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Xiasha Economic Development Zone


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The Tidal Bore of Qiantang River
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Xiasha Economic Development Zone also called Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area (HEDA in abbreviation) is the new economic and education center of Hangzhou, and a leading economic zone of China. Many multinationals and famous universities like Siemens, Motorola, Panasonic, Hangzhou Normal University, and Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial University. It is the important economic engine of Hangzhou in the aspect of heavy industry and higher education.

Hangzhou Xiasha Economic Development Zone is an approved national development zone in April, 1993. Currently, it is a big new subsidiary city of Hangzhou with the best infrastructure and environment. It has ever been commented as the best development zone for multinationals. A great number of world-famous companies settle here. Xiasha New Town is also one of Chinese largest production base of Mobile Communications, and the important base of the medical and pharmaceutical industry of Zhejiang province as well as the largest beverage production center of Zhejiang province.

It is also the largest university town of Zhejiang province. 15 famous provincial universities are located here, nearly including all the universities of Hangzhou, except Zhejiang University, Zhejiang College of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology and China Academy of Art, all of which are located in other different regions of downtown Hangzhou. They are Hangzhou Normal University, China Jiliang University, Zhejiang Gongshang Univeristy, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics and Zhejiang University of Media and Communications.

Hangzhou Xiasha Economic Development Zone is a quite beautiful town with the modern transportation system and great facilities. The most impressive characteristics are its campus structure, which generally divides the teaching zone from the living zone via the city roads. It is quite standardized but also brings a big potential threat to the students. The bus transportation to downtown Hangzhou currently is Bus B1 from East Part of Xiasha Higher Education Center to Huanglong Bus Station (close to Huanglong Stadium in Downtown Hangzhou). The second rout is Bus B4 from East Part of Xiasha Higher Edcuation Center to Downtown Hangzhou. Surely, there are also many other routes to different parts of downtown Hangzhou. But all the buses are quite busy and crowded before the opening of the urban metro system.

The leisure center of Xiasha District is called Gaosha(高沙), which is a large business center and the residential center. But most of the walkers or residents are the university students and teachers. Interestingly, during the summer and winter vacations, the whole Xiasha District suddenly falls into death and vacancy from liveliness and over-busyness, including many hotels, shops even the large supermarkets, which are all closed during this period. But they will revive themselves once the end of the vacations comes. In this way, the whole economy of Xisha depends on these university students, including the life of those non-professional teachers.

By the way, Xiasha is located on the riverside of Qiantang River, so the highlights of Xiasha is the grand view of Qiantang River. Getting out of the campuses of Hangzhou Normal University, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics or Zhejiang Gongshang Univeristy, all of which are the easternmost part of Xiasha District, visitors can see the long riverbank of Qiantang River, and there are also many sightseeing sites.

In recent years, Xiasha from an industrial and educational zone has been developed to a comprehensive and independent east-part city from the downtown Hangzhou. A huge achievements and changes took place here. The business zone of Golden-Sand Lake Area, the living zone of Riverside Area, and the extension of the Metro 1, and the avenue-type highway along the riverbank of the Qiantang River has been directly connected to the Qianjiang New City, the real CBD of Hangzhou. As the boom of the e-commerce in China lead by Alibaba Group, Xiasha is also luckily selected to be a test plot of National Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Strategy. Now, Xiasha plays a part in Hangzhou urbanization, it together with Linping, Binjiang, Dajiangdong and Cangqian, serves as a subordinate city zone.

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