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Nanjing museum is one of three top comprehensive museums in China, and the other two are Beijing Imperial Palace Museum (Forbidden City) and Taipei National Palace Museum. Nanjing museum is also China’s first national modern museum built by central government. It is in the aspects of history and art, Nanjing museum is a national key museum as a national comprehensive history and art museum as famous as Shaanxi Provincial History Museum and Shanghai Museum. The former of Nanjing museum is a national central museum largely approved by Cai Yuanpei(蔡元培) in 1933, as planned, there should be three halls built respectively the humanity hall, craftworks hall and nature hall. However, as the sudden change of the political situation, there is only the humanity hall built completely, which is today’s main hall of Nanjing museum, this building is highlighted with the archaized architectural style of Liao Dynasty’s palaces. This hall was designed by Xu Jingzhi(徐敬直), a famous architect, and polished by Liang Sicheng(梁思成), the famous architect. At present, it is the main hall of museum and becomes the outstanding representative of modern architecture.

The History of Nanjing Museum

Nanjing museum is an important site to temporarily collect the national treasures from Forbidden City. In 1933, as the unrest of northern China due to the intrusion of Japanese invaders, the authority began to move the antiques and collections of imperial palace museum to southern China. For collecting these antiques, the educational ministry of the Republic of China specially established the arrangement office of building the National Central Museum. And originally designed to be three parts – humanity, craftworks and nature, the construction begun in 1936, and a year later, Japanese troops illegally occupied Nanjing, and the first phase was only completed partially. Until 1948, the whole project was paused. And the next two halls were also paused due to the civil war broke out in 1946.

In 1948, the quintessential antiques of National Imperial Palace Museum, Nanjing National Central Library, Nanjing History and Linguistics Research Institute of Central Research Academy or The Academia Sinica, as well as the Nanjing National Central Museum were moved to Taiwan. In 1949, these institutes changed a lot, and in 1965, based on these institutes, Zhongshan Museum was established, and it was officially named Taipei National Palace Museum. In 1950, the part of Central Museum was changed to be Nanjing Museum.

The highlight of Nanjing Museum collection is its art gallery, which is located on the west side of Hall, and it follows the architectural style of history hall. It was officially opened in 1999. In the art gallery, there are 11 themed displaying galleries like treasure hall, bronze-ware hall, porcelain hall, painting-calligraphy hall, jade-ware hall, silk embroidery and weaving hall, pottery art hall, lacquer ware hall, folk customs hall, modern art gallery and celebrities’ painting and calligraphy gallery. Up to 2007, there are over 400,000 pieces of collections preserved in museum. And 1062 of them are national treasures.

nanjing museum
nanjing museum
nanjing museum
nanjing museum
nanjing museum
nanjing museum
nanjing museum

 The Highlighted Attractions of Nanjing

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 The Travel Guide of Nanjing

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