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Zhejiang Library and Hangzhou Library Introduction


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Zhejiang, especially Hangzhou traditionally is the center of Chinese public education, and the citizens of Hangzhou generally have a higher level of education than that in other cities of China. Apart from some famous higher education institutions like Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, and other famous secondary schools. The public educational services are also developed, Zhejiang Museum, Hangzhou Museum, Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, West Lake Museum, China Silk Museum, China Tea Museum, China Grand Canal Museum, Chinese Scissors Museum, Chinese Swords and Knives Museum, Chinese Fans Museum, and so on are all the famous public education centers. Among those public service institutes, Zhejiang Library and Hangzhou Library are closer to education.

Zhejiang Library (Zhejiang Public Library)

Zhejiang library is one the oldest public libraries in China. The headquarters is located on Shuguang Road, close to Xxi Campus of Zhejiang University and Huanglong Stadium (Yellow Dragon Stadium, also called Yellow Dragon Sports Center), the branches are located on Gushan Road, Daxue Road and in Nanxun ancient town, Huzhou city, which is called Nanxun Jiaye Private Library. In total, there are six branches and 27 circulation sites in Zhejiang province. The total architectural area is 47,000 square meters.

Zhejiang Library has a long history in China. Originally built in 1900 and named Hangzhou Book Collection Center, and renamed Zhejiang Book Collection Center in 1903, finally named Zhejiang Library in 1909. Today, the number of collected documents and files over 3.9 million. The famous collections include Wenlange Edition of Si Ku Quan Shu(Complete Collection of Chinese Classics, or Four Categorized Collections of Chinese Classics), the rare carving edition, hand- copied edition and manuscripts of ancient books in Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Apart from Chinese files and collections. The foreign collections in English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese are also easily available. In 1998, the new building of Zhejiang Library was located nearby to Huanglong Cave Scenic Area (Scenic Area of Yellow Dragon Cave) In 2000, for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Zhejiang Library, the new part of Zhejiang Library was officially opened.

Zhejiang Library is opened all the year, and also offers the 24-hour service online. The main services include: book-borrowing service, reference and consultation service, network service, free lecture service, exhibition service, educational training service and audio-visual service. Zhejiang Library also has a special service, that is, the weekend discounted book selling service. Zhejiang Library organizes many booksellers and sells many quite cheaper books than sold in bookstores. Also many themed exhibitions also available like the overseas educations. The lectures are free and high rated. The lecturers are all the famous scholars or professors in the academic circle, and they share their research or study with all the audiences here. The branch of Gushan Road is also quite famous for its ancient book collections. Generally, it is the place quite welcomed by university students. Located in the scenic area of West Lake, ancient book branch of Zhejiang Library is the best place to touch the elegance of Hangzhou and its elite atmosphere. Its ancient book collections are also quite wide, and many rare books hardly found in other cities can be available in Zhejiang Library.

Hangzhou Library (Hangzhou Public Library)

Hangzhou Library was built in July, 1958, and its old site was located on the intersection of Qingnian Road and Huansha Road. In 1994, it was approved as the first-level library of China. In 2008, the new headquarters was moved to Qianjiang New Town. And the total architectural area is over 50,000 square meters. Currently, Hangzhou Library is the public library domestically opening in the largest scale to the public. Approximately, 90% area is used for reading. The collected books and file are over 2.1 millions, and the rare ancient books are 4,481 volumes. It has been a sub-provincial public library in China and its collections cover the humanity, arts, laws, travel, education and electronics. Hangzhou Library always keeps the principle of equality, free and public sharing. In China, Hangzhou Library firstly cancels library card and deposit. The citizens can borrow books by themselves via citizen cards and personal ID card. Moreover, Hangzhou Library offers services to different age groups and creates an international level of music library. The free WI-Fi network service based on the world’s most advanced RFID technology can meet every reader’s need.

The Humane Service Released from a Case Happened in Hangzhou Library

Hangzhou Library in mainland China is the first humane library based on humanism and sense of equality. When other huge national libraries still are conventionally operated in the form of governmental organs, Hangzhou Library has quietly changed its identity from a part of government to the public service sector. When other libraries arrogantly refuse the beggars and homeless readers, Hangzhou Library has followed its principle of equality and public sharing. It opens its gate to the beggars only on the condition of washing your hands. Though many self-important readers are quite dissatisfied with this act, but the curator named Chu Shuqing gives them a firm refusal and said:”I have no right to refuse them to read in library, but you have a right to leave ” , which brings him a great public applause. A library but brings a great reputation to Hangzhou and displays the great tradition of Hangzhou in education.

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