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nanjing yunjin brocade museum

The Craftsmanship of Nanjing Yunjin Brocade has been approved to be an intangible UNESCO cultural heritage. And traditionally, it was absolutely exclusively made for Emperors and kings in history of China. The whole procedure of weaving is quite sophisticated, and only 2 centimeters can be weaved in a full-time work. So it is also the most expensive kind of silk productions in China. The way to make the brocade currently is also the top secret of China. For protecting such a cultural heritage, Nanjing Yunjin Brocade Museum was officially established. It is also widely known Nanjing Brocade Museum(南京云锦博物馆).

Nanjing Brocade Museum, located in No. 244, on the Tuting East Road in Jianye District of Nanjing, is a unique national culture relic with profound culture, collecting different delicate brocades from Yuan (1206 -1368), Ming (1368.-1644) and Qing (1616 -1911) Dynasties, which functioned as the imperial tribute in ancient times with a long history more than 1,580 years. Nanjing Brocade is very delicate with colorful patterns of distinctive kinds, which are just like the flowing clouds, so it is called the Cloud Brocade by the later generations. Nanjing brocade varies in types with the improvement of weaving technology, which are more and more favored by people for its delicacy and magnificence.

As China’s only themed museum of Yunjin Brocade, it exhibits the craftsmanship of weaving the cloud brocade, the quintessence of cloud brocade in Ming and Qing Dynasties and the replicas of Chinese ancient silk relics. The former of the museum is Chinese Brocade Display Hall approved to be established in 1984 by the non-existed ministry of light industry. In 2004, based on the Nanjing Cloud Brocade Research Institute, the museum was officially built. In 2008, it became a branch museum of China Ethnic Museum. In 2009, it approved as the National Third Class Museum, and in 2005, it boasts one of Nanjing 48 New Classic Views.

As the center of brocade research in China, Nanjing Brocade Museum is composed of 4 parts: there are Nanjing brocade -product sales hall and the brocade costume show hall on the first floor; on the second floor is the weaving machine operating exhibit hall, holding different types of replicated silk products from different dynasties as well as the brocade materials exhibit.

There are different kinds of weaving machines from the ethnic minority people and the traditional ethnic costumes as well as daily necessities on the third floor; on the fourth floor is the traditional technology exhibit hall in the form of hand-stitching work.

Nanjing Brocade Museum held “the Classic Brocade Collection Exhibit” cooperating with the Palace Museum in September of 2003, which had a substantive influence throughout China. Besides, Nanjing Brocade Museum is also “the Ancient Silk Replication Research Base” now, replicating the ancient silk relics from hundreds of years ago on commission of Beijing Dingling Museum and Changsha Museum, which is very helpful to researching the traditional weaving technology. The museum became “the First Industry Tourism Exemplary Base in China” in 2005 and it was bestowed with the title of patriotism education base in 2009.

Nanjing Brocade Museum also represents China to communicate with other counties in the form of culture, and the Nanjing Brocade exhibits have taken place in Italy, France, US, Australia, Norway, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively.

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