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Shanghai Huangpu District Introduction


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Huangpu district is a famous business, cultural and administrative center of downtown Shanghai, and also the main tourist zone for Shanghai tourism. It is the heart of Shanghai indeed. It is the shopping paradise. The No.1 department store, Hualian business tower, Xinshijie shopping hall, Shanghai Yayi gold store, Lvbolang restaurant and Huabaolou antiques marketplace are all located in the place. Nanjing Road, Fuzhou Road, Beijing West Road, Tibet South Road, Jinling East Road, Yellow River Road and Yunnan South Road are the famous business streets or zones of Shanghai. In the aspect of commerce, there are 60 large banks at home and abroad like Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Citibank, Bangkok Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank and Bank of East Asia.

As for the infrastructure, Huangpu district is qualified to be the representative of Shanghai, the municipal government, municipal people’s congress and other governmental organs are all located here. Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Natural History Museum, Shanghai Workers Cultural Palace, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Great World Amusement Center, Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai Grand Stage, Shanghai Gognwu Stage, Shanghai Yifu Stage, Shanghai Daguangming Grand Cinema and Shanghai Peace Cinema are all available here. The world famous The Bund and the Yuyuan Garden are both located in Huangpu district as well.

Population - The district has registered resident population of 906,300 and permanent resident population of 678,700 with an average life expectancy of 83 years old.

Urban Transportation - As the geographic center and the transportation hub of Shanghai, Huangpu District boasts a convenient three-dimensional traffic network radiating in and out of the district. Yan’an Elevated Road, the North-South Elevated Road and the Inner Ring Elevated Road intersect in the district, the rail transit lines 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 13 run in the district; the district also has Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, the 5 tunnels of Dapu Road Tunnel and the multiple tracks of the tunnel, East Yan’an Road Tunnel, Renmin Road Tunnel, East Fuxing Road Tunnel and South Tibet Road Tunnel, the 5 ferry lines of Ling Road, Dongmen Road, East Fuxing Road, Lujiabang Road and Dongjiadu Road and the connection between the two banks of Huangpu River by rail transit lines of 2, 4, 8, 9 and 13; a total of 221-kilometer-long ground roads is found in the district with 5 ground transportation hubs of Lupu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge, Wusheng Road, Xinkaihe at the Bund and Hujunying Road.

Location - Located in the southwest end of the confluence of Huangpu River, Huangpu District is separated from Hongkou and Zhabei Districts by Suzhou Creek on the north as well as Pudong New Area by Huangpu River on the east and south, and is neighboring Jingan District and Xuhui District with North Chengdu Road, Middle Yan’an Road, South Shaanxi Road, Zhaojiabang Road and South Ruijin Road on the west. The district covers an area of 20.52 square kilometers, including a land area of 18.71 square kilometers and a water area of 1.81 square kilometers.

Administrative Division - The district has jurisdiction over 10 sub-districts of East Nanjing Road, the Bund, the Ruijin No. 2 Road, Middle Huaihai Road, Yuyuan, Dapuqiao, Laoximen, Xiaodongmen, Wuliqiao and Bansongyuan, a total of 192 neighborhood committees and one social work station (Xintiandi Social Work Station).

The History - The area of Huangpu District was under the jurisdiction of Huating County from the 10th Tianbao year of the Tang Dynasty (751 A.D.) to the Song Dynasty and Shanghai County later than the Yuan Dynasty. When Shanghai was opened up as a commercial port in 1843, the area was set as the concessions of the Western powers such as Britain and France. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the Kuomintang government set up the earliest Huangpu District by using the name of Huangpu River. After the Liberation of Shanghai, the area was successively under the districts of Huangpu, Laozha, Yimiao, Penglai, Luwan and Songshan, etc. with the adjustment of the administrative divisions. In 1956 the original Huangpu District merged with Laozha District. In 1959, the original Yimiao and Penglai Districts merged to set up Nanshi District and part of the original Songshan District was incorporated into Luwan District. In 1960, parts of the original Xincheng, Yimiao and Luwan Districts were put under the jurisdiction of the original Huangpu District. In 1961, some of the sub-districts of the original Pudong County were incorporated into the original Huangpu and Nanshi Districts. In the 1980s, some towns of the original Chuansha County were successively put under the original Huangpu and Nanshi Districts. In 1993, the areas of Pudong in the original Huangpu and Nanshi Districts were totally incorporated into Pudong New Area. In 2000, the original Huangpu and Nanshi Districts were revoked to establish the new Huangpu District. In 2011, the original Huangpu and Luwan Districts were revoked to set up the present Huangpu District.

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