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Shanghai Duolun Road Cultural Street Introduction


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hongdetang church
The view of Shanghai Duolun
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landmark of Duolun Road Cultural Street

Duolun Road originally called Darroch Road is located in Hongkou District, downtown Shanghai. It is named after John Darroch(1865-1941), a famous British missionary and a Jinshi title endowed by Emperor Guangxu in late Qing Dynasty. In 1943, the puppet government of Wang Jingwei administrated the public concession of Shanghai, and it was changed to be Duolun Road, in line with the name of Duolun county of Inner Mongolia.

Duolun Road was built in the period from 1911 to 1920 with a total length of 550 meters and width of 10 to 13 meters. The shape of the road has an “L” style, eastwardly starting from North Sichuan Rd, and extending west and then turning to the north, and finally connected with North Sichuan Rd. In theory, it at the time was under the administration of Shanghai municipal government, but the authorities of Shanghai Public Concession overstepped the boundary to build the road.

The ancient buildings on Duolun Road mostly were the villas that built by the early national capitalists after they got rich. Subsequently, it owned by many celebrities. The representatives of them include Kong Family’s Mansion with the Islamic feature, which was possessed by Kongh Xiangxi(孔祥熙, 1880-1967), one leader of four most powerful families in the Republic of China. The No.210 Villa was the private residence of Bai Chongxi (白崇禧, 1893-1966, a great marshal of Hui nationality boasting the Little Zhuge in the period of the Republic of China) in Shanghai, and Bai Xianyong (白先勇, a son of Bai Chongxi and a famous writer and Kunqu opera director in Taiwan) wrote down his memory of stay here. Tang Family’s Mansion highlighted with a neo-classicism French-style villa used to be the residence of Tang Enbo(汤恩伯, 1898-1954, a famous general in the period of the Republic of China) and Chen Yi(陈仪, 1883-1950, a famous general in the Republic of China ). The only China-west Christian church of Shanghai named Hongdetang(鸿德堂) is located here. The dormitory buildings of Chinese University of the Arts situated here are highlighted with a Southeast Asia’s corridor building style. Jinyunli and Yonganli are the typical shikumen buildings, and the epitome of old neighborhood building style and Shanghai-style architecture. Today, it boasts the fenceless museum of Shanghai architecture.

In1920s, Duolun Road was the most active zone for China’s left-wing intellectuals represented by Lu Xun. In 1930, the League of Chinese Left-Wing Writers was established in Chinese University of the Arts. Lu Xun, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, Ye Shengtao and Wang Zoshi etc. lived around here. Ding Ling, Sha Ting and Qu Qiubai and other representative writers also lived nearby.

1998, the government of Hongkou district changed Duolun Road to be a Duolun Road Cultural Celebrities Street, which features the tourism and cultural protection. On both sides of the street, there are the cultural relic’s collection centers and celebrities’ old residences opened. It is also the site of China’s first official modern art gallery –Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (the official website is, and the site address is No.27 Duolun Road, Duolun Famous Cultural Person St, Hongkou District, Shanghai).

The highlights of the tourist attractions on Duolun Road include No. 210 Duolun Road Building, Jinquan Ancient Money Museum, Rare Stone Museum, Chopsticks Collection Museum, Bell Collection Museum, The site of left-wing writers’ league, The memorial hall of left-wing writers’ league, Jinyunli residential zone, Xishi Bell Tower and Hongdetang, whose first floor is today’s Suzhou Embroidery Exhibition Hall.

The statues of famous cultural figures represented by Lu Xu at Duolun Road in modern history of Shanghai

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