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Zen Meditation in Xianghai Buddhist Temple
(禅七灵修, 沪上神游)



Why we just organize the weekend retreat instead of seven days zen meditation?

The duration of seven days is a basic standard requirement for this type of Zen Meditation, which is known for Chan Qi, or Seven Days' Zen Meditation, in accordance with the angle of views of the professionals or monks. However, this is an earthly world after all. Majority of us are living in the world of desire and vanity, also have to work five days generally per week. Therefore, it is not possible for people to spend the whole week in the temple alone. But we need spiritual retreat or relief in some way, though inferior to the professionals, and reach a balance between the spirit and the world. To make majority in convenience and keep the effect of the activity, we shorten the time duration from seven days to 2 days at weekend.

About Xianghai Zen Monastery

Xianghai Zen Monastery (香海禅寺, the official website:, which means the Zen Monastery of the Fragrance Sea literally translated. Xianghai Temple is situated in Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, approximately 80 kilometers away from the downtown Shanghai. Thanks to its special location between Hangzhou and Shanghai, two biggest metropolises in China and also the frenetic modernized city in the world with a fast and messy lifestyle, and its site in tranquil and remote countryside surrounded by the original natural landscape (basically the large green farming fields spreading in all directions), it is a popular sacred land to many urbanites for spiritual retreat or the weekend meditation stay. So it is quite necessary to learn something basic about this Zen temple ahead of attending the activity here.

Xianghai Temple is easily remembered by its long and high yellow-walled building complexes. The large space between the buildings creates a sense of tranquility and ease in mind. The pagoda with a roof curling into the sky above is quietly standing there for thousands of years

In accordance with the Chorography and Record of Tongxiang, Xianghai Temple initially was named Fushan Temple. In 1309 (Yuan Dynasty), Pu Jian, a forefather of Pu family in Puyuan Township donated his residences to establish the temple with a total area of 28 mu. At the beginning of the monastery construction, Zhao Mengfu(1254-1322), the greatest artistic master of Yuan Dynasty inscribed for this temple. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was in full flush. Emperor Shunzhi of early Qing Dynasty presented imperially it name board – Xianghai Chansi, and then it finally fixed its name. The population of the monks here increased largely at the time. Up to the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the whole temple had seven main halls and two towers for bell and drum. The bell was a huge one with a weight of 650 kilograms. It was said that the sound of the bell was available thousands of miles away. But in the late Qing Dynasty, it was burnt down, and later, some of the buildings were partially reconstructed.

Today, it is restored as before, and in 2001, it was opened for the public and in 2004 it was extended. Since its popularized reputation in Zen meditation, it has been a center of southeast China to hold the Zen meditation for earthly people and help the people of the cities get rid of the perplexities from life, work, competition, vanity, jealousy and any exterior temptation.

The address of the temple:

Xianghai Zen Monastery, Puyuan Township, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province

The advice for transportation:

(a). Taking the high-speed rail to the Station of Tongxiang, and then go to the right side to take Bus 284 to Puyuan Bus Stop, and take a tricycle to the temple.

(b). Taking the train to Jiaxing Railway Station, and take bus 19(ticket fee 2 Yuan) to the terminal stop, and then transfer by bus K191 (total ticket fee 4 Yuan) to the Central Shopping City of Puyuan Township, and finally take a tricycle to the temple (7 Yuan needed)

(c). Taking the high-speed train or bullet train to the South Railway Station of Jiaxing, and then take bus 98 to Xinkezhan Stop (the terminal and 30 minutes will be spent) , and then transfer by bus K191 (ticket fee 4 Yuan) to the Central Shopping City of Puyuan Township, and finally take a tricycle to the temple (7 Yuan needed).

(d). Taking an intercity bus to Puyuan Bus Station, and then take a taxi to the temple (the fee is approximately 15 Yuan), or take a tricycle to the temple (the fee is approximately 10 Yuan)

(e). Taking an intercity bus to Tongxiang Bus Station, and then transfer by bus K191 (total ticket fee 4 Yuan) to the Central Shopping City of Puyuan Township, and finally take a tricycle to the temple (7 Yuan needed)

Zen Meditation Course in Temple

The whole Zen meditation course lasts 2 days and 2 nights. The meditators have to fellow the temple’s life, and all will be designed in accordance with the spiritual practice need in the temple. Life here has an unerring rhythm here. Everything here is regular and simple. Get up at the same time. The meals provided are only for vegetarians. In the chanting of the Buddhist prayers, the individual gets into his own spiritual tranquility. Except the meditation and the course with masters, the other time will be spent reading, meditating and praying in the temple. The three days’ schedule as below:


In the Morning

In the Afternoon

 In the Evening


Day 1






19:00 - Leaving from shanghai
21:30 - Sleep (no speaking)


Day 2


Get up
Morning class
Temple patrol
Master sharing time
Zen meditation

Lunch & Break
Zen meditation
Self meditation or other

Master sharing time


Day 3


Get up
Morning class
Master sharing time
Zen meditation

Lunch & Break
Zen meditation
Summary and sharing  
Back to Shanghai



How to Attend the Zen Meditation Here

(1) Price and Payment: 159USD P/P. Payment is preferred via Paypal, Credit Card, Telegraphic Transfer, and Western Union or directly collected by our tour leaders.

 Price Inclusions

Price Exclusions  

- Transportation From & Back to Shanghai
- Insurance (Click here for details)
- Meals as per itinerary
- Guiding & Coaching
- Accommodation

- Alcoholic Drinks
- Activities and expenses not mentioned in the itinerary and personal shopping

(2) Reading - Please read the basic information of the Zen monastery and the course listed above

(3) Confirming - Confirm that you want to join in this spiritual activity

(4) Booking - Book the service by email or by phone, or click the iconic button below to give message,or leave us your booking message through the message board below, and our staffer will give you an instant reply.



(5) Transportation - A private mini-bus will be arranged from/back to downtown Shanghai.

(6) Gathering Time &Site - gathering at7 pm on the appointed day, and the place (unless notified differently) is Zhongshan Park Subway Station, Line 3-4, Exit 3, beside the 7-Eleven shop.

(7) Number of the Participants - Minimum 8 persons, Maximum 25 persons. Upon reaching the minimum amount of participants you'll receive an email with the last details about the trip. Usually 2 days before the departure. If we couldn't reach the minimum amount of participants we will postpone or cancel the activity.

(8) Tailor-Made Service - We arrange the customized trip as well, just tell us your outing date, and the price and methods of payment will be given in accordance with the specific requirement.    

What We Have to Take Notice

About Meals:

(1)  The meals will be as the temple food, simple and healthy.
(2)  All vegetarian, with country side local dishes, fresh vegetable in a traditional way
(3)  If you have any special requirement, please let us know beforehand.

Temple Lifestyle:

(1)  We stay in the temple's facilities. The dormitories are divided for male and female, but there is no air conditioner, not always hot water shower.
(2)  What you eat during the meditation is only the vegetarian meals as mentioned above. During the trip, the smoking and alcoholic drinking are disallowed.  
(3)  Silent Retreat (except question/answer time, always can have a walk outside the temple if required)
(4)  No mobile phones during the lessons and the meal time

Equipment: (Need to be prepared by each participant)

(1)  Weather protection according to the season
(2)  Comfortable cloths
(3)  Hiking or Sport Shoes
(4)  Warm layers
(5)  Rain Coat
(6)  Drinking bottle (not soft plastic as often the refill is with boiled water and it melts)
(7)  Towel & personal toiletries
(8)  Small blanket (optional for meditation)
(9)  In winter time: warm cloths, a blanket, a sleeping bag.

Organizer – China Yuandong International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Operator –
Time – weekend (from Friday to Sunday)
Price159 USD per person
Contact – Raphael Lee (李涛)
Hotline – 0086 - 571 - 87069086

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