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Wuhu Tourist Attractions


Eastwardly bordering on Xuancheng and Ma’anshan, Wuhu is a regionally and economically central city in Anhui province. The downtown area of Wuhua is comprised of Jiujiang district, Jinghu district, Yijiang district and Sanshan district. Wuhu ranks the first place among the cities of Anhui province in economic development and power. It is allocated to be a sub-center city in Anhui province. Wuhu and Hefei, which is the capital city of Anhui province, boast the Double-Core cities in the tremendously developing province

Wuhu has a history of more than 2,500 years since recorded in characters. Traditionally, it was situated between Wu Kingdom and Chu Kingdom, two military powers in the Spring and Autumn period. Therefore, it is historically regarded as the place of Wu Kingdom’s Head and Chu Kingdom’s Tail, and during the cross-state conflict, it used to be the battlefield.

Since the development, Wuhu in modern times was a nationally famous marketplace of rice, one of four largest rice business centers in Jiangnan region (East China). Sun Yat-sen, the founder of The Republic of China and the terminator of last imperial dynasties of China appraised Wuhu as the Backbone of Anhui Province and the Big Port of Yangtze River.

Since 1876, it worked as a trading port city since the signing of China-UK Yantai Treaty (also historically known as The Chefoo Convention). At present, Wuhu is an important riverside opening city of China, regional center and important port city of Yangtze River Basin and important part of Nanjing Metropolitan area. What’s more, it plays a key role in carrying on the industry transfer from the east coastal cities to Yangtze River Urban Belt in Anhui province.

The local special souvenirs and specialties are represented by the distinctive Iron Painting. The local snacks are foods are spotlighted by Fool’s Melon Seeds(傻子瓜子), Baishan Tribute Crisp Cake and Yijiang Mutton. The marvelous landmarks of culture and nature are combed hereinafter:

Cultural Landmarks in Wuhu

Wuhu is not a big city as neighboring Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai, but it has lots of cultural heritage sites. Some of are so special that they are not easily found in other places nationwide. The recommended and most valuable tourist attractions of culture and history are listed below:

  • Guangji Temple(广济寺) is a national key Buddhist monastery in China. It is one of four top Buddhist temples in Anhui province, and three others are Puji Temple, Nengren Temple and Jixiang Temple. Thanks to the visit of Prince Kim Gyo-gak of Silla Kingdom, one state in today’s Korean Peninsula, to this place and teaching the sutras here for three years, it boasts the Little Jiuhua, which is one of four Buddhist Mountains in China and the ashram of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, who Prince Kim Gyo-gak was religiously said to be his earthly profile. More to read at the Introduction to Guangji Temple >>>

  • Confucius Temple(夫子庙) was originally built in 1100 with the calligraphic inscription of Mu Fu, one of four greatest calligraphic masters of Northern Song Dynasty. The whole building complex follows the traditional principle and layout. The Grand Achievements Hall or Dacheng Hall is built on the axle line, and in the Dacheng Hall, the middle is the big statue of Confucius and on both sides there are the students and saints ranked as the order of morality and times. The noteworthy part is the emperor-given ode to Confucius, which was said to be the inscription of Emperor Kangxi, who was the most successful emperor of Qing Dynasty. More to read at the Introduction to Confucius >>>

  • City God Temple (城隍庙) is the important urban building in folk China. Chenghuang literally the City God is the deity of traditional China’s Taoist mythology. He was in charge of protecting the city and nation, and supervised the living and the dead’s spirit, award for the kind, penalty for the evil, the fortune and misfortune, happiness and unhappiness and so on. In a word, he takes charge of the entire aspects of life inclusive of the death and living. According to the record of Cihai, a big dictionary, the first City God Temple was established in Wuhu, exactly in 239 during the reign of East Wu State. More to read at the Introduction to Chenghuang (City God) >>>

  • Wuhu Fangte Happy World(方特欢乐世界) was opened on April 18, 2008. It is located in Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge Development Zone, and boasts the largest fourth-generation theme park in China, and in east China, it has a higher reputation in amusement and travel. More to read at the Introduction to Fangte Happy World >>>

  • Zhongjiang Pagoda(中江塔) is a landmark building in Wuhu. It is located at the intersection of Qingyi River and Yangtze River and played a key role of the lighthouse. The pagoda was built in 1618 and has a history of 400 years or so. Traditionally known as the Blooming Lotus on the River, it is a cultural heritage site under the municipal protection of Wuhu.

  • Phoenix Cuisine Street(凤凰美食街) is located at the downtown area of Wuhu City. It is an integrated zone with The Pedestrian Street on Zhongshan Road, Jiuhua Square and Jihe Square. It is a street for tourism, leisure and shopping. In 2000, it was officially named The Phoenix Cuisine Street.

  • The other important tourist attractions also include Migong Memorial Temple(in memory of Mi Fu’s administration in Wufu), Wuhu Cathedral Church(the second largest in east China and the fifth largest one in China), Anhui Cultural Celebrities Museum, Jiuci Square, Zhongshan Road, Xihe Ancient Town and Golden Pagoda.

Universities in Wuhu

Wuhu is an important city of higher education in Anhui province. Next to Hefei, Wuhu is the headquarters of Anhui Normal University, Anhui Polytechnic University and Wannan Medical College, three influential educational centers. The introduction in details of higher education institutes in Wuhu as below:

  • Anhui Normal University(安徽师范大学) is the earliest established higher education institute in Anhui province. It was originated from Provincial Anhui University established in 1928, and in 1946, it was changed to be National Anhui University. So in some way, it shares the same history with Anhui University headquartered in Hefei. It is a provincial key comprehensive university co-supported by Anhui provincial government and the ministry of education of China. Abbreviated to be An Shi Da, this is a regionally prestigious university, especially in Anhui province. More to read at the Introduction to Anhui Normal University >>>

  • Anhui Polytechnic University(安徽工程大学) is highlighted with engineering and famous as a multidisciplinary university and also a key university in Anhui province. The university was originated from Anhui Private Neisi Senior Technical School, an educational organ built by Society of Jesus in 1935, which was controlled by Catholicism of Spain. Used to be Anhui Engineering Technical College and Anhui Electromechanics College, it was officially named Anhui Engineering University in 2010. The famous major of this university is automotive engineering. More to read at the Introduction to Anhui Polytechnic University >>>

  • Wanan Medical College(皖南医学院) was built in 1958. Originally named Wuhu Medical School, and in 1971, it was annexed by Anhui Medical College (today’s Anhui Medical University), and became a branch in Southern Anhui province. In 1974, it was independent and became a higher education institute. It is regionally famous for medical education. More to read at the Introduction to Wanan Medical College >>>

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