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Zhoushan Tourist Attractions


Zhoushan is the newest city of Zhejiang province with an composition of many islands. In Zhejiang province, it is the largest city with the smallest land area. It is one of two islands cities of China, and also the largest archipelago city all over the country. There are 1390 islands in Zhoushan City. Zhoushan is also China’s largest production, processing and marketing base of seawater aquatic products, and reputed as the Sea-Fishing Capital of China and the Sea Fish Warehouse of East China Sea. Zhoushan has a multitude of harbors, all of which are the natural deep-water harbors. The tourism of Zhoushan integrates the perfect oceanic landscape with Buddhist culture. The best tourist attractions of Zhoushan include Putuo Buddhist Mountain and Shengsi Archipelago. It has a marvelous mountain-sea scene and is a city of one thousand islands. The highlights of Zhoushan tourism are summarized into Harbor, Scenery and Fishing. In 2011, it was officially approved to be the National Zhoushan Archipelago New Zone, which is also the first oceanic economy development zone of China.

    Cultural Landscapes.

  • Dinghai National Historic and Cultural City(定海古城). Dinghai Ancient City ranks the No.1 of the archipelago of Zhoushan. It has a long history and profound culture. Famous as China’s only island old city of history and culture, Dinghai is the location of Zhoushan Municipal Government. It has lots of places of interest, and multitude of historical relics and abundant tourist resources such as the cultural sites of Maao Tudun and Baiquan Crossroad and so on, and all of them boast the Oceanic Hemudu. More to read at the Introduction to Dinghai >>>

  • Putuo Buddhist Mountain(普陀山). This is the most famous cultural landscape in Zhoushan. Putuo Mountain, Wutai Mountain, Emei Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain are four sacred buddhist mountains of China. It is the ashram of Arya Avalokiteshvara or Guanyin Bodhisattva in China. Putuo Buddhist Mountain is known the Buddhism Kingdom of Sea and Sky and the Fairyland of South China Sea. More to read at the Introduction to Putuo Buddhist Mountain >>>

  • Shengsi Islands Scenic Area(嵊泗列岛). Located in the east area of Hangzhou Bay, Shengsi Islands consist of more than 400 islands such as Dayang Hill, Xiaoyang Hill, Shenjiawang Island and Bodaozui Island. The largest island here is called Sijiao Hill with an area of 21.2 square kilometers, and it is reputed as the Immortal Hill on the Sea. Shengsi Islands is China’s only islands scenic area. It is one of best sea bathing beaches in East Asia. The highlights of the scenic area are the sands, oceanic reef, weird caves, steep peaks and cliffs. More to read at the Introduction to Shengsi Islands >>>

  • Holidays and Resorts.

  • Zhujiajian Island(朱家尖). Zhujiajian is a national scenic area and located in the southeast area of Zhoushan Archipelago, and only 1.35 kilometers away from Putuo Mountain. It is the fifth largest island of Zhoushan with a total area of 72 square kilometers. It is one of the most dynamic seaside tourist resorts in East China. It is a nice sea beach to enjoy the holidays. More to read at the Introduction to Zhujiajian Island >>>

  • Zhoushan Peach Blossom Island(桃花岛). The Peach Blossom Island is located in the southeast area of Zhoushan, and opposite to Putuo Mountain and Zhujiajian, and only 12 kilometers away from the downtown Ningbo and the eighth biggest island of Zhoushan Archipelago. Peach Blossom Island is famous for the novel The Legend of The Condor Heroes, written by Jin Yong. In the novel, it is the paradise-like living residence of Martial Art Master Huang Yaoshi, who had a nickname of East Eccentric. More to read at the Introduction to Peach Blossom Island >>>

  • Jihu Lake Sand Beach(基湖沙滩). Zhoushan is the best sea beach holiday city in East China. Jihu Lake Sand Beach is the largest and best natural sea beach bathing place in Zhoushan Archipelago. It is 2,200 meters long and 200 meters wide. The whole beach is made up of the oasis, sand and gulf.

  • Shenjiamen(沈家门). It is the location of Putuoshan Airport. Shenjiamen is situated in the southeast part of Zhoushan main island. It is famous as the Little Shanghai, and also the largest fish harbor and largest gathering and distribution center of aquatic products in China. So it also has a title of The Fishing Capital.

  • There are more tourist attractions worthy of traveling, and these tourist attractions are represented by Dongsha Town(东沙), Xiushan Island(秀山), Daishan Island(岱山) and Qushan Island(衢山).

  • The Universities of Zhoushan.

  • Zhejiang Ocean University(浙江海洋学院). To serve the oceanic development, a new university, Zhejiang Ocean University, is established, except the Zhoushan Branch of Zhejiang University. Zhejiang Ocean University is famous for its subjects of oceanology. The university was founded in 1958. In 1998, Zhejiang Aquaculture Institute(or translated to be Zhejiang Fishery University ) and Zhoushan Normal School(or Zhoushan Junior Teachers College founded in 1978) were annexed. Now, it is a nationally famous university of China in the realm of oceanic resource and technology research. More to read at the Introduction to Zhejiang Ocean University >>>

  • Zhoushan Campus of Zhejiang University(浙江大学舟山校区). The Zhoushan Campus is the Oceanic College of Zhejiang University, which was co-established by Zhejiang University and Zhoushan Municipal Government in 2012. And the Marine Department of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou is entirely moved to Zhoushan. It has five major departments like Marine Biology, Marine Science and Shipbuilding and so on and 10 research institutes. This is a national strategic construction of China to promote the development of oceanic economy when the world power are focusing on how to explore the oceanic resources. More to read at the Introduction to Zhejiang University >>>.

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