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Hangzhou Public Bicycle Rental Service


Hangzhou free bicycle rental service is a free bicycle sharing system in Hangzhou. There are approximately 70,000 bicycles and 3,000 stations in service. Compared to other regions and countries, Hangzhou bicycle service system is the world’s largest bicycle sharing system. Also, it is also a bike service breakthrough for public in China.

Hangzhou bicycle service offers a free bicycle rental system network for local people and travelers from all around the world. It has been an important option for people to have a leisure and free city tour in Hangzhou. The original purpose of Hangzhou bike service is following a concept of last kilometer, which means passengers can get to their destination by free bike from the transit stops.

This is a scene of local resident' cycling trip with his daughter around West Lake Scenic Area, since the free bike sharing system of Hangzhou was operated. This is a popular and ecological way of local people and tourists to visit some tourist attractions in downtown area. If you plan to have a cycling trip in Hangzhou, please contact us anytime!

How to Rent a Bicycle in Hangzhou

1. Bicycle sharing system service time: 06:00 - 20:00

2. To rent a bike, bikers must prepare a Hangzhou Transportation Smart Card T or Z. Z card is specially designed for visitors. It can be applied at the Smart Card Center at 20 Long Xiang Lu, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. You need to show your ID and store at least CNY300 in your new card. The Smart Card Center opens from 08:00 to 17:00. Hangzhou Public Bicycle uses smart-card technology, automated check in and check out, and distinguishable bicycle docking stations. For the smart-card, the system requires an initial 200 yuan ($30) deposit for bike-sharing use. Hangzhou Public Bicycle does not have a real-time information tracking current usage of bike-docking station, or a redistribution strategy to ensure all bicycle docking stations meet proper demand.

3. For charges. For the first hour, users can ride for free; at the second hour, a user has to pay an additional 1 yuan ($0.15); at the third hour, the user has to pay an additional 2 yuan ($0.30), and any additional hours cost 3 yuan/hr ($0.44/hr). Users pay for the duration of time a bike has been checked in and checked out of a station, so it is possible for a user to ride around the entire city for free. At nighttime, over 20:00, rental service is off, and passengers can not rent the bike again, but the bikes rented before 20:00 are free of charge, in other words, the duration time surpasses 1 hour, and the service is always free till you return the bikes.

A man has rented a bicycle and is riding it away from the docking station, Hangzhou

4. The detailed procedure for bike rentals. After getting the card, you can rent a bicycle at any public bicycle spot in Hangzhou, and return it at any service spot. When renting bike, you just need to put your card on the electric locker. When the light turns to green and the buzzer beeps you need to take the bike out of the locker within 30 seconds. A CNY200 deposit is required to rent the bike. This deposit minus the rental fee is returned when the bike is secured a locker at any service spot.

5. How to return the bike. When returning the bike, you need to firstly make the bike locked by the electric locker, and put your card on the locker when the green light is on. The return of the bike is a success when the green light stops shining and the buzzer beeps. After this procedure, it is highly recommended to make sure the bike is rightly locked; pull it to see whether it is still movable or not, if yes, repeat the returning procedure. After you are convinced that the bike is secure, check on the self service machine to be sure that it is recorded as returned. Put your card in it and you'll see your renting and returning record.

6. Some special cases. Sometimes the electric locker shows that you have finished the process, but the returning record would not show up. In this situation, make sure your bike is not rented by other people, for the bike would be regard as lost and you'll have to pay for it. In this situation, you can ask the staff for help or contact the IC Card Center.

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