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Hangzhou Nanshan Road


Nanshan Road (南山路) is an important part of West Lake Scenic Area, located in the core zone of the old district of Hangzhou. It is located on the southeast side of West Lake, West Lake Avenue, Hefang Street, Wushan Hill, Wansongling Hill on the east, Hubin Road and Jiefang Road on the north side, Yuhuang Mountain, Running Tiger Spring and West Hill Road on the south side. The whole hills on the south are called Nanshan, and the road is around the West Lake and near to the Nanshan, so it is called Nanshan Road.

The Villa Buildings Constructed in The Republic of China on the Nanshan Road

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The total length of Nanshan Road is over 4,300 meters, and the original width is 20 meters. The northern section of Nanshan Road was reconstructed via demolishing the ancient city walls in the Republic of China, and it was renamed Yongjin Road (涌金路) and Yingbai Road(膺白路) in memory of Huang Fu (黄郛), the famous dignitary in the Republic of China. After New China’s foundation, it was renamed Nanshan Road. In 1964, Nanshan Road was integrated with Nanping Road (南屏路), and in 1981, it was named Nanshan Road over again. The whole Nanshan Road reconstruction and resurfacing were completed in October, 2002. Today’s Nanshan Road from northern Lakeside Park One to Southern Changqiao Park and the whole lakeside line is 3 kilometers long.

The Nanshan Road is located on the borderline of the town area and the lake area. In accordance with the history, it used to be the west city wall of Wuyue Kingdom, Southern Song Dynasty, Late Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. And there used to several famous gates like Qianhu Gate, Qingbo Gate and Yongjin Gate, and then extended northwardly, Qiantang Gate and Wulin Gate were there. In Southern Song, the palace buildings were built on Fenghuang Mountain and Wangsongling Mountain. The east side of the Nanshan Road at the time was the center of politics and economy. Up to Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, there was the busy zone as well. The old official buildings and the dignitaries’ mansions and villas were all built here. Today, there are also many sites or alleys following the ancient names like Jiangjun Road, Yingmenkou, Luguan Alley, Caiguan Alley, Xinggongqian and Liwensuo and so on.

Nanshan Road is also the scenic area with the largest capacity of tourist sites and historic relics. The legendary pond of golden ox out of the water, water gate site of Tang Dynasty, the memorial temple of King Qian, Jujing Garden of Imperial Family, Stone Pavilion around Ding Henian’s Tomb, the city gate relic site, the celebrities’ former residence in Republic of China as well as diversity of mythic legends. It also used to be center of many great souls of literature and culture like Zhang Xian(张先, a great soul of literature in Song Dynasty), Li Qingzhao(李清照, a great lady talented in ci creation in Song Dynasty), Zhou Mi(周密, a great ci writer of Southern Song Dynasty), Liu Songnian(刘松年, a palace painter), Zheng Qi(郑起, a famous painter) and Zheng Sixiao(郑思肖, a famous painter and son of Zheng Qi), Yang Weizhen(杨维桢, a great poet of Yuan Dynasty), Chen Duansheng (陈端生, a great poetess in Qing Dynasty) and Pan Tianshou(潘天寿, a great painter in Modern China)

The Memorial Hall of Pan Tianshou   The Bus Station on Nanshan Road

The buses available: No.4, No. 30, No. 12, No. 25, No.60, No. 315, No. 809, Y2 and Y5 .
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