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Shanghai is the most well-known tourist destination as famous as Beijing in the aspect of tourism industry. Shanghai attractions are the highlighted embodiment of its difference from that of Beijing. Shanghai is an international showcase and frontline of the global cultural exchange and influence. Shanghai seen from a traditional Chinese is not a typical city of China but an international metropolis featured of the strong tendency of westernization and the combination of tradition and modernization. Such a great distinction is specifically expressed in its tourist attractions. Shanghai tourist attractions mostly are short of the value of ancient history, but highlighted with the modern history of China since the opening of Shanghai as a trade port. The bund of Shanghai witnesses the history of Shanghai in the past 100 years. Yuyuan Garden releases the history of Shanghai in the past 300 years. Shanghai World Financial Center represents the history of Shanghai in the past decades of years since the implementation of opening and reform policy, and Shanghai Tower, an incoming No.1 skyscraper of Shanghai and the new landmark of China, surely will be a display of China in the next long time as the second largest reform and deeper opening restart. Shanghai attractions are always so significant and meaningful to China. It is valuable indeed to take a visit.

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Shanghai Attractions                                                                 (List of Shanghai Cultural Heritage Sites)

Grade Attractions Names & Locations

▪ Oriental Pearl Tower (Pudong)

▪ Shanghai EXPO Park (Pudong,Lupu & Huangpu)

▪ Zhujiajiao Water Town (Qingpu)

▪ The Bund of Shanghai (Huangpu)

▪ Tianzifang (Luwan)

▪ Xintiandi (Luwan)

▪ Confucius Temple (Huangpu)

▪ Yuyuan Garden (Huangpu)

▪ Floor 88 of Jin Mao Tower (Pudong)

▪ Bund International Architecture (Huangpu)

▪ Shanghai Museum (Huangpu)

▪ Longhua Temple (Xuhui)

▪ Shanghai Binjiang Avenue (Pudong)

▪ First CPC National Congress Site (Luwan)


▪ Dongping Forest Park (Chongming)

▪ Chongming Island (Chongming County)

▪ Shanghai Happy Valley (Songjiang)

▪ Science and Technology Museum (Pudong)

▪ Shanghai Wild Animal Park (Nanhui)

▪ Shanghai City God Temple (Huangpu)

▪ Duolun Road Cultural Street (Hongkou)

▪ Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (Huangpu)

▪ Shanghai Maglev Train (Shanghai)

▪ Hengshan Road Leisure Street (Xuhui)

▪ Huaihai Commercial Street (Huangpu)

▪ Changfeng Ocean World (Yangpu)

▪ World Financial Center (Pudong)

▪ Huangpu River Cruise Sightseeing (Huangpu)

▪ 50 Moganshan Road (Zhabei)

▪ Shanghai Zoo (Changning)

▪ Jingan Temple (Jingan)

▪ Guyi Garden (Jiading)

▪ Suzhou River (Downtown Shanghai)

▪ Shanghai Grand Theatre (Huangpu)

▪ Lupu Bridge (Luwan / Pudong)

▪ Shanghai Tower (Pudong)

▪ Shanghai Disneyland Park (Pudong)

▪ Shanghai People's Park (Huangpu)


▪ Shanghai Pudong Shooting Club (Nanhui)

▪ Jinjiang Action Park (Minhang)

▪ Madame Tussauds Shanghai (Huangpu)

▪ Saint Ignatius Cathedral (Xuhui)

▪ Fengjing Ancient Town (Jinshan)

▪ Dishui Lake (Pudong)

▪ Fuzhou Road Culture Street (Huangpu)

▪ Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (Pudong)

▪ Dianshan Lake Scenic Area (Qingpu)

▪ Tropical Storm Water Park (Minhang)

▪ Shanghai Botanical Garden (Xuhui)

▪ The Bund Valentine Wall (Huangpu)

▪ Grand View Park (Qingpu)

▪ Shanghai Old Street (Huangpu)

▪ Shanghai Chedun Film Park (Songjiang)

▪ Qibao Old Street (Minhang)

▪ Jade Buddha Temple (Putuo)

▪ 1933 Laochangfang (Hongkou)

▪ Urban Planning Center (Yangpu)

▪ Shanghai Library (Xuhui)

▪ Century Park (Pudong)

▪ Waibaidu Bridge (Hongkou)

▪ Oriental Land (Qingpu)

▪ Shanghai Stadium (Xuhui)

▪ Tomato Farmhouse (Songjiang)

▪ City Beach (Jinshan)

▪ Shanghai Red Town (Changning)

▪ Moon Lake Sculpture Park (Songjiang)

▪ Hengshan Moller Villa (Luwan)

▪ ERA Intersection of Time (Zhabei)

▪ Lujiazui Central Greenland (Pudong)

▪ East Sheshan Park (Songjiang)

▪ Longhua Martyrs Cemetery (Xuhui)

▪ Tongle Fang (Jingan)

▪ Shanghai Oriental Art Cetner (Pudong)

▪ International Convention Center (Songjiang)

▪ No.8 Bridge (Luwan)

▪ Taoyuan Folk Village (Nanhui)

▪ Longhua Tourist City (Xuhui)

▪ Yandang Road Leisure Street (Luwan)

▪ Gulf Tourism Zone (Fengxian)

▪ West Sheshan Park (Songjiang)

▪ Natural History Museum (Jingan)

▪ Guilin Park (Xuhui)

▪ Sun Island Resorts (Qingpu)

▪ Gaoqiao Binjiang Forest Park (Pudong)

▪ Jiading Confucius Temple (Jiading)

▪ Jinze Bridge Village (Qingpu)

▪ Chen Yi Square (Downtown Shanghai)

▪ Shanghai Postal Museum (Hongkou)

▪ Liuhe Island Resort (Jiading)

▪ Dharani Sutra Pillar of Tang Dynasty (Jiading)

▪ Tianma Mountain (Songjiang)

▪ Farmer Painting Village (Jinshan)

▪ Peace Park (Hongkou)

▪ Fang Pagoda (Songjiang)

▪ Chen Yun Memorial Hall (Qingpu)

▪ Longhua Pagoda (Xuhui)


▪ Gongqing Forest Park (Yangpu)

▪ Qiuxiapu Garden (Jiading)

▪ Yinqixing Indoor Skiing Site (Minhang)

▪ Shanghai Museum of Public Security (Luwan)

▪ Gongqing Forest Park (Yangpu)

▪ Qingpu Water Library (Qingpu)

▪ Bihai Jinsha Wonder World (Fengxian)

▪ Anting Old Street (Jiading)

▪ Lu Xun Park (Hongkou)

▪ Zhou Mansion (Luwan)

▪ Malu Grape Theme Park (Jiading)

▪ Sanjiagang Haibin Park (Pudong)

▪ Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen (Luwan)

▪ Zuibai Pond (Songjiang)

▪ Linjiang Park (Baoshan)

▪ Paotaiwan Wetland Park (Baoshan)

▪ Zhenru Temple (Putuo)

▪ Mengqing Park (Shanghai)

▪ Residence of Mao Zedong (Shanghai)

▪ Minhang Sports Park (Minhang)

▪ Songjiang Mosque (Songjiang)

▪ Binhai Tourist Resorts (Nanhui)

▪ Jiangwan Sports Center (Yangpu)

▪ New International Expo Center (Pudong)

▪ Chaoyin Nunnery (Pudong)

▪ Shanghai National Culture Village (Qingpu)

▪ Huilong Pond (Jiading)

▪ Shanghai Fire Museum (Changning)

▪ International Expo Center (Changning)

▪ Old Bell Garden (Nanhui)

▪ Qinci Yangdian Taoist Temple (Pudong)

▪ Shanghai Brush-Pen & Ink Museum (Huangpu)

▪ Qingpu Museum (Qingpu)

▪ Shanghai Bihaijinsha Scenic Area (Xuhui)

▪ Sheshan Catholic Church

▪ Qushui Garden (Qingpu)

▪ Shanghai International Chapel (Xuhui)

▪ Shanghai Art Museum (Huangpu)

▪ Songqingling Cemetery (Changning)

▪ Former Residence of Song Qingling (Xuhui)

▪ Residence of Cai Yuanpei (Jingan)

▪ Shanghai European World Park (Songjiang)

▪ Qinglong Temple (Qingpu)

▪ Shanghai Indoor Stadium (Xuhui)

▪ Baoguo Temple (Qingpu)

▪ Century Square (Xuhui)

▪ Chinese Grand View Garden (Nanhui)

▪ Former Residence of Lu Xun (Hongkou)

▪ Residence of Ma Xiangbo (Songjiang)

▪ Changxing & Hengsha Islands (Chongming)

▪ Shanghai Railway Museum (Zhabei)



▪ What is 5A/4A/3A/2A?

This is an official grade classification in accordance with the quality of scenic areas. Totally, it is comprised of 5 grades, ranged from the high to the low, including AAAAA, AAAA, AAA, AA, A. The grade of tourist destinations is never permanently stable. It is regularly examined, checked and then reevaluated, and then a new grade comes out. Therefore, in a most degree, it is reliable, and basically expresses the quality of scenic area. This also can be a guideline for overseas travelers to choose where to visit in China 

▪ The List of Shanghai Historic Buildings and Sites 
▪ The List of Shanghai Cultural Heritage Sites 

 The Travel Guide of Shanghai

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