to evaluate the importance of scenic area. The whole development area is 10.6 square kilometers and basically comprised of one lake, two zones, three gardens, four centers, five hotels, ten scenic areas and 50 scenic spots. There are also three themed parks surrounding the lake, and they are Kuahuqiao Cultural Relic Park, Yuewangcheng Cultural Relic Park and Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park; four leisure centers are Xianghu Lake Xintiandi Leisure Center, Luojiawu Outdoor Experience Center, Chenjiabu Leisure & Resort Center and Meishan Island Science-Popularization & Leisure Center. Today, it is the best site for weekend vacation, and many people around prefer camping and picnicking over here.

The Picturesque View of Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake Scenic Area in Hangzhou

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Eight Classic Scenes of Xianghu Lake

Anyway, the highlights of Xianghu Lake are traditionally summarized to be eight representative scenes. They are Chengshan Huaigu(城山怀古, review the ancient times on Chengshan Mountain, and this scene is originated from Chengshan Wanzhong, the dark belling of Chengshan Mountain, outlined by Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty), Lanting Taioyuan(览亭眺远, Viewing far in Lanting Pavilion, which is located on Shiyan Mountain, and the best site to view the panoramic scene of Xianghu Lake and Qiantang River), Xianzhao Chenxi(先照晨曦, The Sunrise Viewed from Xianzhao Temple, and this is an ancient temple of Southern Song Dynasty, and it is said the ancient scene of Xianghu Lake), Kuahu Yeyue(跨湖夜月, the night moon viewed on lake-crossing bridge ), Yangqi Zhongsheng(杨岐钟声, The Belling of Yangqi Temple. Yangqi Temple an ancient temple on the southwest side of Xianghu Lake is said to have a huge bell, and the sound can be heard afar), Hengtang Zhaoge(横塘棹歌, The boating song heard on Hengtang Bank), Huxin Yunying(湖心云影, The cloud shadow in the heart of lake) and Shanjiao Yaoyan(山脚窑烟, The kiln mist from the foot of mountain. Traditionally, the local people fed on pottery, and the glutinous mud of Xianghu Lake is the perfect material to make pots)

How to get there?

Travelers can take subway No.1 to the terminal stop named after Xiaohu Lake (View in page of Hangzhou Subway System). Or take bus 515 and get off at the stop of Yuefenglou Station(越风楼站).

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