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Hangzhou Yuhang District


Jingshan Buddhist Temple
Jingshan Temple, a center of Zen
zen tea culture
The Zen Tea Culture in Yuhang
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Yuhang(余杭, translated literally to be the extension of Hangzhou) is currently the largest district of Hangzhou. Located in north Zhejiang province, roughly the south section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the middle region of Yangtze River Delta, Yuhang is the birthplace of Liangzhu Primitive Culture(良渚文化), which boasts the Dawn of Chinese Civilization and is an important prehistoric site of humankind on the earth. Yuhang is an important district of Hangzhou with more than 6000 years of history, and also is a powerful economic engine throughout China at present.

The Administrative Zones of Yuhang

Today, Yuhang has 14 towns comprised of Yuhang Town, Tangqi Town, Qiaosi Town, Chongxian Town, Xianlin Town, Cangqian Town, Liangzhu Town, Pingyao Town, Luniao Town, Huanghu Town, Baizhang Town, Renhe Town, Yunhe Town and Jingshan Town; and five communities consisting of Linping Community, Nanyuan Community, Donghu Community, Xingqiao Community and Wuchang Community, apart from a village called Zhongtai Village (all the data updated in 2011). The administrative center is Linping(临平), which currently is a new city and the subordinate city complex of downtown Hangzhou for relieving the pressure of population of downtown Hangzhou and optimizing the population distribution. Today, it is the sub-city center of Hangzhou in the northeast part.

In accordance with the latest official’s updating, there are some big zones appears. Future Sci-Tech City lied in the west side of Xihu District will be the financial and high-tech research center of Hangzhou, and also is one of China’s four future sci-tech cities. North Hangzhou New City highlighted with the Grand Canal culture since it successfully written into the list of World Cultural Heritage Sites is planned to be constructed as the north subcenter of Hangzhou including part of Gongshu District, and Chongxian, Yunhe and Renhe Towns of Yuhang. Qiaosi Business and Trade City relied on the advantages of the Metro Line 1 will be developed to be an important center of business. And Tangqi nowadays is the national model of small towns, and will be developed as a new center of northern Hangzhou leisure and vacations.

The History of Yuhang

Yuhang has a long history; the Majiabang Culture has more than seven thousand years of history. Liangzhu culture, roughly 5000 years of history ago, reveals the glories of material and spirituality of Yuhang. In Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), Yuhang as the suburb of Hangzhou, anciently called Linan, was the most developed economic region of China at the time. Since Yuan Dynasty, Yuhang was administratively raised for control. In 1961, it was named Yuhang County, in 1994 established as a county-level city, and in 2001, Yuhang became a district of Hangzhou.

The great figures in history include Dayu(大禹, who was said to be the founder of Xia Dynasty, the first state of ancient China, and the hero puts down the water devil), Ling Tong(凌统, a famous official in period of three kingdoms), Shen Kuo(沈括, a great scientist and politician in Northern Song Dynasty), Yang Hui(杨辉, a famous mathematician of South Song Dynasty), Zhang Taiyan(章太炎, a great academic master and ideologist of modern China graduated from Hangzhou Gujing Jingshe).

Furthermore, Yuhang is a fantastic region to attract many great masters of philosophy, art and zen, Lu Yu boasting the Sage of Tea(茶圣) who wrote the Classic of Tea in Jingshan Monastery, Su Dongpo famous as the greatest poet of ancient China as well as Wu Changshuo(吴昌硕) boasting the master of seal of arts, calligraphy and painting.

Donglai Pavilion on the top of Linping Hill The Lavender Farm in Yuhang
Donglai Pavilion located on the top of Linping Hill is the landmark building of Linping, the capital zone of Yuhang District The Lavender Farm located in Liangzhu, the west zone of Yuhang District, is a new romantic place to take wedding photos among youth
The Western Statues of Tianducheng Guangji Bridge, Tangqi Ancient Town
The western-style statues in Tianducheng, a large sightseeing and residential center located in Xingqiao The Guangji Bridge, the landmark of Tangqi Ancient Town, is an important site of the Grand Canal.

The Scenic Spots of Yuhang

Comprehensive Sites Chaoshan Hill Scenic Area
Xixi Wetland Park(Wuchang Section)
Jinshan Buddhist Temple (Zen and Tea)
Tianducheng Resorts
Tangqi Ancient Town
Cultural Sites Liangzhu Culture Museum
China Chiangnan Watery Region Culture Museum
Tomb of Wu Changshuo
The Former Residence of Zhang Taiyan
Hangzhou Normal University (headquarters)
Natural Sites Dongming Mountain Forest Park
Yellow Crane Hill
Gaoting Hill Scenic Area
Banshan Scenic Area
The Farmer Paradise
The Lavender Farm
Shuangxi Bamboo Sea Scenic Drifting Area
Shangougou Scenic Area

Linping Travel Guide

Linping is one of six largest subsidiary centers of downtown Hangzhou (the others are Xiasha New City, Jiangnan New City, Future Sci-Tech City, Northern Hangzhou New City and Dajiangdong New City), and the new town of Linping sufficiently shows the regional advantages and the gateway to Shanghai. It has more than 1700 years of history and the location of Yuhang District Administrative Government.

Linping has a convenient traffic system and better geographic location. It is the east gate of downtown Hangzhou. The Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway, Hangzhou-Shanghai Highway and the public bus system extends to different corners of Linping from the downtown Hangzhou. The infrastructure of Yuhang is relatively perfect. The cultural center, district library, cinema, theater, bookstores, television station, broadcasting station, swimming center and others are perfectly well served. The senior schools and hospitals are easily available. The whole downtown area is quite impressive, and in some way, it is better than downtown Hangzhou. The downtown landmarks include Metro Station, Central Business District and Dadongan Community.

Based on the heavy traffic and extensional effect of Hangzhou Metro Station, Linping will be a regional public center of amusement, leisure and residence. Central Business District of Linping will be the financing, trading, commerce, conference and exhibition center, and also the site of shopping, leisure and entertainment. Dadongan Community centering on Renmin Square exhibits the highlights of Linping. Incidentally, Yuhang Economic Development Zone and Qianjiang Economic Development Zone are close to the downtown Linping. (More to read in the page of the Linping Travel Guide >>>)

 The Highlighted Zones of Hangzhou

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