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Jingdezhen Tourist Attractions


Jingdezhen is one of the first group of national historical and cultural cities in China and one of 35 top tourist destinations in China, and also an excellent tourist city of China. Some authoritative third-party magazines or web platforms write it into the list of 50 most worthwhile destinations in China. Furthermore, it is situated in the hot travel route comprised of Lushan Mountain, Huangshan Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Poyang Lake and Qiandao Lake (averagely 150 kilometers or so away from Jingdezhen to each tourist site).

Jingdezhen, literally translated to be the Township of Jingde, is originated from a historical fact – in the Jingde reign of Emperor Zhenzong in Northern Song Dynasty (1004-1007), some officials were assigned to supervise the porcelain production, and on the bottom of each porcelain, there are some marks of written Chinese characters – “Jing De Nian Zhi”(景德年制, made during the reign of Jingde). Thanks to the remarkable porcelains made here, this place originally named Changnan Town was gradually remembered to be Jingde Town. Since 1004, Jingdezhen has been the official name of this porcelain making center.

  • Yaoli Town(瑶里), known as the site of ceramic kilns, is the birthplace of Jingdezhen porcelain. It is located at Fuliang county, Jingdezhen, Jiangix province, and approximately 50 kilometers away from the downtown Jingdezhen. It boasts the origin of the porcelain, the land of tea and the sea of forest, and it is national level famous township for culture and history. The main tourist zones here include the Kaolin Mine Relic Zone, Raonan Porcelain Theme Park, Meilin Mountain Holiday Resort and Porcelain-Tea Ancient Township Tourist Zone. More to read at the Introduction to Yaoli Town >>>.

  • Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum (景德镇陶瓷博物馆) is China’s first porcelain art and culture museum. Opened in 1954, it has more than 20,000 pieces of collections from the pottery period of the Neolithic Age to the porcelain period from Han and Tang Dynasties. Among them, more than 500 articles are the nationally preserved and valued. More to read at the Introduction to Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum >>>

  • Jingdezhen Porcelain Folk-Custom Museum (景德镇陶瓷民俗博物馆) is also known as the Ceramic History Museum of Jingdezhen, located in Panlonggang, in the west suburb of Jingdezhen city. The museum has a rich collection of over 5,000 articles. The items on display include ceramics from past dynasties, historical information about ceramics, precious collections of paintings and calligraphies, among which many are of excellent quality. It was opened in 1980, and at present it is a main part of Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Folk-Custom Expo Area. More to read at the Introduction to Jingdezhen Ceramic History and Folk Custom Museum >>>

  • Ten Top Porcelain Factories (十大古瓷厂). Ten largest and most famous porcelain factories in Jingdezhen, respectively Jianguo, Renmin, Yishu, Guangming, Xinhua, Jingxing, Hongxing, Hongqi, Yuzhou, Weimin and so on. Actually, there are more than 10 factories, but traditionally considered and summarized to be Ten Porcelain Factories of Jingdezhen, More to read at the Introduction to Ten Porcelain Factories >>>

  • Hutian Ancient Kiln Site(湖田古窑). This is a site of the second group of cultural key sites under the national protection. In the dynasties of Five Dynasties, Song and Yuan, it had the largest production of the porcelain, and the best quality of porcelain and the longest usage time. It is a historical landmark of porcelain kiln culture in China. More to read at the Introduction to Hutian Ancient Kiln Site >>>.

  • Jingdezhen Imperial Kilns (御窑厂) is also known as the Jingdezhen Imperial Kilns Relic Museum located in the original site of imperial kilns. It was the workplace to make the porcelain exclusively for the imperial palaces in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the largest and high-end official porcelain workshop. Listed into the sixth group of cultural key sites under the national protection, and one of ten top archeological discoveries of China in 2003. More to read at the Introduction to Jingdezhen Imperial Kilns >>>

  • Longzhu Pavilion (龙珠阁), literally translated to be the Pavilion of Dragon Gem, is also popularly known as the Jingdezhen Kuan Yao Porcelain Museum of Longzhu Pavilion. It is located on the summit of Zhushan Mountain, in downtown area of Jingdezhen. In the dynasties of Ming and Qing, an imperial kiln was established here, and some eunuchs were sent here to supervise the production. Over here, a multitude of valued cultural relics of Ming and Qing Dynasty are remained here. And then, Longzhu Pavilion becomes the symbol of Jingdezhen porcelain and the icon of Jingdezhen municipality. More to read at the Introduction to Longzhu Pavilion >>>

  • Jingdezhen Old Street (景德镇古街), or known as the Sanlv Temple Ancient Street, is located on the west bank of the Chang River, in the center of Jingdezhen. It is a famous street in China, renowned for its long history and beautiful traditions that come from its ancient culture. It is composed of three parts each of which fully reflects its prosperous past and its important position as a transportation center: Ming Street, Qing Street and the Old Pier. The Ming Street is more than 80 meters long and the buildings on both sides are featured of the architectural style of Ming Dynasty. The Qing Street exceeds 230 meters long consisting of the stores and workshops. The Old Pier was the most important cargo berth in Ming and Qing dynasties, and the porcelains were transported here to the worldwide. More to read at the Introduction to Jingdezhen Old Street >>>

  • Fuliang Ancient City(浮梁古城). Located at the suburb of Jingdezhen city, approximately 8 kilometers away from the downtown. The Ancient City of Fuliang was built in Tang Dynasty, and reconstructed in different dynasties since Tang. The highlights of the ancient city are the Red Pagoda and the Old County Government. The ancient city has the magnificent city gate tower. The official building of the old government is the only well-preserved and overall protected county government building in Jiangnan region, and one of four ancient county governmental buildings around the country. The Red Pagoda also called The West Pagoda was built in 961, and the oldest and best-preserved large pagoda of the ancient times in Jiangxi province. It is famous as the No.1 Pagoda of Jiangxi Province. More to read at the Introduction to Fuliang Ancient City >>>

  • Xiangjinong Residential Houses(祥集弄) are located in the center of Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province. Xiangjinong is a well-preserved alley of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) with a number of residential houses built alongside it. The houses are divided into an upper and a lower hall and include four central rooms, two wing rooms and a back room each. A dooryard stands in the center with doors on both sides. Open rooms in the central hall only have one floor making the space appear tall and grand. The column bases and house foundations are engraved with exquisite carvings featuring regularly distributed designs and colorful patterns. Girders and columns were built using huge wooden pieces, like the front eave columns and front architraves, which are about 50 centimeters in diameter. All of the materials are high-grade timbers, such as camphor trees. It is a cultural key site of the third group of the cultural sites under the national protection.

  • Jingdezhen Porcelain University(景德镇陶瓷学院) was originated from China Porcelain Academy built in 1910. In 1912, it was operated by Jiangxi province administration organs of education, and changed to be Jiangxi Provincial Raozhou Ceramic School. In China, it is the only ceramic university, and also the best higher education institution to study the history, culture, craftsmanship and technical upgrading of porcelain in China. More to read at the Introduction to Jingdezhen Porcelain University >>>

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