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Impression West Lake Show Ticket Booking Service


(Pictures of Impression West Lake)

Impression West Lake Show Tickets
(Free for deliverying the ticket)

Welcome to Mild China! We are headquartered in Hangzhou and we are the official ticketing agent of Impression West Lake Show. Buy tickets online, Low from USD 25, Unbeatable Price! Easy to Pay! Easy to get the ticket!

Address: Yuehu Lake Scenic Area, West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Transportation: Please click here to read the details on how to go to the venue>>

First Show: 19:45-20:45 (from April to Oct.) /19:15-20:15 (March,Nov. & Dec.)
Second Show: 21:15-22:15(on Saturday from April to Oct., depends on the weather condition)

Ticket Pricing

Type of the Seats
Published Price
Our Discount Price
Child Price
Normal Seats for First Show
USD 43
USD 40
USD 25
Normal Seats for Second Show ( SATURDAY ONLY)
USD 43
USD 40
USD 25
Best View Seats Highlight in red Color
USD 47
USD 44
USD 30
VIP Seats (on the Water Platform)
USD 58
USD 50
USD 35
Seats on the Upper Floor of Big Boat (LEFT)
USD 100
USD 95
USD 55
Seats on the Ground Floor of Big Boat (LEFT)
USD 75
USD 70
USD 40
Seats on the Upper Floor of Small Boat (RIGHT)
USD 84
USD 80
USD 50
VIP Room 1 (for 10-15 persons)
USD 1667
USD 1480
VIP Room 2 (for 15-20 persons)
USD 1500
USD 1430

Child Policy:
1. "Child Price", as shown in the above table for child over 1 meter and under 1.3 meters, seat is available.
2. No charge for children under 1 meter in height, provided that the child does not occupy a seat. If the child occupies a seat, the price is 75% of the adult ticket price .
3. Full fare must be paid for children over 1.3 meters tall.
4. Child policy is depending on child's height not on child's age.

How to Book the Show Ticket * Book Normal Seats First Show
1. Send us Inquiry E-mail for booking
2. Pay by PayPal/Western Union... More to read about PAYPAL PAYMENT >>>
3. Get the "Booking Confirmation" email
4. Get the ticket at the entrance of the show place or delivery to the address you provide


General Introduction

Impression West Lake show, or pronounced to be Yin Xiang Xi Hu(印象西湖), is a large outdoor live-action performance in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province, East China. Impression West Lake ranks one of top breathtaking grand shows in China with the magnificent background of the authentic scenery. The site is located in West Lake Scenic Area, exactly the Yuehu Lake Zone, the northwest part of West Lake, which is nearby Beishan Road and Su Causeway. The show is typically characterized by the local romantic stories, traditional culture, glorious history and the classic profile of Hangzhou, plus the dreamlike beauty of West Lake, which worldwide boasts its cultural and natural landscapes as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In China, it is well known as the masterpiece of a series of impression shows directed by Zhang Yimou, who also creates Impression Liu Sanjie, Impression Lijiang River and Impression Hainan. Zhang Yimou is the most famous director in China and used to direct the opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This is a show he directed together with Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue in 2007.

Since its debut show, Impression West Lake has been unprecedentedly popular and widely loved by audiences at home and abroad. What the audiences say most is that – “This is a real China, a real show of China culture, though it is just in Hangzhou”. However, Hangzhou is a typical city of China, in some way qualified to be a representative of China. It is a famous heavenly city in East Asia and officially identified as the Oriental Capital of Leisure and City of Quality Life. Marco Polo (1254-1324) a famous ancient traveler of Italy writing his masterpiece - The Travels of Marco Polo, highly acclaimed it as the most beautiful and elegant city in the world, when he travelled in China during the reign of Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368). With such a great heritage and reputation, Impression West Lake Show is a must to enjoy. A word is always quoted when the Impression West Lake is mentioned – A Scene in Heaven, A Dream on Earth. It will be much easier to understand if you read above. Yes, the Impression West Lake is the dream of Hangzhou, an epitome of thousands of years dream full of tear, simile, sorrow, joy, hatred, mercy and love.

This is maybe the highlights of Hangzhou performances. Historical facts, folklores and myths in this dreamlike show, always impress the audiences too much. By virtue of the high technology, the Rain of West Lake is recreated. The rain is the most valuable belongings of the West Lake. It is the tear of sadness and happiness of Lady Xishi and Lady White Snake. It is the typical embodiment of poetic West Lake, and reflects the natural charm of the Rain of West Lake and West Lake in the Rain. This is a natural and manual exhibition of West Lake, especially the rooted culture and picturesque nature. Kitaro Matsui, a world-class musician, depicts the charm of West Lake with music. The aesthetic background music of the performance deserves your attention. The theme song of the show is sung by Zhang Liangying, who boasts The Dolphin Princess and gives the audiences a heavenly vocal enjoyment. In such a dreamlike environment, the only feeling of audiences is romance.

The venue of Impression West Lake Show is Yuehu Lake Scenic Area. Surrounded by many famous tourist attractions of West Lake Scenic Area, such as Yue Fei Memorial Temple, Suzhu Garden, Quyuan Fenghe Scenic Spot, and Hangzhou Botanical Garden etc., it is a quite eye-catching area. At the south of Yuehu Lake Tower, there is a retractable and moveable elevation-type stand. This stand can hold 1800 audiences. The whole performance equipments are environmentally friendly. The facilities are the internationally advanced, so is the technology they use. The actors’ performance is shown on the water of West Lake. It is not opera, drama or party but thousands of years’ romantic dream show. (More Details of Impression West Lake)

The Creative Team

Roles Profiles Intros
Director zhang yimou Zhang Yimou (张艺谋) - Zhang Yimou is a world famous movie director in China. He is the leading director of 2008 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. The famous masterpieces of movies include The Hero, The House of the Flying Draggers, Red Sorghum and Raise the Red Lantern. He is the Golden Lion winner in Venice Film Festival and the winner in Venice Film Festival and BAFTA.
Director wang chaoge Wang Chaoge (王潮歌) - Wang Chaoge is the professional director of stage play research institution in Chinese Drama Academy. Her first masterpiece was made in 1995 named China's National Soul, which brought her a great reputation and higher status in stage play realm. She, Zhang Yimou and Fan Yue together boast the Iron Triangle of Impression Series Show
Director fan yue Fan Yue (樊跃) - Fan Yue is born in 1958 and graduated from the stage design major of Beijing Art School. He is China’s most innovative and talented stage designer and stage play director, and one of the directors of the large live-action outdoor impression show series. He is a publicly-accepted master of stage design in China
Singer zhang liangying Zhang Liangying (张靓颖) - Publicly known as Jane Zhang, Zhang Liangying is a quite popular singer in Asia. She is suddenly widely famous as the third-place winter of Super Girl Contest 2005. In China, Jane Zhang is reputed to be the Dolphin Princess. In the eyes of her fans, she is a goddess out of question.
Music kitaro Kitaro(喜多郎) - Kitaro is a Japanese musician, whose original name is Masanori Takahashi, and the Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award winner. He is famous composer and considered as the pioneer of New Age music. The masterpiece of Kitaro is the Silk Road, which is highlighted with the traditional charm of Chinese music and has been popular around the world for more than 20 years.

Synopsis of Impression West Lake

Act I: Encounter

From the remote horizon, a white crane sails near, and transforms into a young scholar. Gently and graciously, he saunters around West Lake. Meanwhile, another white crane comes, transforming into a beautiful woman. In the gorgeous lake view, in the fantastic drizzle, they fall in love with each other at first sight, with a silk umbrella as their pledge for love. It seems as if the engagement scene between Xu Xian and Lady White in the Tale of White Serpent appears again. In this section of the Impression west lake show, there are two symbolic objects, namely White Crane and Umbrella. White Crane represents auspiciousand longevity in china and umbrella is the simble symbol of Love in Hangzhou!

Act II: In Love

As if having independent mind, the fish at the West Lake chases and frolics with each other. Echoing to this brisk and pleasant scene, the characters on stage are displaying their happiness of love with their graceful and smooth dances. In this world, their soul and spirit combine together, with their love as pledge. In this section of the Impression west lake show, there is fish to depict the Love between them. There is a phrase in china that: The Happy between fish and water means the true love between the lovers.

Act III: Parting

Happy time flies. With the drumming rhythm, the show comes to a climax, where the love of this two heavely crane meets obstruction from great powers. Tragically, the female crane dies in the stuggle, bidding a heart-rending farewell to her love.

Act IV: Memories

The male crane returns to the place where they met. The beautiful scenes stay the same, yet his love leaves forever. Numerous charming ladies pass by, yet none of them is his love. The drizzle of that day, the boat where they stay, the promise of their love, can only become memories, for ever, and ever.

Act V: Impression

Dreamly, softly, the legendary love rests in the graceful West Lake. As if in dream, the crane couple meets with each other again, and leaves, until they disappear in the horizon. But the memories of their love leave a mysterious and marvellous impression on us. Maybe some day in the future, when we think of this show, we will be moved to tears again by this love story.

Where to See & Real Pictures

Yuehu Lake of Impression West Lake   Yuehu Lake of Impression West Lake
The page tells you how to go to the venue of show   Click to view more pictures of Impression West Lake
Yuehu Lake of Impression West Lake   Impression West Lake
Click to view more pictures of Impression West Lake   Click to view more pictures of Impression West Lake

How to Book the Show Ticket?

1. Pay by PayPal
  (Our PayPal Account is:

PayPal provides a way to send money to anyone in the world who has an email address. But, first you have to register your details(including Credit Card details) with PayPal. As part of this process you decide on a password so that you are the only one who can access your PayPal account. For more details, plz refer to However, the 4% transfer fee charged by Papal will be added. That means you have to pay: Quotation Amount + 4% service fee.

2. Pay by Western Union (The Official Website:

Advantage: Cost only several minutes and much faster than to do so with banks in several days. You can find a local agent near you from Western Union to deal the transfer.

3. Pay upon Delivery and Get the Ticket (in Hangzhou)

If all options do not suit you, pay upon delivery in Hangzhou should be your last choice! We will send one person bring you the ticket and wait you at the entrance of the show place. It's free for delivery! Plus, if you prefer paying fees through the bank accounts, please read our (official page of bank accounts list).

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation due to irresistible cause like Bad Weather, Natural Disaster Coverage, facility is closed due to unforeseen circumstances, and Political Reasons.

If the show is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, power failure, major show facility breakdown, strikes, civial unrest, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, governmental urgent bookings etc. and you had paid for prior to the event, you will receive a full refund. cannot accept any liabilities caused by bad weather, power failure, show facility breakdown, or those political reasons. We will do our very best to contact you beforehand and as soon as we are made aware of any such cancellation.

2. Change & Cancellation Caused by Customer

1) . 6 hours prior to the show: No cancellation fee if you change or cancel the booking. However, the refund to your PayPal account will deduct the transaction fee and our service fee.
2) . Within 6 hours before the show: No refund, since the theatre will charge us 100% of the ticket cost.

Feedbacks of Clients

Clients' Name What They Say
Adelaide Dear Raphael,
Thank you very much for your tickets, and we have a great time. The show of Impression West Lake is fantastic!
Damon Steven,
That is a breathtaking time! I still remember very clearly. Great!!!!! I just came back from a half-month travel in China. The city of Hangzhou is nice, and this night performance is a must for all. So many performers cross the water. They dance, run, take acrobatic show. I dare say this is a most amazing and spectacular show I have ever seen.
Sanderson Hi Steven,
Good show! My family likes it. Thank for your service
Natalie Raphae,
You are so kind to us! Tickets you booked are quite cheap, we have a talk with the audience next to me and my husband. Thanks again. The show is great.
Swee Kuan Dear Raphael,
Thank you very much for your arrangement! We like that performance though it is cold outside . We look forward to the next trip to Hangzhou.

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