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Linan Travel Guide


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Linan (临安) was the name of ancient Hangzhou, and the capital of South Song Dynasty, which meant the temporary settlement. Today, it is a sub-prefecture of Hangzhou, actually, a county-level city of Hangzhou. Visitors roughly only need spend one hour on arriving in downtown Linan. It is a natural landscape city with a great treasure of forests and mountains. All settlers over here compare it to be a reclusive paradise away from the uneasiness and anxiety of metropolis like Hangzhou and Shanghai. Linan boasts the village of Chinese bamboos, but this is just a honor, in fact, many other cities or regions also share the same or similar reputation, the typical one is Anji(安吉), a neighboring city of Linan, under the administration of Huzhou.

Linan City Guide

The municipal government of Linan is located on Yijin Street 398, Jincheng Community. Linan in map is situated in northwest of Zhejiang province, borders on Hangzhou in east, Huangshan Mountain in west, Tonglu county, Fuyang and Jiande cities in south, Anji in north. At present, Linan has 13 towns and 5 communities. The towns include Yuqian Town, Tianmushan Town, Taiyang Town, Changhua Town, Longgang Town, Daoshi Town, Tuankou Town, Banqiao Town, Gaohong Town, Heqiao Town, Qianchuan Town, Taihuyuan Town and Qingliangfeng Town. Five communities include Jincheng Community, Jinbei Community, Linglong Community, Jinnan Community and Qingshanhu Community.

As a city written into the list of first-batch national ecological model cities, Linan is Chinese perfect tourist city, national eco-city, Chinese village of bamboos and walnuts. In economy, Linan is one of top seventeen most powerful counties or cities in Zhejiang province. Linan has an abundant tourist resource. The landscape of Linan is quite impressive, especially its green area up to 75%. Two national natural reserves, Tianmushan Mountain and Qingliangfeng Mountain, bring Linan a great honor of environmentally-friendly city. Tianmushan Mountain Natural Reserve is also written into the list of cyber-member of UNESCO Human and Creature Circle.

Linan Travel Guide

Linan has a long history, in the Neolithic period, humankind settled here. In West Han Dynasty, Linan as a county was established. In region of Wuyue Kingdom, the mausoleum of King Qian Liao was selected built in Linan as well. the historic famous figures of Linan include Hong Zikui(洪咨夔), a literary master and academic scholar, Fang Keyouyou(方克猷), a famous mathematician of Qing Dynasty. The fantastic beauty of Linan also attracts many famous people like Xie An, Xiao Tong, Li Po, Bai Juyi, Su Shi, Yu Dafu and Zhou Enlai. Buddhism in Linan also has a long history. In the early period of Buddhism spreading in China in Han Dynasty, the Indian monk arrived in Tianmushan Mountain and built up the Buddhist architecture, since then, Tianmushan Mountain becomes the cultivation site of Weituo Bodhisattva(韦陀菩萨, Skanda Bodhisattva who said to be a quite bosom friend of Ji Gong, a famous monk in Hangzhou Lingyin Temple) .

Long history and great natural landscape bring Linan a great number of tourist attractions, which include Tianmu Mountain, Qingshan Lake, Mausoleum of King Qian Liao, Linglong Mountain, Source of Tai Lake, Zhexi Grand Canyon, Baishuijian, Rock Valley of Tianmu Mountain, Ruijing Cave, West Jing Hill, Daming Mountain, Stone Great Wall, Liuxi River, Shenlongchuan, East Tianmu Mountain, Tiantan Park and so on.

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