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2 Days Classic Hangzhou Tours

 Hangzhou Tours - 2 Days Classic Hangzhou Tours

Tour Code: MC-HZT-01
Departure: Daily

Highlights:This is the 2 days classic Hangzhou tours highlighted with the fantastic natural landscape and the tourist attractions of culture and history. West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Liuhe Pagoda and Mejiawu Tea Plantation are the complex of natural and cultural attractions. Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant and Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant are the time-honored dining sites.

Attractions: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Liuhe Pagoda, Meijiawu Tea Plantation

classic hangzhou tour
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hangzhou lingyin temple
Hangzhou Lingyin Temple
Hangzhou Liuhe Pagoda
Hangzhou Liuhe Pagoda
Hangzhou West Lake
Night View of West Lake
Hangzhou West Lake
Hangzhou West Lake
Meijiawu Tea Plantation
Meijiawu Tea Plantation

Day 1 (B/L)

Place & Transport: Arrive in Hangzhou, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Hangzhou), Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda
Meals: Chinese Lunch at Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant

- Lingyin Temple: Lingyin Temple is one of the largest and most significant Chan (Zen) temples in China. Founded in 326 by an Indian monk named Huili, the temple originally had 72 halls and 18 pavilions, once housing 3000 monks. Unfortunately, the only buildings left today are the Celestial King's Hall and the 33.6-meter-high Great Buddha Hall. Lingyin Temple is visited today by pilgrims from all over the world and local worshippers. Worship the Buddha and make a wish there. It is believed that Lingyin Temple is one of the top temples for making your wish come true. Lingyin Temple is also famous for the rocky formation to the left of the path leading to the temple, known as the Fei Lai Feng (Peak That Flew There). Legend has it that the peak was once part of a holy mountain in India before it magically flew to Hangzhou. Along the cliff of Fei Lai Feng there are over 380 Buddhist carved in the rock, dating back to as early as the 10th century. Close to the temple is the Taoguang Hermitage, named after a hermit from the Tang Dynasty. Take a walk through the bamboo groves. You can also take a cable-car (one of the first in China) to the summit and enjoy a nice view of Hangzhou.

- Six Harmonies Pagoda: Liuhe Pagoda, literally Six Harmonies Pagoda, is a multi-storied pagoda in southern Hangzhou. It is located at the foot of Yuelun Hill, facing the Qiantang River. It was originally constructed during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD), destroyed in 1121, and reconstructed fully by 1165, during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279 AD). According to historian Joseph Needham, the pagoda also served as a lighthouse along the Qiantang River. Being of considerable size and stature, it actually served as a permanent lighthouse from nearly its beginning, to aid sailors in seeking anchorage for their ships at night (as described in the Hangzhou Fu Zhi). A small "Pagoda Park" has recently been opened nearby. It's an exhibition features models of ancient Chinese pagodas, and illustrates the variety of different designs, and the history, culture and symbols associated with the pagoda.

- Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant: Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant is a very old and famous restaurant in Hangzhou with 100 year of history. It specializes in the local dishes and snacks, ranging from Won Ton soup and Xiaolongbao (small steamed pastries with rice), to noodles and desserts. The food is very delicious and cheap, averaging about RMB5 to RMB10 for one dish. Xiaolongbao and Won Ton soup are among the most popular dishes. How you order the food and pay is also a bit of fun. First of all, you will have to buy some tickets, with each ticket worth RMB1, and then exchange your tickets for any food you order at the counter. Right behind the counter, the staffs are busy preparing all sorts of food while serving customers the food they order. There is constant movement in the restaurant, either in the kitchen area, which is right behind the counter, or in the dining area where the crowd comes and goes. It is a good place for people watching while enjoying delicious food.

Day 2 (B/L)

Place & Transport: Depart Hangzhou, Flight not included
Today's Activities: The West Lake(including the Island on the lake), Meijiawu Tea Plantation and Tea Shop, Hotel to airport Transfer (Hangzhou)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant

- The West Lake(including the Island on the lake): West Lake, a cultural heritage site of the world, is the landmark of Hangzhou and surrounded by beautiful Longjing Mountain, Linshi Mountain, Nanping Mountain, Phoenix Mountain, and Lingyin Mountain, etc. They are divided into northern mountains and southern ones. The mountains jointly encircle the pearl-like West Lake, presenting an appealing scene of “A myriad of stars surround the moon”. The West Lake possesses rich cultural relics and historic sites and is endowed with touching myths and legends. In the 60 km² scenic spot cored with the West Lake scatter over 40 attractive spots and more than 30 key cultural relics and historic sites such as Lingyin Temple and Yuewang (Yue Fei) Grave Temple. Integrated with nature, humanity, history and arts, the West Lake is a famous historical culture-oriented tourist attraction in China. It has been making tourists linger on without any thought of leaving since ancient times.

- Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant: Zhang Sheng Ji is a popular old Hangzhou restaurant whose philosophy is that food doesn't have to be fancy or use exotic ingredients to be delicious. Duck casserole and West Lake vinegar fish are the first dishes that come to mind for most people when Zhang Sheng Ji is mentioned.

- Meijiawu Tea Plantation and Tea Shop: Meijiawu Tea Village is located in the western part of West Lake scenic area. It has a history of over 600 years. Situated among lush green hills, it is a rustic, natural scenic spot. Visitors can have a tea culture experience by seeing tea picking and processing. It also showcases tea products of all kinds including Jasmine tea, Dragon Well tea, Green tea, Black tea, and Wulong tea. Visitor can buy tea in the farmhouse tea shop which is operated by local farmers.

 Hotels and Prices
Hotels On Request
1 passenger 2 passengers 3-4 passengers 5-6 passengers
459 USD/pax 249 USD/pax 159 USD/pax 110 USD/pax

 What Is Included and Excluded
Price Inclusions

Hotel accommodation (or similar class, double occupancy)
Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary
Meals as specified in the itinerary (B= breakfast, L= Chinese lunch, D= Chinese dinner)
Experienced English speaking guide in each city
Air-conditioned private car or van for transfers and sightseeing
Domestic flights (economy class), airport tax and fuel charge
Service Charges & Government Taxes
Travel Agency Liability Insurance
Price Exclusions

International transportation
Chinese visa
Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge (please verify your flight documentation), beverages, laundry services, etc.
Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide

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