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As we all know, today, China is the largest market and the largest developing country with the fastest speed of development all round the world. This old but also young business land is full of diverse amazing opportunities that you can get so hard in other countries. This is a land like USA 100 years ago, worldwide known to be a hot land for trading and moneymaking, finally, achieving your dream of gold washing. China is also the most vital & important economic engine with the world’s most blooming economic entity including all the circles that humankind reaches. We strongly provide the service for searching business opportunities, find trading partners and promoting business cooperation, also for making the service more effective and accurate, we are apt to assist you find your business in east China, which is the most developed and industrialized area in China centering on Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Taizhou and Wuxi. These cities working together weave out a big system of industry of China, and all products concerned can be easily found.

Frankly, finding your satisfying business opportunities and cooperators is quite time-consuming and energy-consuming. For having a great relaxation and leisure or taking an educational travel experience after you fulfill your duties, we at the same time strongly promote some special trips highlighted with the regional features. These trips and activities not only make yourself cozy and relaxed but help you learn more about your business partners’ growth background including the cultural and historical tradition. All the details you learn and touch will greatly deepen and widen your understanding on this area where you will pay more to cooperate and invest. If you plan to choose one of our themed services or activities, contact us!

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China business tours mainly center on Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, the most important industrial engine of China. There are many state-level industry cities producing tons of products for the world market. For business, you can find your trading opportunity around here ... (More Details)

Taizhou Business Tour (auto parts)  from --- $
We start from Hangzhou or Shanghai to find your business cooperators of auto parts, valves & furniture in Yuhuan, a national industry base ...

Yiwu Business Tour (commodities)  from --- $
We start from Hangzhou or Shanghai to find your trade partners in Yiwu International Commodities City, and it is a business cooperation trip ...

Haining Business Tour (leather)  from --- $
We start from Hangzhou or Shanghai to find your trade partners in the realm of leather industry in Haining, Jiaxing, the national leather city ...

Shaoxing Business Tour (textile)  from --- $
This is a business cooperation tour in Shaoxing, the national textile city of China, and we help you find your trade partners in Shaoxing ...

Wenzhou Business Tour (varieties)  from --- $
This is a Wenzhou business partnership establishment tour from Shanghai or Hangzhou, and it is a trip to find your trade partners in Wenzhou ...

China culture tours or cultural activities are themed with the cultural & social interactions in east China, traditionally known as Jiangnan. These activities organized and operated creatively based on the local cultural heritage sites and customs. They deserve cultural lovers' try ...(More Details)

Ten Classic Scenes Trip of West Lake  from 358 $
This is deep review to the ten classic scenes of West Lake in Hangzhou. Our top knowledgeable guide help you probe into a cultural empire of China ...

Tai Chi Chuan Training in Hangzhou  from 314 $
This is Healthcare & Self-defense Learning. Tai Chi Chuan is an ideal martial art for self-defense ...

Hangzhou Healthcare Trip  from 521 $
This is a healthcare trip in Hangzhou highlighted with a practical learning & experience of traditional Chinese medicine and its culture & history ...

Learning Chinese Ground Calligraphy  from 80 $
Learning Chinese ground calligraphy from folk elites of Hangzhou and having an interaction with local people to touch the folk culture of China ...

Zen Meditation Retreat in Hangzhou  from 110 $
We believe the power of Zen and the effect of Buddhism to make humankind simple, happy and peaceful ...


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