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Yun Qi Zhu Jing Scenic Spot


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Yun Qi Zhu Jing(云栖竹径, literally translated or explained to be the bamboo-lined path at the area that the clouds inhabit). This is a poetic name given by the literature writers. Why is it given such a name? The scenic spot is located in the Yunqiwu(云栖坞), Wuyun Hill(五云山, The Cloud-Lingered Mountain), on the southwest side of the West Lake, and the north side of Qiantang River. Thanks to its special geography, there are five auspicious clouds with different colors lingering around the top of the hill, and the clouds often enter the local village, and never go away. Due to such a special environment, it is named Yun Qi. This place is roughly 20 kilometers away from the downtown Hangzhou, and surrounded by the large areas of bamboos. After 1949, it is selected as the base of the VIP convalescent home.

The best time to visit there is the spring and summer. It is highlighted with the bamboos, and a naturally ideal summer resort situated in the hills and tea plantations. For the history and culture here, we share information below: In Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi visited Yunqi for four times, and inscribed the poems for it. Furthermore, he gave a big bamboo a name, which is written to be Huang Zhu, literally Bamboo Emperor. The local governors established the imperial stele pavilion and bamboo emperor pavilion to record this big event. Later, Emperor Qianlong made an inspection trip to the southern China, and he visited here for six times. Since later Qing Dynasty, the scenic spot was destroyed for several times, and the old classic view could not be available any more. During the anti-Japanese war, the whole city of Hangzhou was occupied, and the bamboo forest was destructively cut. After 1950, under the protection and reconstruction of the municipal government of Hangzhou, the forest of bamboo was gradually recovered, and the temples and the teahouses were rebuilt. Today, Yunqi Zhujing becomes a new site listed into the Ten New Scenes of West Lake.

How to go – Travelers can take bus Y4, bus 658 and bus 324 to arrive at the scenic site.


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