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Hangzhou Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant


Zhang Sheng Ji (张生记, the Restaurant of Zhang Sheng literally translated), founded in 1988. Zhang Sheng Ji is a traditionally cultural name of Jiangnan highlighted with the classic literacy and the legendary stories. It has been a famous brand of Hangzhou cuisine. Originally, the name of Zhang Sheng Ji was closely connected with Kunqu Opera, or the classical literature of Yuan Dynasty represented by Xi Xiang Ji (西厢记), and Zhang Sheng is the hero of the love story with Cui Yingying (崔莺莺). This is a nationwide known story happened in Jiangnan, therefore, in some way, Zhang Sheng is a cultural sign of Jiangnan culture, and Zhang Sheng Ji as a restaurant will be featured of this regional culture.

Zhang Sheng Ji today develops dramatically in East China through its professional management, the selection of the exquisite raw material and the extraordinary quality guarantee. In Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other famous cities, even Hong Kong, there are the chains of restaurant. Zhangshengji is a big restaurant which was awarded the honors of “Hangzhou’s Famous F & B Brand”, “China’s Famous Restaurant” and “International Famous Restaurant”.

The Gate of Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant   The Dish of Lao Ya Bao

Today’s Zhang Sheng Ji was developed from a wonton booth, and widely popular thanks to its special recipes. The typical dish they offer is Lao Ya Bao (老鸭煲, the long-time stewed duck), which today is a representative of Hangzhou cuisine after several times’ refinement.

It has grasped the great business opportunity of food and beverage industry’s fast development at home and abroad in recent years, invented various kinds of new dishes according to the scientific principle of “food and medicine have the same origin” and ancient secret recipes, which are suitable to take timely and accordingly to various climate seasons. For example, “Pot of Duck with Dried Bamboo Shoots” isn’t so greasy and crispy but good in looking, tasty and healthy. The dish was strongly praised by chefs and customers as well as awarded as “New Hangzhou’s Famous Cuisine” at the West Lake Exposition in 2000, which had won it an overnight fame. New Era Magazine in Guangdong Province had the dish enlist into “China’s Popular Dishes” and “New Cuisine in Grand Han-Manchu Banquet”. Moreover in 2002 the pot won the honor of “International Gourmet Golden Prize”. Apart from the two Zhangshengji restaurants here in Hangzhou, there are branches in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Suzhou and Hong Kong. With a total business area of over 51,000 m2, Zhangshengji is the largest restaurant brand in serving Hangzhou-style cuisine(杭帮菜).

The principles of ingredient choice and cooking that Zhangshengji always adheres in making dishes are fresh, delicate, good and reasonable technique with high quality and hygienic dining wares and good service attitude as well as paying great attention to the dining environment. The interior decoration emphasized on Chinese folk culture and life, which gives the feel of natural and elegant. You visit Zhangshengji Restaurant once then you’re having a great aesthetic enjoyment!

“Sincere heart to customers and obtaining trust by honesty” is restaurant’s business administration philosophy. It also follows the principle of strict locale management, strongly implementing the regulations in “Zhangshengji’s Staff Handbook of Service” and state’s hygiene standard.

As the good service and dishes that the restaurant provides, Zhangshengji’s business is always prosperous throughout the year. It has been served and praised by the public and many visiting celebrities at home and abroad.

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