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Healthcare & Self-defense Learning –
Tai Chi Chuan Training in Hangzhou (太极之道, 在阴在阳, 负阴抱阳, 仙寿永长)


Tai Chi Philosophy

The basic philosophy of Tai Chi roots deeply in Taoism. Generally, the core of Taiji is summarized to be - Tai Chi is the mother of Liangyi (the two symbols, Heaven or Earth). Out of Liangyi it generates Sixiang (the four symbols, or the four sacred animals). Then comes Bagua (the eight symbols, or the eight diagrams) out of which later everything in the nature, creatures or non creatures, comes into being(太极生两仪, 两仪生四象, 四象生八卦).

Interpreted easily, Tai Chi is a philosophy of Yin and Yang. The essence is to keep a harmony between Yin and Yang, and make them interact naturally. Exactly, in people’s mind and body, there is an intangible or spiritual cosmos. It runs by itself and interacts with the outside world. Tai Chi is not only a source to make them in harmony respectively, but an origin to make two worlds in harmony.

Thanks to the classic Book of Changes, the healthcare theory of Taoism, the jing-luo(经络) doctrine of traditional Chinese medicine, the fantastic martial art as well as the war art, Tai Chi is a comprehensive embodiment of China philosophy in the aspect of healthcare, self-defense and spiritual & physical harmony.

Tai Chi and Healthcare

In accordance with the traditional theory of Chinese medicine, the core of nature is Yin and Yang, which gives birth to the world. The sky and earth, the moon and sun, the thundering and lightning, wind and rain, four seasons, morning and afternoon, the male and female, hard terms and soft terms, motion and motionlessness, appearing and hiding as well as daytime and nighttime.

The core of life is to raise the visible body by invisible Yin and Yang. The Jing-Luo(经络), Bone-Flesh(骨肉), stomach and back(腹背), five internal organs(五脏, five internal organs including the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver and the spleen) and six internal hollow organs(六腑, gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and sanjiao), even the seven impairments and eight supplements(七损八益) all follow the theory of Yin and Yang. In the body, it is a cosmos as well. If the physical and spiritual exercise follows the Yin and Yang, the effect will be unprecedentedly fine.

Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan(太极拳), an exact slow physical exercise, is a whole body exercise touching each joint, muscle and bone. It is a kind of soft exercise beneficial for relieving the pressure and anxiety, and then calming down the whole spirit. A long-time perseverance of exercising the slow Tai Chi Chuan is good for old people to keep a control of balance, have a flexibility of actions and improve the function of heart and lungs. In details, it is good for circulating blood and qi, setting the skeleton right, opening the inhabited lung-energy, making the intestines and stomach healthier, and benefitting the brain and nature-cultivation.

To old people who keep exercising the Tai Chi Chuan have a better function of cardiovascular system, respiratory system, bone marrow system and metabolism. Also, exercising Tai Chi Chuan could effectively resist the acute posterior ganglionitis.

Additionally, exercising Tai Chi Chuan could relieve the young people’s attention deficit and minimal brain dysfunction; the slow acts of Tai Chi Chuan consume more heat quantity than surfing and skiing. It is obviously good for improving the immune system and relieving the diabetes mellitus.

Tai Chi Chuan – A Slow Martial Art

Tai Chi Chuan is an ideal martial art for self-defense. Tai Chi Chuan in Chinese Kung Fu system is an internal school boxing, traditionally considered to be the quintessence of Taoism Kung Fu or Wudang Martial Art School. It was said that Tai Chi Chuan was created by Zhang Sanfeng (张三丰, 1247-1458), a master of Taoism and Taoist Martial Art, at the age of 100.

The highlight of Tai Chi Chuan is making full use of artful strength (巧力), which deeply follows a principle of four two dials thousand catties(四两拨千斤). Tai Chi Chuan masters emphasize the doctrines of coping with all motions by remaining motionless(以静制动), using soft to overcome hard(以柔克刚), The weak overcame the strong(以弱胜强), strike where the enemy is weakest and avoid its strongholds(避实就虚), and borrow force to make force(借力打力).

Most of acts of Tai Chi Chuan is inspired by water or connected closely with water. Taoism highly respect water, and believe water is the most powerful, flexible and dexterous existence. In Dao De Jing(道德经), the most important and sacred classic and the origin of Taoism, the water has been unprecedentedly respected – (天下莫柔弱于水,而攻坚强者莫之能胜,其无以易之。弱之胜强,柔之胜刚;天下莫不知,莫能行, There is nothing in the world more soft and weak than water, and yet for attacking things that are firm and strong there is nothing that can take precedence of it;--for there is nothing (so effectual) for which it can be changed. Every one in the world knows that the soft overcomes the hard, and the weak the strong, but no one is able to carry it out in practice.)

To girls, old people and weak people, exercising Tai Chi Chuan is good for healthcare and self-defense. In the martial arts training tradition, Tai Chi Chuan is a base for further learning and training of Kung Fu. Even all the masters of Kung Fu are specialized in Tai Chi Chuan. For instance, Yip Man, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and so on are also good at Tai Chi Chuan. There are also many famous themed movies with Tai Chi Chuan. If you want to buy the movie copies, you can contact us any time!

What Included

1. The transportation to training destination and return
2. Lunch of two days
3. The fees for teachers
4. The accommodation

Organizer – China Tranbom International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Operator –
Teachers – The professional and experienced Tai Chi Chuan teachers and masters
Training Style – Teach one to one
Time – at the weekend from Saturday to Sunday
           (2 morning courses, and 2 afternoon courses. Each course needs 1 hour)
Price314 USD per person
Contact – Raphael Lee (李涛)
Hotline – 0086 - 571 - 86020779

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