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Suzhou Folk Songs Introduction


In China, there is a proverb – the different accents appear every five miles, and the different dialects appear every ten miles(五里不同音, 十里不同调). Actually, there are thousands of different dialects throughout China, and among them, the local dialects of Suzhou and Hangzhou are the most famous. Popularly known as Wuyue Ruanyu(吴越软语, the soft and melodious accent in ancient Wu and Yue States), Wuyue dialects are welcomed widely by Chinese beauties and scholars to show their distinction, due to its long elitist tradition in history of China culture. It is the embodiment of local culture, a prominent elite culture of China, and today’s Yue Opera, Kunqu Opera, Pingtan and Xi Opera are all performed via such a dialect. Also as the developed region, it is also superior in dialect learning. Many immigrant residents and university students are proud of speaking in such a dialect. Suzhou dialect is the main part of Wuyue Soft Language. The Suzhou folk songs are the excellent show of it. It is quite unique and preferred by local people of Jiangnan like Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Wuxi, Huzhou, Nanjing and Hefei. What mentioned below is a list of most popular folk songs of Suzhou, and one of them may always impress you too much.

The Beautiful Landscape of Suzhou (苏州好风光)

This is a famous themed song with praising the beauty of Suzhou, and a deemed city song. It is sung by Han Xue, a young and leading actress and singer in mainland China, and she is born in Suzhou and deeply loves her hometown. This is a representative show of the charm of Suzhou dialect.
The Beautiful Taihu Lake (太湖美)

This is one of most classic folk songs in China, originally famous nationwide after Cheng Guilan’s great singing. It is the symbol of Suzhou folk songs. Picturesquely depicting the beauty and charm of Taihu Lake Scenic Area, and expressing the deep love for living in Suzhou in a lady’s sweet voice and the melodious accent.
Dajiu Lianhuan(大九连环)

Dajiu Lianhuan, or Greater Nine Interlinks, also known as Landscape of Suzhou, is a famous folk music. This song is quietly famous in Suzhou. Generally comprised of several sub-themes and it is quite lucid, lively, active and strongly featured of the countryside custom.
The Beautiful Landscape of Jiangnan (江南好风光)

This is a themed folk song praising the beauty of Jiangnan with a similar melody to The Beautiful Landscape of Suzhou. A short show impressively expresses the enchantment of Jiangnan in people’s mind and traditional aesthetics
Twelve Beauties of Suzhou (苏州十二娘)

Suzhou Shierniang or twelve beauties of Suzhou is a typical show in Suzhou dialect and expresses a historic tradition of local Wu culture over the past 2,500 years. It is from Mudu ancient water town and considered as the gem of Wu culture. Twelve beauties generally considered as a constitution of boating beauty, embroidering beauty, weaving beauty, tea-picking beauty, fan beauty, lantern beauty, guqin beauty, silkworm beauty, singing beauty, painting beauty, mussel beauty and flower beauty. And they are the representatives of local brilliant and industrious women.
Suzhou Town (苏州城)

This is modern song but classically sung in the dialect of Suzhou. The voice and accent are so impressive and culturally embodied. Suzhou is the cultural center of Jiangnan and the habitat of many Han elites immigrated from the ancient northern China. While the traditional political and cultural centers like Xian and Luoyang got declined as a series of historical incidences happened. Today’s Beijing is just the mingled city of exotic culture. The words are well created like the classical poems or rhythmical prose, themed with much classical poetic or cultural imagery always appeared in classics and arts. What the singer sing is available in Chinese >>>

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