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Hangzhou Healthcare Trip –
Yang Sheng of Traditional Chinese Medicine (中医古法诊治, 杭州养生之旅)


The Philosophy of Yang Sheng –

Yang Sheng(养生, a philosophy of healthcare) , literally meaning keep the life fit, is a professional term of traditional Chinese medicine. It strictly follows the basic theory of Yin &Yang, Five Elements as well as Appearing & Changing(阴阳五行生化). The whole theoretical system of Yang Sheng thoroughly appeared before Qin Empire (221-206B.C.). In three classics, it is available – Book of Changes(易经), Huangdi Neijing(黄帝内经) and Tao Te Ching(道德经). In brief, the philosophy of Yang Sheng includes three aspects – oneness of nature and human, balance of Yin and Yang, and the oneness of body and mind.

It is highlighted with the harmony of internal cosmos and the orderly operation of all the organs of body. Via such a healthy and peaceful harmony of human’s body and spirit, as well as the healthy interaction of the outside and the inside of human body, people get a good health in all aspects.

The visible effect of traditional Chinese medicine is to maintain the Jing(精), Qi(气) and Shen(神) well. Jing, Qi and Shen are three most important elements to keep the life in operation. The ancient people consider that Yang Xing(养性, keep the nature fit) was better than Yang Sheng, while Yang Jing(养精) was better than Yang Xing. Jing could be changed to be Qi. And if Qi is full and strong, the Shen will be fully protected and maintained. A good Shen could strike a balance of Yin and Yang, and harmonize the organs, and then make the blood & qi in a good operation.

The Essence of TCM –

Absolutely different the western medicine, Yangsheng in Traditional Chinese Medicine is apt to the preventive treatment of disease(治未病) by virtue of diverse methods to keep life fit, invigorate health effectively and prevent the diseases, and then achieve the aim to prolong life. The most famous classics of TCM include Huangdi Neijing(黄帝内经), Shanghan Zabing Lun(伤寒杂病论, Treatise on Cold Injury), Mai Jing(脉经, the Pulse Classic), Classic of Moxibustion and Acupuncture Preserved in a Pillow(针灸枕中经) and Illustrated Manual for the Practice of Acupuncture and Moxibustion with the Help of a Bronze Figure bearing Acupuncture Points (铜人腧穴针灸图经).

The Diagnosis & Prescription of TCM –

But in the aspect of procedure of treatment, it also includes two parts, diagnosis and prescription. The way of diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine is highlighted with four ways –observation, listening, interrogation and pulse-taking(望闻问切).The prescription mainly relies on herbs, and the study of herbs is called herbology, which is the most important part of traditional Chinese medicine. The most classical works represented by Qian Jin Fang(千金方), Shennong Ben Cao Jing(神农本草经), Bencao Gangmu(本草纲目) and so on.

Dietary Regimen & Medicine Diet –

Traditionally, Dietary Regiment(食养) is highly promoted by Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Medicine Diet(药膳) is a special part of Dietary Regimen. Dietary Regiment is a way to get a healthy life via eating art. The medicine diet is the main part of it. Medicine diet is under the guideline of traditional Chinese medicine, gastrology and nutriology, and strictly follows the requirements of medicine diet ingredients. In short, it is a delicacy made of cuisine materials and edible herbs. Medicine diet is the quintessence of Chinese cuisine based on some TCM knowledge. The healthy people taking it can have a better protection of health, and the patients taking it can relieve the diseases, and also gradually cure the diseases.

Acupuncture, Moxibustion & Massage –

Zhenjiu(针灸, Acupuncture & Moxibustion) is based on Chinese traditional Jingluo(经络) and Xuewei(穴位, the acupunctural point) theory. It stimulates the Jingluo and Xuewei to make the whole body in a normal operation. Massage(推拿) also follows the same theory as acupuncture and moxihustion.

Qi Gong & Tai Chi Chuan –

Qi Gong(气功) is a unique physical exercise or a special martial art of fitting in the Shen perfectly. It is also on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi Gong is always considered as a mysterious Kung Fu in China. A master of Qi Gong can be supernaturally powerful in some way, and some miraculous scenes may happen when the masters play the Qi Gong. Qi Gong has a long history in China, and closely connected with Taoism. It used to be called Tu Na(吐纳), Dao Yin(导引), Xing Qi(行气), Fu Qi(服气), Xiu Dao(修道) and Zuo Chan(坐禅). Tai Chi Chuan(太极拳) is also a perfect way to Yang Sheng. The details of Tai Chi Chuan are available in Hangzhou Tai Chi Chuan Training.

Ba Duan Jing –

Ba Duan Jing (八段锦, Eight-Section Brocade) is a traditional effective way to bodybuilding and healthcare. It firstly appeared in century 12. As its continual development, there were many ways formed. Each action is simple and easy, but obviously effective. The ancient people compared this series of actions as the brocade; just meant Ba Duan Jing has a perfect gesture of actions just like the soft and smooth brocade. And the whole exercise is comprised of eight sections, so it is beautifully named Eight-Section Brocade. Ba Duan Jing has a effect as similar as Tai Chi Chuan to healthcare

The Schedule Arrangement of Healthcare Trip in Details

The Healthcare Trip of Traditional Chinese Medicine

(5 days and 4 nights)
  Morning Afternoon Evening
Day 1 Go to Hangzhou Take a short break after arriving at nursing home, and then attend a welcome party At night, taste the local delicacies of Hangzhou. After a rest, enjoy a one-hour foot massage
Day 2

In the morning, take a boxing exercise.

After breakfast, visit to Guangxingtang National Medicine Hall, a traditional medicine center highlighted with its classic and elegant architectural style, and taste some healthcare tea, and then attend a lecture of basic knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare Culture.

After the course, a medical examination in traditional way is arranged. It is individually designed for each person      


Take a nourishing lunch, and then have a noon break for one hour.

After the rest, a special tour will be arranged to ascend Leifeng Pagoda and have a panoramic view of West Lake, exactly the classic scene of Leifeng Xizhao, and then listen to a romantic love story of Lady White Snake


At night, taste the healthcare dinner.
Day 3 In the morning, take a boxing exercise. After breakfast, visit to Oriental Cultural Garden, which is famous for traditional healthcare culture, It is a site highlighted with the oneness of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.  After the nourishing lunch, visit the Hundred Herb Garden in Oriental Cultural Garden to learn about the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and eating methods of the nourishing medicine. At night, one hour jing-luoexamination for the whole body.
Day 4 In the morning, take a boxing exercise. After breakfast, take a bus transfer to Thousand Island Lake, a natural paradise nearby Xinan River to leisure and healthcare.  At noon, enjoy a fishing family’s dishes on the boat. The tour by way of a plantation base of Dendrobium officinale K.Kimura et Migo, we will be there to learn more about its pharmacodynamics and benefit to human body. At night, one hour special foot massage will be arranged
Day 5

In the morning, take a boxing exercise. After breakfast, attend a professional lecture on health control and maintenance 


After the nourishing lunch, say goodbye to this healthcare trip Leave Hangzhou


accommodation - Living in healthcare guestroom
boxing exercise – Tai Chi Chuan or Eight-Section Brocade etc.
during the accommodation, travelers can enjoy cupping, guasha and acupuncture at your own expenses
during the accommodation, travelers can book the next day’s personalized medicine diet at your own expenses  
the opening period of the swimming pool is from May to October, and the travelers can enjoy the healthcare swimming free of charge.

Organizer – China Tranbom International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Operator –
Time – 5 days and 4 nights
Price521 USD per person
Contact – Raphael Lee (李涛)
Hotline – 0086 - 571 - 86020779

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Hangzhou Healthcare Trip

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