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Kunshan City Guide


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The statue of Gu Yanwu (顾炎武),
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Dynasty, in Tinglin Park, Kunshan
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Kunshan (昆山) worldwide famous as the hometown of Kunqu Opera and the strongest economic city of county level is the richest county city of Jiangsu province. Kunshan city under the administration of Suzhou actually has been integrated with the economic development and lifestyle of Shanghai, due to bordering on Shanghai. In regard to Shanghai people’s thinking, Kunshan has been an extension of Shanghai city, though it is under the administration of Suzhou. Many people settle down in Kunshan but work in downtown Shanghai, so their life routine basically like this – in the morning, taking bus or subway to Shanghai, and come back in the evening to their home in Kunshan.

Kunshan is located in the southeast part of Jiangsu province, exactly between Shanghai and Suzhou. It is connected with Changshu, Taicang, Jiading, Qingpu, Suzhou Industrial Park and Wuzhong District. And its Zhouzhuang Water Town borders on Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. Currently, Kunshan is a special county-level city directly administrated by provincial government of Jiangsu province. Kunshan is the origin of Chinese Kunqu Opera, and the strongest city with the economic power. For many years, it was accepted as the No.1 of China’s 100 strong counties. In 2010, Kunshan together with Singapore and Vienna won the UN’s best habitat award.

Anciently named Lou Yi (娄邑) in Zhou era, which can be available in the Historical Record of Kunshan County (《昆山县志》). In 221 BC, Qin state united China, and it was named Liu County (疁县) under the administration of Kuaiji prefecture. In 207 BC, it was renamed to be Lou County (娄县). In 536, it was officially named Kunshan.

Currently, Kunshan establishes a friend city relationship with South El Monte City),Grootfontein City and Tatebayashi City. also has a friendly tie with Tahara City,Gunsan City, JeJu City,Penrith City, Ballarat City,Palmerston North City,Viareggio City and Ouro Preto.

Kunshan is an important traffic hub that nearly all the trains and bus go to west and north of China have to go across Kunshan. By 2011, the total GDP is 253 billion, which exceeds nearly half of the provincial capital cities’ GDP, and also is China’s first county-level city that its GDP per capita exceeds 40,000 US dollars. From 2006 to 2011, it was ranked the first place of nation’s 100 strongest economic counties. Due to its advantageous location, its national economic & technological development zone has attracted a multitude of foreign companies since 1990. Many of them are from Taiwan, and the famous companies include Taizhan Group, Nan Pao Resins, Weijun Electronics, Giant Bicycles, Weijing Group, ASE Group, Foxconn, Zhengwen Group, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation and so on, so it was also famous as the “Little Taiwan”.

Kunshan is also a famous tourist destination in East China especially for its water towns. Zhouzhuang water town located on the side of Dingshan Lake is a typical ancient water town famous in the world thanks to Chen Yifei’s great themed paintings. Nowadays, Yangcheng Lake, Jinxi town and Qiandeng town are also being developed.

The well-known cuisines here are represented by Aozao Noodle(奥灶面), Wansan Hoof(万三蹄), Zhengyi Green Dumpling (正仪青团子), Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs(阳澄湖大闸蟹), Wadi Crisp(袜底酥) and Shipu Mutton (石浦羊肉).

Kunshan is also the hometown of many historic figures like Chunshenjun, Lu Ji, Lu Yun, Zu Chongzhi, Fan Chengda, Zhu Derun, Shen Wanshan, Gu Jian, Liu Guo, Wei Liangfu, Gui Youguang, Liang Chenyu and Gu Yanwu.

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