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Yuliang Dam & Ziyang Bridge


Yuliang Dam
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This is an old irrigation system accepted as an essential part of local citizens’ life. Yuliang Dam (渔梁坝, literally translated as The dam of the fishing beam) is named after its location, which is a small ancient town known as Yuliang Ancient Town, relating to the fish, perhaps, it used to be a famous fishing village in the past, thanks to bordering on the Lian River, a branch of the Xinan River, which is a geographic landmark in Jiangnan region, and the upstream section of the Qiantang River.

Today, to emphasize its uniqueness and importance in the regional history and culture, Yuliang Dam was inscribed as a national key cultural site under the national protection in 2001. Under the administration of She County, the northeast part of Huangshan, Yuliang Dam is the oldest and largest river dam with a vital role of irrigation function. It is also the most famous water conservancy project in ancient Huizhou, the alternative name of Huangshan. In accordance with the historical research, as early as Sui Dynasty (581-619), the local people begun to build the dam, which is considered as the early phase of the construction. Today’s project was constructed in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a valued memorial stele recording the construction in 1603.

The length of the dam is 138 meters and the width 27 meters. The top width is 4 meters. And the total project is built in the solid rocks. Each rock is over one ton. There is a stone column every 10 green stones. The parts are interconnected with a type of stone nail, which is historically named Yuanbao Nail. Especially between the upper layer and the lower layer, the Yuanbao Nail plays a vivid role of stabilization. Zheng Xiaoxiao, an authoritative expert of the ancient architecture, compares it as the Dujiangyan Irrigation System in Sichuan province.

The old street built along the river is quite tranquil and original, and there is no any sign of commercialization but the simple and authentic look. The people live here for centuries and keep a traditional lifestyle, and some of them still go to fishing in the summertime, though most of citizens, particularly the young generation, move to the downtown area of the city, to move to other bigger cities nearby like Hangzhou, Shanghai and Hefei. They have changed their lifestyle, and subject to the modern city life. But this is the main change of Chinese society in the past 30 years, and also in the next 30 years as the implementation of the large-scale township construction, which is strongly promoted by Premier Li Keqiang (the writing time is 2014 under the administration of Li Keqiang), a man born in the same province as the citizens of Yuliang Town.

Ziyang Bridge

Ziyang Bridge
The ancient Ziyang Bridge across
the Lian River,She County, Huangshan

Taking a boating tour along the river from the Yuliang Dam, the guide will tell a touching story about the Huizhou businessman and his wife, who devoted a lot to build a bridge across the Lian River to pray for her husband’s safety. This bridge was named Ziyang Bridge(紫阳桥), literally Purple Sunlight Bridge.

The bridge is named after a hill nearby, which is named Ziyang Hill. The bridge is the oldest and highest bridge in the town of She County to make the waterway cargo transportation in convenience. Also named Shoumin Bridge, this is an old project constructed in Ming Dynasty, with nine big holes. At the upper section of the Lian River, it is the end point of the boating trip, at the point, the boat will turn back.

Speaking of this bridge, an additional story should be shared as well. At the funding period, many a people donated, but it was not sufficient. At this time, a humble man joined in the line, and then he was satirized – ”look at you, and you have money to donate?”, “Yeah, I plan to build a sole hole by myself” this guy replied. All people at present were extraordinarily surprised. The man was a famous rich businessman named Zheng Xuan, who also had a widespread nickname – Millionaire Zheng. He did what he said, and the first hole was built, which was high and grand, and then other 8 holes were successively built, but not so big as the first one, so the whole bridge looks quite weird. Through this story, people may partially understand that the businessman was respected in the folk society, though had an inferior social status like they had today.

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