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A Deep Review to Ten Classic Scenes of West Lake and Elite Culture of South Song Empire
(闲论西湖十景, 细品宫廷名肴, 重温南宋一梦, 再睹旧时芳华)

1.Highlights of the Activities

(1).Deeply view the highlights of ten classic scenes of West Lake Scenic Area. –

In 2011, why was the West Lake listed into the World Heritage as a cultural landscape? Because its glorious history and elite culture embodied in classic scenes in scenic area are well preserved and spread, and these scenes are typically represented by ten classic scenes ranked in Southern Song Dynasty(南宋,1127-1279). In some way, the most highlighted part of West Lake is the classic ten scenes. Unfortunately, Most of travel services do not know where the cultural and historic value of West Lake is, and what they arrange for travelers is just some unimportant sites, rather than the ten classic scenes. This is surely unprofessional! To adjust the existing misunderstanding, we painstakingly design this activity, a themed tour to deeply and comprehensively focus on the quintessence of West Lake. Through a professional presentation, we aim at sharing such a concept that the West Lake is the real embodiment of traditional elite culture of China.

(2).Specially taste the essences of palace cuisines of Southern Song Empire –

For lunch, it is specially arranged in Huangfaner Restaurant(皇饭儿, literally the food only for emperors), a famous and historic dining site for making palace cuisines in China, was named by Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty due to its special palace cuisines. It is located on Gaoyin Street No.53, Xiacheng District, downtown Hangzhou; by the way, it is quite close to Hefang Street, a famous historic site in West Lake Scenic Area

(3).Take an evening banquet and musical enjoyment in City God Pavilion –

After ending the travel to ten scenes, we have a special dinner at City God Pavilion(城隍阁), one of the cultural landmarks of Hangzhou, and the best site to have a panoramic view of West Lake. At dark, the elegant ladies in waiting wearing the ancient palace garments and keeping the palace lanterns to guide us into the palace-like hall of City God Pavilion. In the folk orchestral music performance by traditional string instruments, the banquet commences. You also can enjoy the amazing music and view the fantastic night landscape of West Lake when enjoy the delicate cuisines of Hangzhou. Also, for each table, there is an experienced servant offering free translation service.

(4).Enjoy Impression West Lake Night Show –

After dinner, Impression West Lake(印象西湖), a famous and large outdoor show nationwide, is delicately arranged for you. Impression West Lake is mainly designed and directed by Zhang Yimou(张艺谋), a world-famous director represented by Red Sorghum (红高粱, originated from a book of Mo Yan who is the Nobel literature prize winner 2012), Raise the Red Lantern(大红灯笼高高挂) and Heroes(英雄), and the general director of the opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The show is themed with the seasonal landscape and the local cultural legend like the story of Lady White Snake. It is a classic reshow of natural and cultural aspects of the West Lake.

2.What you can get

(1). To know the real cultural significance of West Lake in China through viewing ten scenes of West Lake Scenic Area
(2). To enjoy the special palace cuisines near to West Lake Scenic Area
(3). To have a fantastic evening banquet in City God Pavilion
(4). To view the grand show of Impression West Lake

3.What we offer

(1). Professional English-speaking guide
(2). The private coach and experienced driver
(3). Help buy show tickets and entry tickets

Site – Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area and Downtown Area
Organizer –
Time – at the weekend
Price358 USD per person
Contact – Raphael Lee (李涛)
Hotline – 0086 - 571 - 86020779

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