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Nanchang Tourist Attractions


Nanchang, literally the City of South Prosperity, also named Hongcheng City and City of Hero, is the capital city of Jiangxi Province and the important city of city clusters in the middle-stream area of Yangtze River. It is also a central city of Poyang Lake Ecological and Economic Zone, and the critical transportation hub and modern manufacturing base of China. The tourist resources of Nanchang are not so abundant as other provincial capital cities but full of its own value of tourism.

The Cultural Landscapes

Nanchang has a multitude of places of interest, approximately, 600 cultural relics, 18 humanistic sites, 26 natural landscapes. In China, it is an excellent tourist city. In 1986, it was inscribed into the first list of national cultural and historical cities of China. Top ten tourist sites of Nanchang include Tengwang Pavilion, Poyang Lake, Meiling Mountain, Bayi Square, Qiushui Square, Shengjin Pagoda, The Star of Nanchang, Baihua Islet, Yaohu Lake, Qingyunpu Memorial and Nanchang Uprising Memorial.

  • Tengwang Pavilion (滕王阁). One of three top towers in Jiangnan region or East China, and two others are Yellow Crane Tower of Wuhan and Yueyang Tower of Hunan Province. In history, Tengwang Pavilion has been restored for more than 29 times over the past thousands of years. Now, it is the landmark building of downtown Nanchang. More to read at the Introduction to Tengwang Pavilion >>>

The Universities of Nanchang

Nanchang is a central city of China, and also an educational center. Many famous universities are headquartered in Nanchang. The comprehensive higher education institutes are inclusive of Nanchang University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Jiangxi Normal University and East China JiaoTong University. The detailed introductions to these universities are listed below:

  • Nanchang University. This is the most prestigious university in Jiangxi province and the only one listed into the National 211 Project. Nanchang University is an old one formally named Jiangxi National Medical School built in 1921, and annexed with National Zhongzheng University which the government established in 1940. Today, it has five campuses. More to read at the Introduction to Nanchang University >>>

  • Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. It is a famous university for financial and economic research. Co-established by Finance Ministry, Education Ministry and Jiangxi Provincial Government, it is originated from Jiangxi Provincial Business School built in 1923, and was renamed to be Jiangxi Institute of Finance and Economics in 1958. In 1980, it was directly administrated by Ministry of Finance and finally changed to be Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in 1996. More to read at the Introduction to Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics >>>

  • Jiangxi Normal University. This is a provincially key university in Jiangxi province with the featured highlights in literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, laws, science, technology and arts. Comprised of three campuses, Yaohu Lake Campus, Qingshan Lake Campus and Gongqing City Campus. Originated from Bailudong Academy, and began from National Zhongzheng University founded in 1940. In 1949, it was changed to be National Nanchang University. In 1953, it was changed to be Jiangxi Normal College and finally named Jiangxi Normal University in 1983. More to read at the Introduction to Jiangxi Normal University >>>

  • East China JiaoTong University. Known as a leading university in the research of transportation project, East China JiaoTong University is a provincially key university. It was Shanghai Railway College built in 1971, a higher education institution was founded on the basis of the former transportation departments of Shanghai JiaoTong University and Tongji University, and then it was renamed East China JiaoTong University and later moved to Nanchang. More to read at the Introduction to East China JiaoTong University >>>

  • The other influential and representative higher education institutes in Nanchang also include Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang Hangkong University, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and Nanchang Science and Technology Normal University.

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 The Travel Guide of Nanchang

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