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Qiandeng Ancient Town


Qiandeng (千灯, Thousand Lanterns), originally named Qiandun (千墩, thousand mound originated from a historical event of Wu-Yue State contending for hegemony) is a famous ancient town for history and culture. Also known as a water town in East China, Qiandeng water town has a history over 2,500 years and is the hometown of Gu Yanwu(顾炎武, a great ideologist, scholar and patriot) and the cradle of Kunqu Opera.

The Kunqu Opera Show in Qiandeng Garden   The View of Qiandeng Water Town, Kunshan

Qiandeng is located in a site 15 kilometers away from Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, it is only 35 kilometers away from downtown Suzhou and 30 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Plenty of historic celebrities left their footprints in Qiandeng, and the representatives were Gu Yanwu and Gu Jian (顾坚, a scholar contributed a lot to the development of Kunqu Opera). The noted ancient sites are the Qinfeng Pagoda and Ancient Opera Stage. The cultural-oriented stores include Juzhen Hall and Yawan Ge.

After the restoration, the main tourist attractions in town are increased vividly, including the former residence of Gu Yanwu, the memorial hall of Gu Jian, Yu Family Mortgage Store, Li Family Thousand Lanterns Hall, Yanfu Temple, Xianghua Bridge, Ningxun Bridge, Hengsheng Bridge, Ruandujing Bridge etc., in 2008, it was approved as a Four-A tourist destination and the Habitat Environment Model Award of Jiangsu province.

Qiandeng town is also a cradle of Jiangnan music played in traditional stringed and woodwind instruments. The founder of Jiangnan music was Tao Xian (陶岘), the 9th generation descendant of Tao Yuanming. In Gu Jian Memorial, there is also the performance of music show some times. Tinglin Park was built in 1906, and originally named Maanshan Park, and was changed to be Tinglin Park in memory of Gu Yanwu in 1936. The whole park is built in a traditional way. And an archaized architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the park is the Museum of Kunqu Opera

There is a highlighted site in park named Yufengshan (玉峰山, the jade-peak hill). Gu Garden (顾园) located on the southwest side of Gu Yanwu’s Former Residence, and connect to the tomb of Gu Yanwu. This is a typical private garden of Jiangnan region including several building sites like Zhiyong Pavilion, Siyi Garden, Songju Pavilion, Xiushi Qiusong Village, Qiushan Pavilion, Sanxu Residence, Cimu Pavilion and so on. All the works of poems and prose, calligraphy and paintings, quotations and sculptures show the spirit and biography of Gu Yanwu.

Dangui Garden located nearby the highway of Suhong Airport in Nangang Town, Kunshan. It is close to Zhouzhuang Water Town and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. There are four famous international golf clubs at its surroundings. The whole garden is themed with the nature and plays double roles of resorts and seedling and flower research & production. The main scenic spots available include Gingko Square, Rose Garden, Orchid Hall, Lotus Pond and so on.

Yanfu Temple was built on the basis of Wang Shu (王束)’s contribution of presenting his residence in Liang Dynasty. In 937, it was imperially renamed Bore Temple. This temple has a grand scale and the scared land of Buddhism. In the period from 1368 to 1398, it was re-established. The latest restoration lasts two years from 2003 to 2005

There are also many tourist sites deserving a travel like The Memorial Hall of Gu Jian, Qinwang Mountain, Shaoqing Garden, Shiban Street and Yu Family Mortgage Store.

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