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How to Apply for Travel Visa


chinese embassy in USA
The Office of China Embassy in USA
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chinese visa
chinese visa

Apply for a visa is the premise of going to China. For travelers, it is good to learn more about the procedure to apply for a travel visa. There is no visa-on-arrival provision except in extraordinary cases. The policy of Chinese visa is strictly enforced and a daily penalty for overstaying is 500 RMB. In this way, it is quite essential to learn as much as you can to avoid any unexpected case during your stay in China. For efficiently introducing Chinese visa and the travel tips before entering China, we particularly offer the related information as below:

Chinese Visa Types

The Chinese visa is generally categorized into several aspects:

1). The tourist visa for Chinese tourism or visit to families or friends in China;
2). The business visa for business visit, meetings, or studying/training in China for less than 6 months;
3). The student visa for studying in China for more than 6 months;
4). The employment visa for employment or commercial performances in China;
5). The transit visa for transit through China;
6). The journalist visa for resident journalists or journalists going to China for temporary assignment;
7). The crew visa for air, train and ship crew members;
8). The diplomatic or service visa for diplomatic or service/official passport holders on official mission or posting to China;
9). The resident visa for persons intending to reside in China permanently.

Among them, basically there are four kinds of visa most frequently issued:

L Visa–Tourist visa. Issued for visiting China, sightseeing, family visits or other private matters.
F Visa–Visit visa. Issued to those coming to China to conduct business (giving a lecture, undertaking research…)
Z Visa–Work Visa. Issued for the holder to work full-time in China.
X Visa–Student visa. Issued to those coming to China to study for longer than 6 months.

Where to apply for your China visa

You are mainly requested to go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country for visa application in person or use a visa service.

1) First search the official website of the Chinese embassy in your home country.
2) Study the requirements for the visa application.
3) Contact Chinese embassy by email or on phone.
4) Prepare for personal documents for the application.
5) Pay the visa fee and wait for your Chinese visa.

Official visa service web:

How to apply for Chinese tourist visa

To get Chinese tourist visa, you must offer the documents below to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country. Your valid passport which must have at least six (6) months of remaining validity with at least two visa pages.

1) China bound air-tickets
2) China Hotel confirmation
3) Tour Confirmation letter from a local travel agency in China
4) Other requirements

Visa Renewal or Extension

The agency in charge of visa matters inside China is the Public Security Bureau (PSB). If you lose your passport in China, or you are going to extend your , you should turn to the PSB.

Please visa renewal, please contact the Entry & Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau if you have more questions.
Add: Andingmen2, Dongdajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: +86 10 84020101

More information on Chinese visas and how to apply for them, please click here >>>

Travel Guide Before a Tour to China

A. Please apply for a Chinese visa in advance according to your travel plan. The Visa Application Form should be fully and truthfully completed on a computer and printed out on Letter size papers.

B. The final decision on whether to issue a visa, validity/ type of visa, number of entries, and duration of each stay is made by consular officers case by case according to laws and regulations and is not to be contested.

C. Applicants have the responsibility to check the contents of visas upon receiving them and report any problems to consuls immediately.

D. All US citizens, including Chinese Americans, must have valid visas when entering China. Before you travel to China, please check if you have a visa or if the existing visa is still valid and if there are enough number of entries. If not, please apply for a new visa. Please note that a valid visa on an expired passport becomes invalid automatically. In such a case, please apply for a new visa with the new passport.

E. Foreign citizens should not stay in China beyond the duration of stay specified on the visa. Please apply for an extension of stay at a local Public Security Bureau if you need to stay longer than permitted on the visa.

F. Understanding the Chinese visa (Please click here to see a sample) :

"Enter before" refers to the validity of the visa. You may enter China anytime before 12:00pm on the date printed after "Enter Before" if there is enough number of entries. A visa exceeding its validity becomes invalid and is not renewable even if you have not used all the "Entries". "Entries" refers to the number of times you can enter China within the validity of the visa. A visa becomes invalid and is not renewable after the specified number of "Entries" is used up. A visa exceeding its validity is also invalid even if the "Entries" are not used up. In such cases, you will have to apply for another visa before you travel to China again.

"Duration of Each Stay" refers to the longest number of days you are permitted to stay in China from the date of each entry. Holders of "X", "Z", J-1and "D" visas must apply for residence permit at a local Public Security Bureau within 30 days of their entry into China.

china visa show
The detailed show of how to understand a Chinese visa

G. Please note that the following circumstances may result in refusal of boarding the plane or entry into China, and may be subject to punishment including a fine: Departing for China without a valid visa; Departing for China with an expired visa; Staying in China beyond the "Duration of Each Stay" permitted on the visa; Staying in China after the passport has expired (even if the visa is still valid).

H. Visa applicants/holders are responsible for the consequences due to the following:

The Visa Application Form is not truthfully and completely filled out; Applying for a visa too long ahead of the scheduled travel, resulting in the expiration of visa before arriving China; Failure to receive a visa in time due to late submission of visa application; Expiration of visa due to the rescheduling of travel after a visa is issued; Failure to examine the contents of visa upon receiving it and report problems immediately; Failure to examine the validity, number of entries beforehand, resulting in the refusal of boarding the plane or entry into China; Ignorance of the category and validity of visa and the duration of stay specified on the visa, resulting in illegal overstay in China;

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